Anisometric verse

Anisometric verse

Anisometric verse is a type of poetic verse which does not have any corresponding poetic meter. A stanza of this sort is mostly lines of unequal numbers of matching length in terms of how many meters, which can also be termed as mixed stanzas [ Citation| first=Alexander | last=Schenker| coauthors=| contribution=American Contributions to the Tenth International Congress of Slavists| title=Tenth International Congress of Slavists| editor-first=Alexander| editor-last=Schenker| coeditors=Jane Gary Harris| publisher=Slavica| place=Sofia| pages=| date=September, 1998| year=1988| id=PMID 9780893571917 | contribution-url=| format=PDF| accessdate=2008-09-18 ] . It may mix multiple styles or alternative between several meters. [cite book | last = Klenin | first = Emily | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = The Poetics of Afanasy Fet | publisher = Böhlau | date = 2002 | location = | pages = 44 | url = | doi = | id = | isbn = 3412169013 ] William Wordsworth used this style in , as did Afanasy Fet in his work "Flights Beyond Fancy or Fantasy".


For example, the following verse would be anisometric:

cquote|Though this verse is witty and cleverAnd writing it took no time

It's all anisometric, using meters much as you would a lever

even if I did make it all rhyme.

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  • anisometric verse — ▪ literature       poetic verse that does not have equal or corresponding poetic metres (metre). An anisometric stanza is composed of lines of unequal metrical length, as in William Wordsworth (Wordsworth, William) s “Ode: Intimations of… …   Universalium

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