Hollow may refer to:
*A closed body which is not solid or filled. i.e. contains empty space or air.
**Hollow Earth theory, the idea that the planet Earth has a hollow interior and possibly an inhabitable inner surface.
**Tree hollow, a hollow in a branch or trunk, which may provide habitat for animals.

*To render something hollow by removing its internal matter.
** Hollowing out pumpkins at halloween.

*A depression in a surface or the ground.
**A low, wooded area, such as a copse
**A term meaning a small Vee-shaped riverine type of valley with moderately sloped sides pitched more gently than and both broader and larger than a ravine. The term is used primarily within and in the states bordering Appalachia (The Appalachian Mountains, from New England to Mississippi) where some local glaciation has broadened ravines into a wider form. Frequently pronounced "Holler" in the southern Appalachia states.

Hollow in the arts:
*Hollow ("Bleach"), malevolent spirits in the anime and manga series "Bleach"
*"The Hollow", a 1946 detective novel by Agatha Christie
*"The Hollow" (song), a song by A Perfect Circle
*"Hollow" (song), a song by Pantera
*"The Hollow" (2004 film), a 2004 teen horror film
*"Hollow (2006 film)", a short film released by Shorts International, written and directed by Paul Bickel, and starring Emma Caulfield
*Hollow ("Charmed"), a fictional entity in the television series "Charmed"
*Hollow (Marvel Comics), a mutant formerly known as Penance
*The Hollow, a series of underground caverns in the video game Gears of War
*The Hollows, a series of underground caverns and city inhabited by trolls in the video game City of Heroes.
*The Hollow, a Canadian progressive metal music group now known as Alpha Galates
*"The Hollows", a series of novels by Kim Harrison.
*"Into the Hollow", a song by Queens of the Stone Age

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