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Star & Buc Wild

"Star & Buc Wild" are American radio multi-media personalities whose careers have spanned the arenas of radio, television, publishing and worldwide web. Their resume includes their own self-published magazine, Around The Way, and stints at The Source Magazine, MTV Networks, Hot 97, a nationally syndicated radio program with Power 105 (NYC) and their current run on New York dance music powerhouse, WNYZ-LPPulse 87.7 FM.


Star (real name: Troi Torain) and his stepbrother Buc Wild (real name: Timothy Joseph) began their career as publishers of "Around the Way Connections" from 1993 to 1997. Star’s radio journey began at Adelphi Universities WBAU (collage campus) in 1995. The show lasted for seven months before residents of Garden City, NY started complaining to the Dean’s office about what they considered to be a show with no boundaries. During this time, Star also began writing a monthly column called "Reality Check" in "The Source" magazine (1995 - 1998).

Star also started producing and directing their Public Access show (19981999). From there the boys became the host of MTV's "Beat Suite" show (1999 - 2000).

In March 2000 they became the host of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show on Hot 97 in NYC. The show gained popularity but gained negative attention in 2001 for playing obnoxious sound effects while reporting the death of R&B singer Aaliyah.

Nonetheless, Star & Buc Wild had continued success, However, in 2003 Emmis Communications and the show parted ways. Soon thereafter, the show signed a lucrative deal with Emmis Communications' rival Clear Channel. The show however, would not be heard in NYC for quite some time as a contractual non-compete clause with Emmis was in effect. In the meantime, they worked in Hartford, Connecticut on Power 104.1 (the same signal that once hosted Bubba the Love Sponge in mornings when it was modern rock WMRQ) and then in Philadelphia on Power 99. Syndication of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show grew to expand much of the east coast. By early 2006 over ten stations began hosting the show from New York City, NY to Atlanta, GA.

The show again drew attention in 2004 for playing a recording of a prank call to an Indian call center in which the show hosts heaped racist and misogynistic abuse on the Indian call center operator. They called the woman a "bitch", "dirty rat eater", "filthy rat eater", and threatened to "choke the fuck out of her". The show hosts received a one-day suspension over this incident [ [ YouTube - DJs Star & Buc Wild racially abuse woman in India] ] .

On May 10, 2006, the show was canceled by Clear Channel Radio because of extremely controversial on-air comments made about DJ Envy's family. As of February 2008, the show is back on New York City's WNYZ-LP(87.7 FM -

Objective Hate

In a 2003 interview while in between radio gigs, Torain revealed that there was a philosophical basis for what he presented to the airwaves. As a student of Ayn Rand’s principles of Objectivism, which stresses, among other things, that the proper moral basis of one’s life is rational self-interest, Torain embraced egocentricity, selfishness as a virtue, freethinking, capitalism and unadulterated self-confidence. However, his experiences as a “man of color” living in America led him to appreciate man’s true nature as hateful and to evaluate objectivism from that perspective. Thus evolved his personal branded philosophy of “objective hate.”

Objective hate developed from what Torain terms “explorations of hate as a man of color, without subscribing to tribalism.” According to his book, Objective Hate: The Prequel, the first of a three-part manifesto on his self-proclaimed personal branded philosophy, objective hate is “a practical philosophy formulated through the knowledge and wisdom of first-hand experience with mankind’s true nature.” As a personal form of thinking it is “a product of a determined egocentric journey into the realms of infinite possibilities, a testament to the holy and unholy powers of the mind of man.”

In a 2005 interview on the subject, Torain defined objective hate as “the total belief in one’s self with the full understanding of man’s true nature.” Professing to be informed by an awareness of man’s moral record, Torain concluded that man’s true nature is hateful, not inherently evil, but hateful, and using this understanding helps one to maneuver through the world.

Among some of the other principles and supposed benefits of objective hate: The processes of assumption, perception and intention release mankind from the stamp of being evil by nature. To declare man's true nature evil would mean to be devoid of a vision of hope. To insist that there is no hope would be to leave no room for man to manifest. Survival is merely a choice of man’s will. Rage, obsession, and greed are conflicts of ideals, standards, or morals and the hatred of mankind is one of our greatest motivators.

Objective hate also holistically informs the thinking process and exposes the falsehood of subjective truth. It seeks to expand the possibilities of thought and encourage the explorative minds of the young. And finally, it asserts that the absolute value of an individual’s work is only thing that can condemn or authenticate one’s genius. Torian receives flak from the high-brow intellectual community who say his personal philosophy is a perversion of Ayn Rand’s vision of objectivism. Star addressed the topic in his interview. “The reason I had to add hate to Objectivism is because of the reality of my existence, my will to survive and my lust for living life to its fullest. Let me expand on this for you. There is no parallel between Objectivism and hate. I've simply tied two ends of the rope together. Who is to say that my philosophy is wrong? I live it every hour. I experience it every day.”

