Rangsazi Iran

Rangsazi Iran

Rangsazi Iran - Iran Paint Manufacturing Company - شرکت رنگسازي ايران, was founded in 1939 as the first paint producer in Iran as well as the Middle East [http://rangsaziran.com/En/History.htm 1] . Rangsazi Iran is currently the top producer in decorative and industrial paints within the country in terms of volume of sales and quality [http://rangsaziran.com/En/QC.htm 2] .


The company was founded by Ahmad Sanei in 1939. Ahmad Sanei is the founder of the paint industry in Iran. The first factory was set up in Zargande in the Shemiran district of Tehran. In 1959, a larger facility was acquired by the company on Saveh road in Tehran [http://rangsaziran.com/En/History.htm 3] .


High Gloss Enamel Alkyd Paint
Matt Alkyd Paint
Alkyd Undercoat Paint

Emulsion Paint
Emulsion Paint (Distemper)
Emulsion Acrylic Paint
Pool Paint
Alkyd Anti Rust
Alkyd Varnish
Aluminum Paint
Traffic Paint
Nitrocellulose Putties
Nitrocellulose Sealer
Nitrocellulose Clear

Epoxy Paint

Long Oil Alkyd
Medium Oil Alkyd
Quick Air Drying Alkyd
Coconut Short Oil Alkyd
Soya Short Oil Alkyd
Curt Acid Short Oil Alkyd
Palm Kernel Short Oil Alkyd
Castor Short Oil Alkyd
Kardura Short Oil Alkyd
Butylated Melamine Resin
Butylated Uurea Resin
Maleic Resin

Cobalt octoate
Lead octoate
Calcium octoate

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  • Ahmad Sanei — مرحوم مهندس احمد صانعي (born 1901) was an Iranian business man who founded Rangsazi Iran in 1939. He is the father of the paint industry in Iran [http://rangsaziran.com/En/History.htm 1] [http://en.wikipedia.com/rangsazi iran.htm 2] …   Wikipedia

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