American goulash

American goulash

American goulash (usually referred to in the United States as simply "Goulash") refers to a stew-like dish, sometimes baked as a casserole, which has many variants. As a descendant, of sorts, of Hungarian goulash, the only real connection seems to be the name, and the usual inclusion of beef.

American goulash exists in a number of variant recipes. The core ingredients usually include elbow macaroni, ground beef or "hamburger", and tomatoes in some form, whether canned whole, as tomato sauce, tomato soup, and/or tomato paste. It is usually served as a simple lunch or supper dish, usually the main (or only) course. Its versatility and popularity lie in its ease of preparation - it usually requires only one pot to prepare - and its use of relatively few common, inexpensive ingredients. Some variants resemble the southwestern stew chili.

Other ingredients that might be added by regional tastes include corn, bell peppers, onions, celery, kidney beans, or chile peppers. Cheese, either grated or melted, can be added as well.

Writer and filmmaker Stephanie Yuhas published a series of humorous short stories and films in 2007 called American Goulash, a term used describe the medley of culture a person develops as a Hungarian American. [ [ "American Goulash" by Stephanie Yuhas] ]

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