Garbage may refer to:

*Waste, also known as "trash" or "junk" unwanted or undesired material
**Food waste (in American English)
**Waste management, collection, transport, processing or disposal of waste
*Garbage (band), a rock music band
**"Garbage" (album), the band's debut album
*Rubbish (British English)
*Garbage (computer science)
**discarded memory objects in garbage collection memory management
**data that has been received over a comm link that is garbled due to some transmission error
*"Garbage" (Autechre EP), mini-album by the band Autechre
*"Garbage" (song), a song by TISM
*"Garbage", a song by Dir en grey, from the album "Withering to Death."
*"Garbage!", a song by Bill Steele

ee also

*Garbage collection (disambiguation)

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