Luna is the Latin name of the Earth's Moon ( _la. lūna) as well as the Roman moon goddess Luna.

Luna may also refer to:


* Luna (Etruria), a city in ancient Etruria (now Italy) destroyed by the Arabs in 1016
* Luna, Cluj, Romania
* Luna River, Romania
* Luna, Zaragoza, Spain
* Roverè della Luna, Italy
* Luna forest, a forest on the north bank of the Danube according to Ptolemy

;United States and Canada
* Luna County, New Mexico
* Luna, New Mexico, (in Catron County)
* Luna Lake, Arizona
* Luna Peak, two North American mountains
* Luna Pier, Michigan
* Luna Island, an island in New York that is adjacent to the Niagara Falls

* Luna, Apayao
* Luna, Isabela
* Luna, La Union
* General Luna, Quezon
* General Luna, Surigao del Norte

* Luna, Rajasthan, India


* Álvaro de Luna (c1389-1453), Spanish politician
* Antonio Luna (1866-1899), Filipino general who fought in the Philippine-American War and the founder of the Philippines's first military academy
* Cardozo M. Luna, Armed Forces of the Philippines official
* Jeff de Luna (born 1984), Filipino pool player
* Pedro de Luna (1328-1423), Avignon Pope Benedict XIII
* Francisco Luna Kan (born 1925), Mexican politician
* Juan Luna (1857–1899), Filipino painter in the late 19th century
* Kat DeLuna (born 1987), American singer of Dominican decent
* Marisol Deluna (born 1967), American fashion designer
* Luna Celeste (born 1963), American voice actress
* Luna Leopold (1915-2006), American scientist
* Luna Vachon (born 1962), Canadian professional wrestler
* Juan Luna (1857-1899), Filipino painter and artist
* Héctor Luna (born 1980), Dominican baseball player
* Jonathan Luna (1965-2003), U.S. Federal prosecutor, murdered December 4.
* Luna Zhang


* "Luna" (TV series), a 1983-84 UK children's TV show
* "Luna" (novel), a 2004 novel by Julie Anne Peters
* "Luna" (1979 novel), a 1979 novel by Delacorta
* "Luna" (1995 film), a Spanish film by Alejandro Amenábar

* Luna (comics), in the Marvel Comics universe
* , in the RPG series "LUNAR"
* Luna (Exalted), in the RPG "Exalted"
* Luna (Sailor Moon), in the "Sailor Moon" media franchise
* Luna Kaftan, from the "Incarnations of Immortality" series by Piers Anthony
* Luna (Samurai Troopers), in the Japanese anime "Ronin Warriors"
* Luna (or sometimes pronounced as Runa or Lunar) in the Japanese anime "Seto no Hanayome"
* Luna (Soul Calibur), in the video game "Soul Calibur III"
* Luna, one of the eight elemental spirits featured in the "Mana" series
* Luna, one of the summon spirit in the "Tales" RPG series, first appeared in the installment "Tales of Phantasia"
* Luna, in the video game "Shrek SuperSlam"
* Luna Lovegood, in the "Harry Potter" series
* Luna Moody, in the American soap opera "One Life to Live"
* Luna Platz, a character in "Mega Man Star Force"
* Mrs Luna, in the Henry James novel "The Bostonians"
* La Lunatica, in the Marvel Comics universe
* Luna Inverse, elder sister of Lina Inverse of the series "Slayers"
* Lunamaria Hawke from the "Gundam Seed Destiny" series.

* Luna Wolves, a Space Marine legion in the "Warhammer 40,000" universe
* , a type of starship in the "Star Trek" universe


* Luna (band), a New York based alternative rock band
* Luna (Boston band), a late 1970s rock and roll band from Boston, Massachusetts
* Luna (Serbian rock band), a 1980s new wave band from Novi Sad, Serbia
* Luna (Serbian pop group), a male/female pop duo from Serbia
* Luna (musician), bass guitarist in heavy metal bands Ashes to Ashes and Chrome Division
* Luna-C, a British DJ and record producer
* Luna Sea, a Japanese hard rock band
* DJ Luna, a Dutch hardstyle DJ
* "Luna", a song by Ana Gabriel
* "Luna", a song by Juanes on the 2002 album "Un Dia Normal"
* "Luna", a song by the Smashing Pumpkins on the 1993 album "Siamese Dream"
* "Luna", a song by Omnia
* "Luna", a song by Moonspell on the 2006 album "Memorial"
* "Luna", a song by Alessandro Safina
* "Luna", a song by Retro Stefson
* "Luna de Xelajú", a Guatemalan waltz
* Cult of Luna, a Swedish doom metal band
* Luna (guitars), a guitar manufacturer
* Luna (Nation Product Album), an album by the rock band National Product


* LUNA, a computer product line of OMRON Tateishi Electric from the late 1980s and early 1990s
* Luna (Redwood Tree), a California Redwood tree
* Luna (theme), the codename for the default theme of Windows XP
* Luna (vehicle), a moped produced in India
* Luna (XM), XM Radio channel 95
* Luna Gotra, a sub-tribe of the Chadhar clan, located in Punjab, Pakistan
* Luna Innovations, a company based in Virginia, USA
* Luna Lounge, a bar formerly at Ludlow Street, Manhattan, now located at Williamsburg, Brooklyn
* Luna Moth ("Actias luna"), a lime-green North American silk moth
* Luna programme, a series of unmanned space missions sent to the Moon by the Soviet Union
* Luna Publications, a literary publishing company located in Toronto, Canada
* KLNN, "Luna radio" a U.S. FM radio station
* Luna X 2000, a German unmanned aerial vehicle
* RTV Luna, a television and radio company in Montenegro
* Radio Luna, a radio station in Montenegro
* Luna, an alternate name for the FROG-7 Soviet artillery rocket
* Luna, a small vessel which holds the Host in a monstrance
* Luna Bar, an energy bar marketed to women by Clif Bar & Co.
* Luna (Orca), an Orca also known as L98 who lived in Nootka Sound between 2001 and 2006
* Lunawebs, a web agency in Salt Lake City, Utah

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* La Luna
* Luna Park
* Lunae
* Lunas
* Lune

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