Argentina (disambiguation)

Argentina (disambiguation)

Argentina is a country in South America.

Argentina may also refer to:
* La Argentina, the stage name of Antonia Mercé y Luque (1890–1936), an Argentine flamenco dancer
* La Argentinita, the stage name of Encarnación López Julvez (1898–1945), an Argentine flamenco dancer
* Argentina Brunetti (1907–2005), Argentine actress and writer
* "La Argentina", a MEKO-class destroyer of the Argentine Navy
* "Argentina" (plant), a genus of flowering plants
* "Argentina" (fish), a genus of fishes
* Imperio Argentina, a singer and actress
* The Argentina River in Imperia Province, Italy
* The Argentina Canyon in Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States
* Largo di Torre Argentina, an historic piazza in the centre of Rome
* Strasbourg, a town in France called "Argentina" in many medieval texts, "Argentoratum" in roman texts


Argentine may refer to:
* A citizen of Argentina; see the list of Argentines
* A fish in the family Argentinidae

* Argentine, Kansas, United States
* Argentine, Michigan, United States
* Argentine Township, several places in the United States
* Argentine (Paris Métro) station
* Argentine, Savoie, a commune in France

* John Argentine (died 1507), English physician

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