Henry is an English male given name and a surname, derived from "Heinrich" of Germanic origin. Equivalents in other languages are Henrik (Scandinavian), Eanruig (Scots Gaelic), Enrico (Italian), Henri (French), Enrique (Spanish), Henrik (Hungarian), Henryk (Polish), Henning (Swedish) and Henrique (Portuguese).Henry may refer to:


*Henry (unit), the SI unit of inductance
*Henry (comic)
*Henry (vacuum cleaner), a red vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic International
*"", a horror movie
*Henry rifle, the first "practical" repeating rifle
*Henry's law, a gas law in chemistry
*Henry, Christy Brown's name for the cart that gave him independence in his autobiography, "My Left Foot"

Places in the United States

*Henry, Illinois
*Henry, South Dakota
*Henry, Tennessee
*Henry, Virginia
*A number of counties named after Patrick Henry:
**Henry County, Alabama
**Henry County, Georgia
**Henry County, Illinois
**Henry County, Indiana
**Henry County, Iowa
**Henry County, Kentucky
**Henry County, Missouri
**Henry County, Ohio
**Henry County, Tennessee
**Henry County, Virginia


* Henry the Hexapus, the world's first six-legged octopus

People and fictional characters


*Alan Henry, British motorsport journalist
*Alexander Henry (1739-1824), American/Canadian fur trader
*Benjamin Tyler Henry (1821–1898), American inventor of the Henry rifle
*Beulah Louise Henry (1887–1973), American inventor; nicknamed "Lady Edison"
*Caleb Sprague Henry (1804-84), American clergyman
*Charles Henry (1859- ? ), French librarian and editor
*Edward Henry (1850–1931), London police commissioner
*Edward Lamson Henry (1841-1919), American genre painter
*Etienne Ossian Henry (1798-1873), French chemist
*George Henry (painter) (1858-1943), Scottish painter (1880s to 1910s)
*George Stewart Henry, (1871-1958) Canadian politician
*Graham Henry, (b. 1946), New Zealander rugby union coach
*Horrid Henry, fictional character and children' comedy TV show
*Jim Henry (b. 1950), American author, attorney, and economist
*John Henry, several people
*Joseph Henry (1797–1878), American physicist
*Lenny Henry (1958 –), British comedian
*Mark Henry (1971 –), American professional wrestler
*Matthew Henry (1662-1714), English divine
*Mike Henry, (1936- ), American football player and actor
*Mike Henry, (1964- ), American writer, producer, voice actor, and comedian
*O. Henry [pen name] (1862–1910), American writer
*Patrick Henry (1736–1799), American politician
*Paul Henry and Prosper Henry (1848-1905), French astronomers
*Philip Henry, 4th and 5th Earl Stanhope
*Philip Henry (clergyman) (1631-1696), English clergyman
*Pierre Henry (1927–), French composer
*Robert Henry (1718-90), Scottish historian and minister
*Robert L. Henry (1864-1931), American politician
*Robert L. Henry, Jr. (1882- ? ), American professor of law
*Stuart Henry (b. 1946), Australian politician
*Thierry Henry (b. 1977), French footballer
*Travis Henry (b. 1978), American Football player
*Victor Henry (1850-1907), French philologist
*William Henry, several people

