Make Mine a Million

Make Mine a Million
Make Mine a Million
Directed by Lance Comfort
Written by Arthur Askey
Peter Blackmore
Starring Arthur Askey
Bernard Cribbins
Sid James
Distributed by British Lion Film Corporation
Release date(s) 1959
Running time 81 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Make Mine a Million was a 1959 British comedy film starring Arthur Askey, Sid James, and Bernard Cribbins. It was directed by Lance Comfort.[1] The film parodies the stuffiness of the 1950s BBC and the effect of television advertising in the era.



Arthur Ashton is a makeup man working for National Television (a parody of the BBC). During a visit to the local laundry, he meets Sid Gibson a shady salesmen who is trying to flog Bonko, a brand of washing powder, but who can't afford to advertise on TV. The fairly clueless Arthur agrees to help him, and they manage to plug an advert for Bonko on National Television by interrupting the live feed. This causes quite a stir amongst the National heads, who have Arthur fired. Despite this, the advert proves extremely popular and demand for the product soars.

After repeating the stunt at Ascot Races, Sid, realising that this is potentially a huge moneymaker, does a deal with an advertising executive and, with Arthur's help, they plug cake mix at the Edinburgh Festival. After a narrow escape, Arthur wants to quit, but Sid persuades him to do one final job - interrupting a press conference between the British Prime Minister and the American President. On the way, the Post Office van they are using is hijacked by criminals. Arthur, who is in the back of the van, contacts the police to thwart the robbery, leading to the final barnyard showdown. In the end, Arthur, now a hero and celebrity, gets his own TV show, brokered by Sid, of course.


The Radio Times Guide to Films gives the film three stars out of five, describing it as a "pacey romp".[2]



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