Existence after death

Existence after death

Existence after death refers to the concept of a continuation of existence and cognition after physical death, usually in the realm of human existence

Basis in Religion

The primary focal point of most religions is the fact that the human essence, or spirit continues to exist after the physical body ceases to be alive. Although the concept also exists widely outside of organized religious experience, most views of existence after death come from at least a partially religious perspective, based on revelations or religious texts.

Forms of post-mortal-life existence

Depending on the religious teaching being used as a demonstration for the reality of "Existence after death", the form that the human spirit will attain may be:
*spirits (i.e. unembodied human esssences)
*demons (i.e. spirits of human form but without corporeal existence, and with malevolent nature)

*the general undefined belief in existence after death without the use of theological creatures.

ee also

*Spirit world


* [http://www.existenceafterdeath.com "Look for the Butterfly" (Colleen Dahlgren), a book about after-death communications]
* [http://www.books.google.com/books?isbn=0802846009 "Body, soul & life everlasting" (John W. Cooper)]
* [http://www.near-death.com/evidence.html "Life Beyond" (Hans Holzer)]

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