Project ReDeSign has the major goal to develop new technologies and technology strategies enabling cable operators to migrate their networks towards fully-fledged broadband communication infrastructures in the most efficient and cost effective way. The project works together with standards development organisations such DVB and CENELEC to ensure a wide recognition of the results of the work and in particular with the cable operators’ community and equipment manufacturers to make the results of the project deployable on short notice providing benefits to the industry already from the beginning of the decennium.


ReDeSign is a project set up by cable operators, equipment manufacturers, and research organisations. Co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme the project was launched in January 2008 and has lifespan of 30 months.


* [ Alcatel-Lucent]
* [ ANGA]
* [ Technical University of Braunschweig]
* [ Telenet]
* [ TNO]
* [ ZON TV Cabo]

See also

*ATSC Standards - Advanced Television Systems Committee Standard
*CI+ Common Interface Plus
*DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcasting - Cable)
*Digital terrestrial television (DTT or DTTV)
*Digital audio broadcasting (DAB)
*Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
*Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB)
*DVB-CPCM - Content Protection and Content Management
*DMB-T - Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial
*ETSI Satellite Digital Radio (SDR)
*FTA Receiver
*ISDB - Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
*List of digital television deployments by country

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* [ Homepage of Project]
* [ Project meetings]

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