Interceptor may refer to:


* Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, a police car
* Ford Interceptor, a 2007 concept car built on a stretched version of the Ford D2C platform
* Interceptor 400, a civilian aircraft marque
* Interceptor aircraft (or simply "interceptor"), a type of fighter aircraft designed specifically to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft
* Interceptor ship, a type of military vessel designed specifically to intercept and destroy enemy ships or submarines (for example, USCG Long Range Interceptor)
* Jensen Interceptor, an automobile marque
* Honda Interceptor, a motorcycle

Popular culture

* Interceptor (TV series), a British television game show that ran during 1989
* The Interceptor, a fictional ship from
* Interceptor, a 1992 movie starring Jürgen Prochnow, Andrew Divoff and Elizabeth Morehead
* Interceptor, a fictional device from the anime series "Ghost in the Shell" that can be implanted in someone's eye to record everything they see in their daily life.
* Interceptor (comics), a comic series by Ian Edginton and Steve Pugh
* Angel Intercepter, a aircraft piloted by the Angels in the original Captain Scarlet and the Falcon Intercepter as piloted by the Angels in New Captain Scarlet
* In computer gaming, spaceships with a similar purpose to interceptor aircraft or spacecraft, such as ...
** Kushan Interceptor
** Taiidan Interceptor
** Wasp interceptor
** Bearcat heavy fighter
** Stingray interceptor
** Ray Interceptor Cluster
** TIE Interceptor
* A type of near-Earth spacecraft in UFO (TV series)#SHADO equipment
* Mad Max's car, the Pursuit Special
* , a flight-sim/tactical strategy game from the X-COM series.


* Interceptor body armor, an advanced form of combat protection currently fielded by the United States Army
* Interceptor Corporation
* Interceptor missile, a type of defensive missile used against other missiles in flight (for example, Kinetic Energy Interceptor)
* Interceptor pattern used in software design, and in aspect-oriented programming.
* Interceptor Micros, a former Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum video game developer.
* Milbemycin oxime under the trade name "Interceptor", a heartworm preventative veterinary medication marketed by Novartis

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*Interception (disambiguation)

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