Ben Hanna Winery

Ben Hanna Winery

Ben Hanna Winery is an Israeli Boutique winery which produces wines from selected vineyards in the Judean Hills region.

General Information

Ben Hanna Winery was founded by the Shlomi Zadok's family in 2002, as a microwinery which produced 75 cases.Through out the years, the winery expanded, and though remained small, it managed to make some of Israel's uniquest wines, keeping the Judean Hills Terroir.
Ben Hanna Winery is an award winning winery, who most recently won A Silver medal in Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada.
World known wine critics such as Robert M. Parker, Jr. and the Wine Spectator have also noted [,1197,3525,00.html Wine Spectator] Ben Hanna Winery as an upcoming wine producer from Israel.
Ben Hanna Winery is located in the scenic landscape of Adulam Valley, in Moshav Gefen.

Vineyards & Varieties

Ben Hanna winery uses the following vineyards:
* Nir Vineyard, Moshav Matta, Upper Judean Hills
* Latroun Vineyards, Lower Judean Hills

* Petit Verdot
* Syrah
* Grenache
* Mourvedre
* Cabernet Franc
* Cabernet Sauvignon
* Merlot


The winery has four labels:
* "Gefen 22" - Petit Verdot
* "Gefen 22" - Cabernet Franc
* "Shalem" - Bordeaux Style blend.
* "Mediterraneo" - Rhone Style blend.


External Links

* [ Ben Hanna Winery Homepage]

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