Loading (disambiguation)

Loading (disambiguation)

Loading is the insertion of impedance into a circuit to change the characteristics of the circuit.

Loading may also refer to:

* Carbohydrate loading, a strategy employed by endurance athletes to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles
* Chain loading, a method used by computer programs to replace the currently executing program with a new program
* Disk loading, the pressure maintained over the swept area of a helicopter's rotor
* Dynamic loading, a mechanism by which a computer program can load a library into memory
* Front End Loading, the process for conceptual development of processing industry projects
* Front loading, a method used by the Military-industrial complex to increase defense funding
* Gut loading, the process by which an animal's prey is raised and fed nutritious foods with the intention of passing those nutrients to the animal for which the prey is intended
* Lazy loading, a design pattern commonly used in computer programming to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed
* Partial loading, a feature of GTKWave
* Quasistatic loading, a loading in solid mechanics where inertial effects are negligible
* Seismic loading, one of the basic concepts of earthquake engineering
* Task loading, a multiplicity of responsibilities leading to an increased risk failure on the part of a diver to undertake some key basic function which would normally be routine for safety
* Vocal loading, the stress inflicted on the speech organs when speaking for long periods
* Wave loading, the application of a pulsed or wavelike load to a material or object
* Wing loading, the loaded weight of an aircraft divided by the area of its wing

ee also

* Load
* Loaded
* Loader

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