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SingSong is a commercial, Java-based karaoke game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It displays lyrics synchronized to music, allowing players to sing along while the game scores them based on how well they sing. Java 1.5 or greater and OpenGL are required.


Players sing into a microphone and the game performs pitch detection to determine what notes are being sung. The sung notes are compared to note data for the original artist and scoring is based on how closely the notes match.

Lyrics files

A "lyrics file" containing lyrics and pitch information is required to karaoke a song. The "Lyrics Editor" tool is provided for players to create lyrics files themselves. This allows players to sing karaoke with any song in the world.

There are two steps to creating a lyrics file. The first is to load the song into the editor and play it, clicking the mouse button at each syllable that is sung. The lyrics text for the song is broken into words and automatically aligned at each click.

The second step is to define the notes that need to be sung for scoring purposes. The Lyrics Editor can analyze a full range or a cappella song file and estimate the notes in it. This is used as a baseline to place the actual notes by hand.

A single song may have multiple lyrics files for different lyrics tracks. For example, the lead vocals and backup vocals may placed in their own lyrics files. In the game, players choose which vocals they want to sing. Players may choose to sing different vocals at the same time. This can make group singing more interesting by allowing lead/backup singing, duets, singing in rounds, etc.


The game play screen is divided in to a number of "sing bars" where the lyrics and note data scroll. Each sing bar displays a single lyrics track and contains one or more player "note arrows". The note arrows indicate what note the player is singing. Because there is no limit to the number of players that can be assigned to a sing bar, the game supports any number of players (limited only by the number of microphones and CPU power).


The trial version of SingSong is available through Java Web Start and comes with a limited list of songs licensed under Creative Commons. The trial does not allow lyrics files to be loaded.

The full version loads lyrics files and provides the Lyrics Editor so that lyrics files can be created by users.

See also

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