Hijacking means "to take over by force".Hijacking may refer to:

In property:
* Aircraft hijacking or 'skyjacking'
* Carjacking
* Credit card hijacking

In internet technology:
* DNS hijacking
* Domain hijacking
* IP hijacking
* Page hijacking
* Reverse domain hijacking
* Session hijacking
* Thread hijacking
* hijacking, term used when malware infiltrates a system without the consent and performs tasks set by its creator in addition to (or instead of) the system's normal duties.

Hijacking may also refer to:
* Hijack (film), a 2008 Hindi film starring Shiney Ahuja, and Esha Deol
* Hijack (band), a British hiphop group of the early 1990s
* "Hi-jacked" ("Joe 90" episode), the fourth episode of "Joe 90"
* Hijacker (comics), a Marvel Comics character
* hijacking, a term in partner dance, a temporary inversion of the leader-follower connection initiated by the follower
* Hijacker, a member of Bristol music culture forum www.hijackbristol.co.uk

See also

* (on Wiktionary), the forcible robbery from, or seizure of, a vehicle in transit.
* Piracy is sometimes termed 'hijacking'

Derived usages, including tradenames

* HijackThis, abbreviated HJT, a popular freeware spyware removal tool for Microsoft Windows
* Hijack, a screen capture package for PC-type computers.
* Lojack, a device to assist in the recovery of stolen cars.
* Hijack (poker), the position two seats before the button in poker.
* "Hijack" is a song on Paul Kantner's debut solo album, Blows Against the Empire (1970), telling the story of the hijacking of a starship

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