Petri Nygård

Petri Nygård
Petri Nygård
Background information
Birth name Petri Laurila
Also known as Dream
Travis Bicle
Born February 8, 1975 (1975-02-08) (age 36)
Associated acts Nuera

Petri Jukka Mikael Laurila better known by his stage name Petri Nygård (born February 8, 1975, in Kristianstad, Sweden) is a Finnish rap-artist. He is also known under alias Dream (in rap duo Nuera) and as Travis Bicle.[1]


Early life

Petri Laurila was born in Sweden, where he spent his childhood. After serving briefly in the army, he moved to Chicago and eventually to Finland, residing in Tampere and Helsinki. He found initial success in his online release Vitun Suomirokki in 2000 on "Poko Rekords" going platinum with sales of 17,000 copies. The follow-up single entitled "Kanava Nolla (antakaa mun olla)" was also successful selling 9,000 copies. His debut studio album Mun levy! went gold with sale of 25,000 copies.


Origin Finland
Genres Rap
Years active 1992-
Past members
Dream (Petri Laurila)
Skem (Henry Kapralin)

Petri Laurila started his career as part of the rap duo Nuera. He was known as an MC under the alias Dream whereras his partner in the band was Henry Kaprali known as Skem. They were active in the 1990s releasing several cassettes through Open Records. They also collaborated with other artists on the record label.

In 2004-2004, both Dream and Skem joined DJ K2 in "YleX" weekly radio show featuring rap and R&B artists.

Travis Bicle

The duo disbanded as Henry Kapralin (Skem) moved to New York City going into music production with "Turnin' Records".

As for Petri Laurila (Dream) he took a new alias Travis Bicle and released an albume in 2007 entitled "Committed" produced by Kapralin and "Turnin' Records"

Solo as Petri Nygård

Petri Laurila continued with a successful rap career taking the name Petri Nygård. After the successes of 2000 and 2001, he has had a considerable comeback starting 2009 with new download only releases. He also released in 2009 a full studio album entitled Kaikkee pitää olla. His new album scheduled for February 2011 is entitled Kaikki tai ei mitään. The single from the new album include the November 2010 single "Sarvet esiin" featuring Finnish thrash metal band Mokoma. The second single entitled "Selvä päivä" featuring Lord Est has shot to #1 on Suomen virallinen lista, the official Finnish singles chart.



with Nuera
  • 1992: Nuera (tape)
  • 1993: Nuera demo
  • 1993: Nuera Underground tape
  • 1994: Breakfast
  • 1996: Nuera (EP)
  • 2000: Honesty
  • 2003: Own World
as Travis Bicle
  • 2007: Committed
  • 2000: Pillumagneetti (EP)
  • 2000: Mun levy!
  • 2001: Petri presidentixi
  • 2002: Hovinarrin paluu!
  • 2009: Kaikkee pitää olla
  • 2011: Kaikki tai ei mitään


with Nuera
  • 2001: "Upsteps"
  • 2003: "Upsteps Reprise"
  • 2000: "Vitun suomirokki"
  • 2000: "Kanava nolla (Antakaa mun olla)"
  • 2000: "Rääväsuu"
  • 2000: "Hulluna tisseihin"
  • 2001: "Petri hallitsee liigaa"
  • 2001: "Riimini rupiset / Sika / Petri pelastaa joulun"
  • 2009: "Sanon suoraan" (download only)
  • 2009: "Onko sulla pokkaa?" (download only)
  • 2009: "Mitävittuuvaan / Tuska" (download only)
  • 2010: "Kippis kulaus" (download only)
  • 2010: "Seopetriii" featuring Emel & Aajee (download only)
  • 2010: "Sarvet esiin" featuring Mokoma
  • 2010: "Selvä päivä" featuring Lord Est
Featured in
  • 2011: "Reggaerekka" (Lord Est feat. Petri Nygård]]


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