Thingumajig Theatre

Thingumajig Theatre

Thingumajig Theatre is a puppet company who creates and performs innovative visual theatre, giant puppets and outdoor performances. Founded in 2005 by Korean American puppeteer Andrew Kim and British actor/musician Kathy Bradley, Thingumajig Theatre is based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England.


and Taiwan’s Dream Community. In 2005, with their first full-length play, “The Vertigo of Sheep” which was awarded a UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence, they formed into a permanent theatre company. [ [ UNIMA-USA 2006 Citation of Excellence] (2006-07) ]

In 2006 they moved into the old Sunday school room in Wainsgate Chapel in Old Town, West Yorkshire, which now serves as their workshop and rehearsal space.

In 2008, Thingumajig Theatre joined forces with HEADS, a Hebden Bridge participatory arts organisation, and produced the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, a vivid, non-commercial community-generated parade. [ [ Colourful parade is hit with crowds] (2008-07-24) ]


‘’’Thingumajig Theatre’’’ has created several puppet and mask plays for both children and adults. These plays, written, designed, built and performed by Andrew Kim and Kathy Bradley, are notable for their innovative use of imagery and live music.

Giant Puppets and Community Events

Thingumajig Theatre also creates and performs giant puppets for outdoor events and performances such as parades, pageants and festivals. They have also directed and led several community-generated events such as the Conwy Lantern Parade and Pageant, the Liverpool Halloween Lantern Carnival Finale and the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade.


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