Chrysotoxum intermedium

Chrysotoxum intermedium

name = "Chrysotoxum intermedium"

image_caption = "Chrysotoxum intermedium"
image_width = 225px
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
subphylum = Hexapoda
classis = Insecta
subclassis = Pterygota
infraclassis = Neoptera
superordo = Endopterygota|
ordo = Diptera
subordo = Brachycera
infraordo = Muscomorpha
zoosectio = Aschiza
superfamilia = Syrphoidea
familia = Syrphidae
subfamilia = Syrphinae
tribus = Syrphini
genus = "Chrysotoxum"
species = "C. intermedium"
binomial = "Chrysotoxum intermedium"
binomial_authority = Meigen, 1822
synonyms =

"Chrysotoxum bicinctum", is a species of hoverfly. It is found in southern mainland Europe. The larvae are thought to feed on root aphids.

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