First name

* Henry, Bishop of Uppsala, (d.1150) Bishop of Uppsala. He became a martyr in Finland
* Henry of Cocket, (d. 1127) a hermit Dane. He lived on the island of Cocket, off Northumberland, England.
* Henry of Livonia, (b. 1180) Catholic priest. Author of "Chronicle of Henry of Livonia" one of the earliest histories of the Eastern Baltic.
* Henry Aaron, (b. 1934) American baseball player. Played from 1954-1976 and held the record for most career home runs (755) until it was broken in 2007.
* Henri Becquerel, (1852–1908) French physicist who discovered radioactivity.
* Henry G. Brinton, (b. 1960) American author and pastor. Contributor to The Washington Post, USA Today, and author of a few books.
* Henri Cartier-Bresson, (1908-2004) French photographer. Considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.
* Henry Cavill, (b. 1983) British actor
* Henry Clay, (1777-1852) American/Kentucky statesman. A presidential candidate, compromiser, pacifier, War Hawk, and founder of the Whig Party.
* Henry Collins (boxer), (b. 1977) Australian boxer.
* Henry Cooper (boxer), (b. 1934) British boxer. Was the British, European and Commonwealth heavyweight champion in 1970.
* Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, (1864-1901) French painter, printmaker, draftsman, and illustrator.
* Henry Every, (born c. 1653) British pirate. Made one of the richest plunders in sea history and then retired and vanished.
* Henry Flagler (1830-1913) American tycoon, real estate promoter, railroad developer, known as the father of Miama, Florida.
* Henry Fonda, (1905-1982) American actor. Acted in 115 films, with another 73 as himself, and 16 broadway shows.
* Henry Ford, (1863-1947) Industrialist. Father of the modern, assembly line, Ford Motor Company, and 161 patents.
* Henry Georges, (1919....) musician
* Hank Greenberg, (1911-1986) American baseball player. A premier power hitter and one of the first Jewish superstars in American pro sports.
* Henry Hathaway, film director
* Henry Hudson, sea explorer
* Henry James, author
* Henry Jekyll, title character in the Robert Louis Stevenson novel "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
* Henry Kissinger, politician
* Henry Lau, Chinese singer, dancer and violinist in the Chinese boy band Super Junior-M
* Henri Legay, French operatic tenor
* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet
* Henry Mancini, composer
* Henry Marsh, American long-distance runner
* Henry Matisse, artist
* Henry Miller, author
* Henry Pym (aka Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket), fictional character in the Marvel Universe
* Henry Purcell, composer
* Henry Ramsay, from the Australian soap "Neighbours"
* Henry "Hank" Rearden, steelmaker from the Ayn Rand book "Atlas Shrugged"
* Henry Rollins, singer
* Henry David Thoreau, author
* Henry Townshend, the main protagonist in the game "Silent Hill 4"
* Henry Turner, the title character from the Harrison Ford film "Regarding Henry".
* Henry Winkler, actor, producer
* Henry the Green Engine, a steam locomotive from "The Railway Series" of books by Reverend W. Awdry
* Henry, a character from the 2008 video game "No More Heroes"
* Henry, a character from the television show, KaBlam!
* Henry, a comic character that began in 1932.


: "See also List of rulers named Henry."
* Portuguese royalty
** King-Cardinal Henry of Portugal
** Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal (father of Portugal's first king)
** Prince Henry the Navigator, Infante of Portugal
** Infante Henry, 4th Duke of Coimbra (born 1949), the sixth in line to Portuguese throne
* King of Germany
**Henry the Fowler (876-936), first king of Germany
* Four kings of Castile:
**Henry I of Castile
**Henry II of Castile
**Henry III of Castile
**Henry IV of Castile
* Five kings of France:
**Henry I of France
**Henry II of France
**Henry III of France
**Henry IV of France
**Henry V of France
* Six Holy Roman Emperors:
**Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
**Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
**Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
**Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor
**Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
**Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
* Eight kings of England:
**Henry I of England
**Henry II of England
**Henry III of England
**Henry IV of England
**Henry V of England
**Henry VI of England
**Henry VII of England
**Henry VIII of England
* Prince Henry of Wales ("Harry"), the third in line to British throne
* Heinrich, Prince of Prussia, three men, (1726-1802) and (1747-1767) and (1862-1929)
* Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
* Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
* Prince Henry of Battenberg

hakespearean plays

* "Henry IV, Part 1"
* "Henry IV, Part 2"
* "Henry V" (play)
* "Henry VI, Part 1"
* "Henry VI, Part 2"
* "Henry VI, Part 3"
* "Henry VIII" (play), an historical drama, produced in 1613


* "Henry Esmond", by William Makepeace Thackeray (1852)

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