The Pizza

The Pizza

:"This article is about a parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" by Jimmy Kimmel. For the food item, see pizza."

"The Pizza" is an R&B opera parody by Jimmy Kimmel. The series of music video segments lampooned R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" multi-part single. The first three chapters in the series aired in weekly segments in late July, 2005 on his ABC show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Chapter one debuted on July 15, chapter two on July 22, and the last on July 29. The next two were aired in November 2005. After more than two years, a seventh part aired on October 23 2007. "The Pizza" tells the story of Kimmel attempting to eat a slice of pizza before his show is set to be taped.


Chapter one

Kimmel is in his dressing room with fifteen minutes until he had to go on air. He was about to leave, until his Uncle Frank asks him where he's going. Kimmel threatens him with a gun, and Frank lets him go. Kimmel goes to the studio kitchen, looking for the slice of pizza he left. He searches the whole area for it, but to no avail. He becomes angry that there is no pizza, and throws his co-workers cereal on the floor in outburst. Suddenly Kimmel began to smell cheese, so he went down the hall. He found an office with a sign that read "Back in five minutes." In the office, he found a sole slice of pizza. As soon as he takes a bite out of it, someone yells at him that it's their pizza while pointing a gun at his head.

Chapter two

The masked gun holder demands that Kimmel put down the pizza, but he threatens to lick the slice. As the gun holder is about to fire, "his" cell phone goes off. The person on the phone seems to be a phone company wanting the gun holder to switch. He seems interested in the plan, so he goes on hold. Kimmel gets tired of waiting, and suggests they resume. A man jumps in the office screaming that he is gay, and then quickly leaves. Kimmel notices something familiar about the gun holder's voice. Trying to reveal his identity, the gun holder gets stuck in his jacket. When he gets out, he removes his mask, and it is revealed to be Kimmel's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, wearing a fake mustache.

Chapter three

Silverman assumes that Kimmel loves pizza more than her, because he broke away from his Atkins Diet. He fires three shots as the viewers assume he shot Silverman. But, he actually shot the slice of pizza. Silverman appreciates that, so they make love on the couch. However, Kimmel's hunger overtakes him as he breaks away and eats the pizza. Silverman shoots him in the stomach as he fades out. However, the next shot shows him lying in bed as if it were a dream. When the person next to him rolls over, it's revealed to be Guillermo, who is a regular on his show.

Chapter four

Kimmel stares at Guillermo in disbelief. Kimmel rubs the sleep from his eyes, and when his vision comes into focus he sees that it's actually Silverman. Kimmel begins to tell Silverman about his dream when he hears something in the closet. Kimmel and Silverman argue over whether they heard anything, until they realized a cell phone was ringing. Kimmel gives whoever is in the closet until the count of 64 to come out of the closet, but he only gets to 6 before deciding to open the closet, where he finds Mike Tyson.

Chapter five

Tyson (while wearing boxing gloves) is pointing a gun at Kimmel. Kimmel asks Silverman how she met Tyson, but they get sidetracked by talking about, among other things, mozzarella sticks. Kimmel tells Silverman to choose either him or Tyson, and Silverman turns back and forth, spins around and dances between Kimmel and Tyson before announcing she will reveal her choice in chapter 6.

Chapter six

In chapter six, what seems to be the final chapter, Silverman has Kimmel and Tyson fight for her. It's seen that Tyson has no fingers to shoot his gun, so chases after Jimmy. Then Jimmy sings that Tyson needs to go feed his pigeon, so he leaves. Silverman reveals that she has one more thing up her sleeve though, where she has Kimmel take a dramatic approach towards the bed. Under the bed, "ironically", is singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette. Jimmy makes references to Alanis' songs and joking asks Silverman why she left him for a Canadian. And although it's biologically impossible, it's revealed that Morissette is the baby's daddy.

Chapter seven

In chapter seven, Kimmel is watching Regis And Kelly when Guillermo bust in and says R. Kelly released another DVD and Kimmel starts thinking about ideas for new chapters but Guillermo, his Uncle Frank, Regis, And Kelly all tell him it's a bad idea, after going for a short ride he realizes they're right and it ends with him watching Oprah and saying how much better it was then making another parody.

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