Catty is the English word for a traditional Chinese unit of mass called a "jīn" (Chinese characters: ) in Mandarin Chinese (or "kan" in Cantonese, "kin" or "kun" in Minnan and "kin" in Japanese) used across East Asia, commonly found in wet markets and in supermarkets. The English word "catty" originated from Malay word "kati".

The catty is traditionally equivalent to around 1⅓ pounds avoirdupois, formalised as 604.78982 grammes in Hong Kongcite web|title = Weights and Measures Ordinance |work = The Law of Hong Kong | url = ] , 604.79 grammes in Malaysia cite web|title = Weights and Measures Act 1972 | url =] and 604.8 grammes in Singapore cite web|title = Weights and Measures Act | url =] . In some countries, the weight has been rounded to 600 grammes (Taiwan and Thailand), whereas in mainland China it has been rounded to 500 grammes.

Related weights

A picul (Malay: "pikul", Chinese: 擔 (Mandarin: "dàn", Cantonese: "tam")) is equal to 100 catties.

A tael (Malay: "tahil", Chinese: 兩 (Mandarin: "liăng", Cantonese "leung", Minnan "niu" or "nio•")) is the English term for 1/16 of a catty.


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