Ioniko, Ilia

Ioniko, Ilia

"Ioniko may also refer to a settlement in the Xanthi prefecture", see Ioniko, Xanthi"

Ioniko (Greek, Modern: Ιονικό, older form: -ν) meaning the Ionian Sea (accented forms: Ionikó, older form: Ionikón) is a settlement in the municipality of Vartholomio, Ilia Prefecture, Greece. A settlement being marked on the map, unlike older maps when some settlements were removed after abandonment, the settlement has no population.

Nearest places

*Lygia Beach, west
*Glyfa, northwest

Location and transportation

Glyfa is located 12 km southwest of Vartholomio, 14 km west of Gastouni, about 82 km southwest of Patras, 42 km northwest of Pyrgos and approx. 14 km Southeast of Thermal Springs of Kyllini. It is connected with the road connecting Kyllini Baths and Gastouni

The village has about 6 km of paved road and about 6 km of gravel road. It has about 4 km of hydro lines, phone lines are around 4 km.


Its geography compromises of groves, farmlands that covers the western portions including some hills, forests are to the west near the municipal district boundary and the remains of a swamp area that once covered the flat part of northern Elis. They are made up of grasses, marshes and bushes lie to the east.


Ioniko became connected with asphalt in the 1970s and the 1980s.


Its main economy is agriculture, its main production includes olives, cattle, fruits, vegetables and other crops.


Ioniko's nearest school, lyceum (middle school), gymnasium (secondary school), a church, post office, and a square ("plateia") are in Glyfa and Vartholomio.

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