Infobox Philippine mythology

title = Berberoka
description = Philippine water spirit
gender = Female
region = Philippines
equivalent = Water Nymph, Naiad
The people from "Apayao" believe and fear a swamp creature called Berberoka. It lures victims by sucking water in the pond enough for a number fish to come into surface. When the potential victims get attracted to the school of fish, the Berberoka drowns them by hosing water and swallowing them afterwards. [cite web | last =| first = | title = Da Adventure of Pendro Penduko| url= | accessdate = 2008-15-09 ]

They were compared to the Greek naiads, the nymphs of water elements. They have the ability to suck all the water in a swamp or lake. Also, many old folks believed that they use water to attack their enemies. They discharge a large amount of water (just like a fire extinguisher) to their victims until they drown. [cite book |last= |first= |authorlink= mella, aLfie vera|coauthors= |title=Mga Engkanto: A Bestiary of Filipino Fairies|year=2003 |publisher= eLf ideas Publication|location=Philippines |isbn= |pages = ]


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