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Armor King

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Age= 35 (Tekken 2) 75 (Tekken 6)
height=6' 4" (193 cm)
weight=246 lbs (112 kg with armor)

Armor King is a fictional character in the "Tekken" fighting game series. He is the former mentor of "Tekken's" recurring character, King. For some time he was enemy of King, but eventually they became very close friends. Armor King is apparently killed later on in the "Tekken" story by Craig Marduk, but he has returned for the latest game. Whether this is the same Armor King that Craig Marduk supposedly killed or a different person that has put on the armor and black jaguar mask is currently unknown. Like King, Armor King does not audibly speak, but he does make growling noises that sound like a jaguar's growl. However, none of Armor King's growls are translated into speech, unlike King.



Armor King is a member of a Mexican tribe who carries around the Jaguar masks that both King and Armor King wear. After a fateful meeting, in which the original King was inducted into Armor King's tribe, Armor King challenged him to a battle of strength. While Armor King was clearly the superior fighter, the battle ended with King escaping Armor King's eye being damaged in the process. However, near the beginning of the second tournament, the two set aside their differences and became great friends.

Tekken 2

Armor King travels from one wrestling ring to another, searching for a worthy challenger. Armor King watched with interest at King's attempt to win the first tournament in need of money for his orphanage. Although King did not win the tournament, he won third place, giving him enough money to build his orphanage. Soon after a child dies in his care, King ran away, choosing the path of the drunkard. Armor King saw a total change in his old rival as King no longer entered any wrestling tournaments and disappeared for long periods of time. Armor King became worried about his friend/rival and intervened just in time, as King was at the edge of a breakdown. Finding King distraught and drunk in an alleyway, he convinces him to get back into the spirit of fighting and enter the second tournament.

Meeting King at the tournament, he defeated him, despite the other fighter's resolve and new techniques. Telling him of his orphanage, he bids King to return to his foster children.

Tekken 3

The first King was attacked and supposedly killed by Ogre. However, Armor King saw a new fighter with a jaguar mask step into the wrestling ring in order to save the orphanage, and Armor King decides to train him to become the second King. He only appeared in The Tekken 3 Intro and King's Tekken 3 Ending.

Tekken 4

Before "The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4", Craig Marduk started a bar brawl in Arizona, and Armor King was (supposedly) killed. This is the extent of his involvement in this game, as he does not make an actual appearance, but instead becomes King's reason for entering, for revenge.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

"The mysterious masked wrestler, Armor King.... Just who is behind the steel armor and black jaguar mask and what does he seek? The answer is veiled in mystery." That is all that is said about him in his "" prologue. There is no mention of him being the original Armor King or a new holder of the title. However, in Armor King's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ending, just after defeating Jinpachi, he walks away. Then King II is seen walking towards him, when asking who he is, Armor King kicks King in the stomach and performs a pile driver move - Then walks away. King II then comes to and recognises that move from somewhere - His former master, Armor King. This suggests that there is a strong possibility that the return of Armor King is the original and wasn't killed by Marduk. Another idea is that Armor King tutored another wrestler or his son, but when he was killed, the unnamed wrestler or possible son took his tutor's mask. One more possible idea is that he could be the original King who was supposedly killed by Ogre. His "Dark Resurrection" storyline has him fighting Craig Marduk, Armor King's supposed murderer, at Stage Four.

Tekken 6

During The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Armor King attacked Craig Marduk and then vanished.

Who is this man hidden behind the black jaguar mask and is disguised as Armor King? What's his relationship to King and for what reason did he attack Craig?

Still hidden in mystery, the gong for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 has already been rung.


Tekken 2:Scenes of X-rays and lines that represent a heart beating are shown, and a ticking noise can be heard. Then, Armor King is shown resting in a room and watching a drop of water drip from a faucet. Suddenly, Armor King gets up and begins to walk out of the room. After taking a few steps, his vision begins to fade, he stumbles, and a few drops of blood fall to the ground, showing that armor king, was dying. After a few seconds, he gets up again and walks out of the room. The sound of a crowd cheering can be heard as he leaves the room.

Tekken Tag Tournament:King and Armor King have a friendly sparring match. Though they appear evenly matched at first, Armor King quickly gains the upper hand and triumphs over King. Humiliated, King pounds the ground in frustration.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:Armor King defeats Jinpachi Mishima, who dissolves into dust. As Armor King walks away, he passes King without even acknowledging him. Confused, King tries to stop Armor King, but Armor King kicks him in the stomach, and he proceeds to Tombstone Piledrive him (one of Armor King's signature moves). After doing this, Armor King walks away. After a few seconds, King gets up off of the ground, and he states that he knows that move from somewhere.

Fighting Style

lucha libreIn "Tekken 1", "Tekken 2", and "Tekken Tag Tournament", many of Armor King's moves were moves used by King I and King II, but Armor King did have some of his own moves in these games. In "", the moves that he shared with the two Kings were highly differentiated, and he acquired several moves of his own. However, he still retains a few of King I and King II's moves (such as Jab Uppercut and the Frankensteiner). A few of Armor King's new moves look similar to moves used by Craig Marduk, as well. An example for the latter statement is Craig Marduk's / Armor King's Stampede / Wind-Up Stomp.

While King's moveset is a variation on many moves used by wrestlers from the WWE, much of Armor King's moves in "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection" are done mainly by wrestlers more famous in the Japanese puroresu scene, most of which were popularized by Japanese professional wrestler The Great Muta. An example of some of these moves is Armor King using Muta's "Asian Mist" on opponents, along with the "Shining Wizard". He also possesses Yoshihiro Tajiri's "Buzzsaw Kick" and "Handspring Back Elbow Smash". As of "Tekken 6", Armor King has drawn some WWE-inspired moves, like a counter-throw that resembles the Crippler Crossface, a signature move of Chris Benoit. A Shoulder Block Takedown, more commonly known as the Spear, as popularized by Bill Goldberg and Edge, and The Undertaker's famous Tombstone Piledriver can also be added after Armor King's Dark Step.

He also gains the "Muscle Driver", pioneered as the "Kinniku Driver" by the manga/anime "Kinnikuman".

Appearances Outside the Tekken Series

Armor King makes an appearance in the turn-based strategy game "Namco x Capcom", initially as an enemy boss, but eventually joining the team as an ally, and gaining a combination attack with King and Felicia of Darkstalkers fame.


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