Oskyldigt dömd

Oskyldigt dömd
Oskyldigt dömd
Format Drama
Created by Johan Zollitsch
Jan Arnald
Karin Gidfors
Hans Rosenfeldt
Richard Holm
Molly Hartleb
Starring Mikael Persbrandt
Helena af Sandeberg
Marie Richardson
Sofia Ledarp
Country of origin Sweden Sweden
No. of episodes 12
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original channel TV4
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original airing September 24, 2008
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Oskyldigt dömd is a Swedish drama television series from 2008. The first season was recorded in twelve episodes during February 2008 to be aired later during the fall. It premiered on the Finnish TV channel FST5 on September 24, 2008 and later the same evening on Swedish TV4.[1] The series is produced by Filmlance.[2] On January 23 TV4 announced that Mikael Persbrandt would be playing the main character and on February 10 other cast members were announced; Helena af Sandeberg, Sofia Ledarp, Marie Richardson and Mirja Turestedt. TV4 also announced that they had started to work on the second season before the first had even been aired.,[3] the first season was written by Johan Zollitsch, Jan Arnald, Karin Gidfors and Hans Rosenfeldt but the second one is written by Thomas Borgström and Sara Heldt.[3] Filming the second season will start during the spring 2009. TV4 refuses to say how much money the filming has cost the channel, but they confirms that "a lot of money" has been used.



Markus Haglund (Mikael Persbrandt) is a controversial professor of criminal law. He fights for those who have been convicted innocently. Along with his four law-students Fia Jönsson (Sofia Ledarp), Anna Sjöstedt (Helena af Sandeberg), Belal Al-Mukhtar (Francisco Sobrado) and Roger Andersson (Leonard Terfelt) he helps them.

At Uppsala University he leads a class called Oskyldigt dömd (innocently convicted).


Character Actor/Actress
Markus Haglund Mikael Persbrandt
Fia Jönsson Sofia Ledarp
Anna Sjöstedt Helena af Sandeberg
Belal Al-Mukhtar Francisco Sobrado
Roger Andersson Leonard Terfelt
Tomas Thomén Magnus Mark
Ulrika Stiegler Marie Richardson
Caroline Gustavsson Anja Lundqvist
Jannike Storm Susanne Barklund
Henrik Edin Jamil Drissi
Tomas Storm Johan Hedenberg
Daughter Kim Jansson
Christian Peter Järn
Li-Anne Persson Franceska Löfgren
Robert Ekelund Peter Schildt
Håkan Malm Douglas Johansson
Kenneth Strömberg Bengt Järnblad
Peter Berglin Tobias Aspelin
Andreas Bergstedt Reuben Sallmander
Svante Erik Johansson
Nikki Moa Gammel
Johannes Peter Viitanen
Jens Renström Johan H:son Kjellgren
Johnny Jönsson Allan Svensson
Liselott Jönsson Ing-Marie Carlsson
Fredrik Johnsson Thomas Hedengran
Annika Hallin Jessica Zandén
Alf Fransson Niklas Falk
Jesper Måns Nathanaelson
Leif Persson Leif Andrée
Carina Persson Malin Morgan


Season 1

# Aired on TV4 Episode numbers of viewers
01 - 01 September 24, 2008[4] "TBA" 1,210,000[5]
01 - 02 October 1, 2008[4] "TBA" 975 000
01 - 03 October 8, 2008[4] "TBA" 955 000
01 - 04 October 15, 2008 "TBA" 955 000
01 - 05 October 22, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 06 October 29, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 07 November 5, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 08 November 12, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 09 November 19, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 10 November 26, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 11 December 3, 2008 "TBA" i.u
01 - 12 December 10, 2008 "TBA" i.u


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