Radio Show Staff

White Trash Helene

White Trash Helene is the on-air name of radio sidekick Helene Sola, the only regular on-air female of the show. Listeners know Helene for her distinctive laugh and up-beat personality, and whose mic is frequently turned off by Torain. On the segment previously named "Losers, Burnouts and Wannabes, and Those Creepin' on a Come-up Celebrity Report," Sola reported on entertainment and celebrities. Since the show moved to Pulse 87, her segment is now titled "Losers, Media Freaks, Degenerates and Tax-Evaders". Like many of the staff, she opines on current events.

Sola had previously worked for the Red Cross. She speaks Spanish and was once an ESL teacher in New York City. She is currently learning Arabic.

Sola is a native of Hamden, Connecticut, where the show previously aired out of WPHH, Power 104.1. She joined the show as a winner among 900 other females candidates for the on-air job as entertainment reporter.

Sola is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and City College of New York.

DX 21

DX 21 is the on-air alias of David Allan Blanks. DX has been an associate and instrumental force of the Star & Buc Wild brand since 1995 when he penned “Bedroom Talk” a column for the duo's “Around the Way Connections magazine.” Blanks continued to work with Star and Buc Wild throughout their rise, penning material for Beat Suite and eventually landing the slot of the show’s original newsman and head writer for their Hot 97 morning show. During this time, DX 21 penned and voiced “The Ghetto Network News” and delivered Top Five lists. Blanks then went on to pursue a career in journalism while remaining close to the Star & Buc Wild fold and returned to the show in a supporting role during its Clear Channel run on Power 105.

Blanks is a graduate of Baruch College with a degree in journalism and has written for several mainstream publications including The Village Voice and The Source. Blanks is a native of New York, NY.

DJ Yonny

DJ Yonny began making his rounds behind the turntables in both the Big Apple and Philadelphia, quickly making a name for himself as an expert mixer, scratcher and blender. This Colombian and Puerto Rican mixer is notorious for his ability to read every crowd he spins for and respond to their energy with the perfect mix, hence his official moniker "Mixmaster DJ Yonny."

Yonny gained early recognition along the East coast, competing in Guitar Center's Spinoff and winning a regional competition for DMC DJ Championships. Taking his skill a step further, Yonny excelled in the Institute for Audio Research's Audio Engineering, Music Recording, and Production programs. After earning a diploma from the institute, the native New Yorker began heading his own DJ and radio production seminars, instilling his techniques and wisdom on the art of record playing to students.
WWPR Power 105.1 FM recruited the veteran DJ to produce commercial spots on-air and work promotions. His hard work paid off and, after several live guest appearances on the “Star and Buc Wild Morning Show,” DJ Yonny was welcomed as the Producer and On air mixer for highly acclaimed show.

Mainstream Media Exposure

On May 8 2006, Torain made on-air remarks in response to threats made to his mother by DJ Envy (real name Rashawn Casey), a rival DJ on Hot 97. Among some of the on-air remarks included "I will come for your kids" and I want to "do an R. Kelly...on your seed". Torain also offered $500 to any listener who could provide information about the rival DJ's daughter's school and used racial slurs when talking about Casey's wife. Torain went on to say that he wanted to "put mayonnaise in the ass cheeks" of the rival DJ's young daughter, immediately adding that he also desired to take a bite out of it [ [ Celebrity Scandals and Gossip - NY Daily News] ] .

Councilman John Liu, Gia Casey, and several other elected officials appeared at New York City Hall on May 10 2006, to denounce Torain's remarks. Clear Channel quickly announced that Torain was being suspended pending an investigation. A few hours after that statement was released, the station decided that the comments went too far and Torain's relationship with Clear Channel was terminated [ [ New York City and Tri-State News from WABC-TV 5/10/06] ] .

Troi Torain vs. Clear Channel

Torain filed a lawsuit against Clear Channel in 2006, claiming that the Media giant not only hired him to be controversial but encouraged his rogue style and then wrongfully terminated him. The suit is currently under review by a federal court.

Pulse 87

The Mega Media Group announced on November 28, 2007 the return of the Star & Buc Wild Show as part of a format change for WNYZ-LP to Top 40 Dance as Pulse 87] . On Tuesday, February 19, 2008, Star and Buc Wild began their new morning show. Star is also executive Program Director of the station.


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