Kimera (anime)

Kimera (anime)

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genre = Action
released = 1996-07-31
language = Japanese
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runtime = 48 min

Kimera is a 1996 OVA based on the shoujo, or possibly dōjinshi manga by Kodaka Kazumo. It features graphic violence, brief nudity, as well as a -rape scene. Although an often overlooked title, it gradually received attention and popularity due to the title character's androgyny, and it is laregly regarded at as a Yaoi anime.


Many years ago, vampires came to earth from the planet Izatu. Reaching planet earth, the vampires massacred the humans, and drank their blood. Unable to reproduce, the vampires took a human woman back to Izatu in order to continue the generation. This woman became the mother of Kimera, Ginsu, and Kianu, who are the last three remaining dhampir, which are human/vampire hybrids.

Out of the three hybrids, so that they can take over the earth and use humans as their cattle. However Kianu, the third hybrid attempts to stop Ginzu's plan. Unfortunately, their plans are disrupted when their space capsules crashlands into Japan. Ginzu and Kianu get away, but Kimera is taken to an Air Force base and is placed in cold storage by a military team.

Driving on a nearby road are two devoted salesmen known as Osamu and Jay, which are headed for the Air Force Base to see Jay's father. Upon arrival, they are soon attacked by vampiric creatures. Due to the attack, a sudden explosion occurs at the base, and Osamu wanders into a trailer to find a beautiful being inside an cryogenic container. Jay and Osamu learn that these creatures are aliens who live off of human blood, and that Kimera is one of them. Osamu instantly falls in love with Kimera and decides to release her.

A vicious battle between Kianu and Ginzu uses. Kimera has decided that, since she can't mate with the sterile Kianu, she will do so with Osamu. Osamu and the now pregnant Kimera run away together. Although aware that their baby may bring the destruction of the human race, Osamu is happy to be with Kimera, even though he has to give her some of his blood ever so often.


*Kimera is a beautiful, green-haired dhampir, who appears to be an androgynous, for she has no bosom. She is believed to be mute, for she never speaks. With a desire to continue the bloodline, she seeks a mate, regardless of him being human or vampire.

*Ginzu is a purple colored, monstrous, multi-tentacled dhampir, who intends to use Kimera to continue the vampiric bloodline. Out of all three hybrids, he appears to be the most intelligent and most evil as well.

*Kianu is the third hybrid. Unlike Ginzu and Kimera, he appears to be the most human, and perhaps has sympathy for the human race. He intends to stop Ginzu's plan, even if he has to kill Kimera. Although unable to produce children, he loves and cares about Kimera.

*Osama is a run-of-the-mill salesperson who falls deeply in love with Kimera. However, it is believed that Kimera may have mesmerized, or hypnotized, Osamu into becoming her mate. Considering the fact that vampires have the ability to hypnotize humans upon eye contact, it is possible.



The general reception to the anime was largely unfavorable, due to lack of proper story and character development. Viewers have expressed ill response to Kimera's hermaphrodite features, stating the her to be male, rather than female. [] []


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