Hybrid automaton

Hybrid automaton

A hybrid automaton (plural hybrid automata) is a mathematical model for precisely describing systems where computational processes interact with physical processes. Its behavior consists of discrete state transitions and continuous evolution.


A simple example is a room-thermostat-heater system where the temperature of the room evolves according to laws of thermodynamics and the state of the heater (on/off); the thermostat senses the temperature, performs certain computations and turns the heater on and off. In general, hybrid automata have been used to model and analyze a variety of embedded systems including vehicle control systems, air-traffic controller, mobile robots, and processes from systems biology.


Informally, a hybrid automaton is a (possibly infinite) state machine augmented with differential equations. It is a standard model for describing a hybrid system. Several different but equivalent formal definitions exist.

Related Models

Hybrid automata come in several flavors: The Alur-Henzinger hybrid automaton is a popular model; it was developed primarily for algorithmic analysis of hybrid systems model checking. The [http://www-cad.eecs.berkeley.edu/~tah/HyTech/ HyTech] model checking tool is based on this model. The Hybrid Input/Output Automaton model has been developed more recently. This model enables compositional modeling and analysis of hybrid systems. Another formalism which i useful to model implementations of hybrid automaton is Lazy linear hybrid automaton


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*Nancy Lynch, Roberto Segala, Frits Vaandrager, "Hybrid I/O Automata".Information and Computation, volume 185(1), pages 103-157, 2003.


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