Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

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name = Българската федерация на радиолюбителите
Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

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abbreviation = BFRA
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type = Non-profit organization
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purpose = Advocacy, Education
headquarters =
location = Sofia, Bulgaria
region_served = Bulgaria
membership =
language = Bulgarian
leader_title = President
leader_name = Milcho Milanov LZ1RF
main_organ =
affiliations = International Amateur Radio Union
num_staff =
budget =
website = http://www.bfra.org/
remarks =

The Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (in Bulgarian, Българската федерация на радиолюбителите) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Bulgaria. The organization uses BFRA as its standard abbreviation, based on the standard Romanization of the Bulgarian name of the organization.

Key membership benefits of the BFRA include the sponsorship of amateur radio operating awards, radio contests, and a QSL bureau for members who regularly communicate with amateur radio operators in other countries. BFRA represents the interests of Bulgarian amateur radio operators before Bulgarian and international telecommunications regulatory authorities. Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (2008). [http://www.bfra.org/ Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs] official web site. Retrieved Aug. 13, 2008.]

BFRA is the national member society representing Bulgaria in the International Amateur Radio Union.International Amateur Radio Union (2008). [http://www.iaru.org/iaru-soc.html "Member Societies"] . Retrieved Aug. 1, 2008.] BFRA was the host organization for the 2006 Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships.International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (2006). [http://www.ardf-r1.org/Letter_of_Intent_ARDF.doc "Letter of Intent"] . Retrieved Aug. 13, 2008.]

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*International Amateur Radio Union


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