Jamiyyath-ul-Salaf( جَمْعِيَّةُ السَّلَفِ ), is a registered local religious organisation, active in the Republic of the Maldives which is well-known in the country for its religious lectures. Jamiyyathu Salaf is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs and was formed "to raise religious awareness and promote the values of Islam" in Maldives, a 100 per cent Muslim country.

Main objectives of the Organisation

# To give victory to Islam.
# Work to raise the Religious Awareness of the Public.
# Be active in the social activities.

The Motto

"Religion (of Islam) is naseehah (sincerity and sincere advice)"

This is a saying of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad as related by Sahih Muslim.

Membership and its levels

Every Muslim man or a woman can be a member of the Organisation.

The Members are devided in to two categories.

* Active members.Active members are those members who sent a request for the Active membership to the organisation's head office and gets his membership ratified.
* Supporting membersSupporters are Muslims who support the Organisation.


Jamiyyath-ul-Salaf became a point of discussion after the police of the Maldives halted a religious gathering at a conference centre in the capital, Male' without prior warning. Sergeant Shiyam, the police media coordinator said that 'Jamiyyathu Salaf had not followed all regulations and procedures required to hold such a meeting'. Meanwhile Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed Ibrahim, president of Jamiyyathu Salaf, said the group had "followed all procedures and adhered to all regulations." He also noted that the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (SCIA) had called on all government authorities to help curb extremism in Maldives. However the vice president of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs(SCIA) of the Maldives, Sheikh Mohamed Gubadh AbuBakr said to media that the SCIA had not asked the police to halt the meeting. He added that the SCIA had told the Organisation to go ahead, and said they did not need to obtain any further permits to carry out the event. According to Jamiyyath-ul-Salaf the Organisation incurred losses of around 40,000-50,000 (US$ 3,100-3,900) due to this unwarned Police breakup of the meeting. He also said that said he believed that the act by the police was an infringement of the rights of freedom of assembly and speech.

This event led the public to be aware of Jamiyyath-ul-salaf's existance. Some inhabitants of the Maldivian Islands alleged the Organisation that it promotes extremism and wahhabism although some Maldivians and its supporters reject this.

Most Scholars who preach in the lectures, studied from Madina, the Holy city of the Muslims.

The Organisation continues to hold religious lectures and geatherings in the Maldives.

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