Shape of My Heart (song)

Shape of My Heart (song)

Infobox Single
Name = Shape of My Heart

Artist = Noah and the Whale
from Album = Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
B-side =
Released = flagicon|UK May 5 2008
flagicon|UK October 20 2008 (Re-Release)
Format = CD single, digital download
Recorded =
Genre =
Length = 2:55
Label = Mercury
Writer =
Producer =
Certification =
Last single = "2 Bodies 1 Heart"
This single = "Shape of My Heart"
Next single = "5 Years Time"(Re-Release)"
Misc = Extra chronology 2
Last single = "5 Years Time"(Re-Release)"
This single = "Shape of My Heart"(Re-Release)"
Next single = TBA

Shape of My Heart is a song by english band Noah and the Whale, it was released on May 5, 2008. It will be re-released by the band on October 20 2008.


#Shape Of My Heart
#Jealous Kind Of Love

*Jocasta was able to make it onto the album, but Jealous Kind Of Love didn't.

Music Video

Original Release

The music video was released onto youtube on April 8 2008, it has so far had 104,730 views.

It is a homage to the many scifi/horror movies made from the 1950s to the 1980s by the famous Mexican wrestler El Santo.It has him starting of with a sumbrero playing a guitar and the girl faning herself, the rest beating up a whale, then a man with a mask walks by and gets showered by petals of flowers, he enters the house and saves a woman from a comunist, he then starts working out but then he gets interupted by Wolf Boy who he defeats, You then see him pee and defeats Vamparella after washing his hands, he later defeats Mr.One Eye and Killer Robot whilst the band play in the background, Him and the girl defeat Frank she smashes a bottle over his head, they fall in love and kiss whilst the band Hi 5.


The music video for the re-release was released onto youtube on September 23 2008, it has so far had 7,649.

It starts of at a beach, the band then play their instruments on the beach and walking around, then three people of Noah and the Whale start playing their instruments in the sea, then they start to fix a kite, he then lets go of it and it flies away, then it goes to members of the band playing their instruments on the hill, it then goes back to the kite flying high in the sky, then back on the beach one of them gets their violen out and walks of, then it goes back to the hill, then the kite, then the man who walked of joins the others and play their instruments on the beach, then two of them walk off, then it goes to two people playing trumpets in a sandpit, then two of them hold things up, then it goes into the lab, one of them is experimenting, he then goes on the computor enters the word GO then you can see Noah and the Whale through the screen, he then goes back to experimenting, then one of them presses a button and tape comes out.


In the UK it charted for 1 week, were it debut at 94, this was its peak position.


External Links

* [ Music Video]
* [ Re-Release Music Video]

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