Toyota S engine

Toyota S engine

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The Toyota S Series engines are a family of straight-4 engines with displacement from 1.8 L to 2.2 L produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. The series has cast iron engine blocks and alloy cylinder heads.

Table of S-block engines

2.0 Litre


Second revision of the block. Already equipped with EFI. This particular engine was used in the Toyota Camry and in the Celica on the US market. Last of the few S engines which is not equipped with twincams. The single overhead cam was fitted with bucket tappets with so called "hockey puck" adjusting discs.


The Toyota 3S-FE is a 16 valve 2.0L twin camshaft, single cam gear engine built by Toyota from 1986 to 2000. Its common use is in the Toyota Camry 1987-1992 model, the Toyota Celica 1986-1989, Toyota Carina II 1987-1992 and E 1993-1998 models, Toyota Corona T190 as well as Toyota Avensis 1997-2000 models and Toyota RAV4, 1994-2000 and Toyota Picnic/Ipsum 1996-2002. It also powers the 6th generation Toyota Celica SS-I and SS-2(Japanese Domestic Market only).


The engine used in the Toyota Celica GT-S versions, from 1986 to 1989 in the US and 1986 to 1999 everywhere else, after which they switched to the 5S-FE in the US and then the Toyota ZZ engine.

More information: 3S-GE


The fourth generation of the Toyota 3S-GE series, dubbed by Toyota as "Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System". This series is technically advanced, even more so than the 2JZ-GTE. The first generation engine (Red Top) uses single cam VVT-i, the second (Black Top) employs dual VVT-i (on both the intake and exhaust) to provide 150 kW. It is available on the Toyota Altezza, Celica, Corona and MR2 and is the only 3S-GE to arrive in a rear-wheel drive layout from factory.


The 3S-GTE takes the basic design of the Toyota 3S-GE engine, reduces the compression ratio to 8.5:1, and adds a turbocharger. There are four generations of this engine, which started manufacture in 1986, and continues to the current day.

The turbochargers used in the 3S-GTE engines are Toyota designs. The first and second generations used the Toyota CT26, although the second-generation turbo was modified for increased reliability. The third-generation engine uses the (enthusiast dubbed) Toyota CT20b turbo, and the fourth uses a proprietary CT20b turbocharger whose exhaust housing is actually cast into the cylinder exhaust manifold, rather than the normal practice of a separate exhaust housing after the cylinder exhaust manifold and it can only be used on the 4th Gen 3sgte head and not backwards compatible like the CT20b of the 3rd Gen 3sgte. Up to 260 hp in stock engine.

2.2 Litre


This engine was essentially the same basic design as the 3S-FE, but featured an increased stroke, and the total displacement was increased to 2.2 L. It was only marketed for the American and Australian markets, and are used in the 5th and 6th generation Celica, the 2nd generation MR2, the 3rd and 4th generation Camry, as well as the 1st generation Camry Solara.

2.2 L four EFI DOHC
1990-92 Convert|130|hp|kW|0|abbr=on@5400 rpm
1993-95 Convert|135|hp|kW|0|abbr=on@5400 rpm
1996-01 Convert|125|hp|kW|0|abbr=on@5400 rpm
1990-95 145@4400 rpm
1996-01 145@4400 rpm
3.43 in (87,12mm)
3.58 in (90,93mm)
Compression ratio:
Models with this engine:

*ST204 (US Generation 6 Celica GT)
*ST184 (US Generation 5 Celica GT, GT-S and SX. Australian Generation 5 Celica SX)
*SW21 (US Generation 2 MR2 Non-Turbo)
*SXV10 (Camry 1992-96)
*SXV20 (Camry 1997-01)

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