Priest (disambiguation)

Priest (disambiguation)

A priest is a person who holds an office in a religion, for example a Roman Catholic priest.

Priest may also refer to:

*As a tool:
** Priest (tool), a tool for killing fish

*As a vehicle:
**M7 Priest, an informal name for an American World War II self-propelled artillery vehicle

* In places:
**Priests Cove, Cornwall, UK
**Priest Island, Scotland
**Priest Lake, Idaho
**Priest Point, Washington
**Priest Rapids on the Columbia River, Washington state which is the location of:
***Priest Rapids Dam
**Priest River, Idaho

* In popular culture:
**"Priest" (film), a 1994 British film
**"Priest" (manhwa), a Korean Weird West comic
**"Priest" (computer game), a computer game based on the aforementioned comic
**Priest (World of Warcraft), a class in "World of Warcraft" and other MMORPGs
**Judas Priest, a British heavy metal band
**Priest Maxi, "South Park" character (named after Maxi Priest)
**Jessica Priest, a character from the "Spawn" comic book
**Hoodlum Priest, a band named after:
**"Hoodlum Priest" (film), a 1961 film
**"Maximum Priest" E.P., EP by Squarepusher
**Red Priest, a musical group

*People named "Priest":
**Cathy Priest (born 1971), Canadian female bodybuilder
**Cherie Priest (born 1975), American novelist
**Christopher Priest
***Christopher Priest (English novelist) (born 1943), English novelist
***Christopher Priest (comic book writer) (born 1961), comic book writer, who (out of courtesy to the novelist of the same name) signs his work "Priest"
**Dana Priest, author
**Degory Priest, passenger on the "Mayflower"
**Eric Priest (born 1943), professor
**Fred Priest, professional footballer
**Graham Priest (born 1948), philosopher
**John Priest, stand-up comedian
**Josias Priest (1645-1735), English dancer
**Killah Priest (born 1970), American rapper
**Lee Priest (born 1972), American male bodybuilder
**Mark Priest (born 1961), New Zealand cricketer
**Mathew Priest (born 1970), British drummer
**Maxi Priest (born 1960), English Reggae singer
**Pat Priest (judge) (born 1940), Texan judge
**Patricia Ann Priest (born 1935), American actress
**Percy Priest (1900-1956), American politician
**Priest Holmes (born 1973), American football running back
**Priest Lauderdale (born 1973), American basketball player
**Robert Priest (born 1951), Canadian poet and children's author
**Tim Priest, Australian policeman

*Fictional characters named "Priest":
**Reginald J. Priest, as the USA President in the TV series The Lexx

**Priest hole
**Whiskey priest

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