Aym Geronimo

Aym Geronimo


character_name=Aym Geronimo
real_name=Amethyst Geronimo|publisher=Geronimo Press
debut="Aym Geronimo and the Postmodern Pioneers" #1 (2002)
creators=J. Morgan Neal
Todd Fox
powers=Highly intelligent
Peak of physical fitness
Access to high-tech equipment

Dr. Amethyst Geronimo, better known as Aym Geronimo, is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine and adventurer published by Geronimo Press. Created by writer J. Morgan Neal and artist Todd Fox, the character made her first appearance in "Aym Geronimo and the Postmodern Pioneers" #1 (2002).

Aym was driven by her innate curiosity at an early age to become an explorer and conditioned herself to physical and intellectual perfection to do so. Undertaking dangerous deeds and facing diabolical villains, Aym Geronimo is assisted by a team of supporting characters called The Post-Modern Pioneers headquartered in a secret complex within the Grand Canyon. The character's initial series has earned critical success, [ [http://www.geocities.com/aymazing02/aym.htm Aym Geronimo - fansite] ] [ [http://www.comicrelated.com/press/070809002.html Comic Related - Review and release of Aym Geronimo] ] the character being guest-starred in other publications such as 2008's "War of the Independents" saga. [ [http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/w/warindep.htm War of the Independents - Scorecard] ]

Fictional character history

Aym Geronimo was born Amethyst Geronimo in the Havasupai reservation. Growing up with a burning curiosity for the unknown, Aym studied diligently in school and became a professional at several different sciences. Past tales have taken Aym all across Earth from the jungles of South America in "Trap Dancing" searching for a medicinal plant, to the snow capped Rockies to save a child in "Aym Radio"...both in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1. In SSCA #2, she tested the experimental "Rainmaker" while under fire in Algeria. In SSCA #3, she foiled a terrorist attack on the Crazy Horse monument in "Aym Got Game." In the fourth issue of SSCA, she met Fishnet Angel in "Idol Hands" and fell from a dirigible in "Idol Mine." Finally we learned of an inspirational night in Aym's past at the foot of the future Wonder Wall in "Medicine Song." in Shooting Star Anthology 5. She also met her nemesis and his operatives in "Mad Dogs and Irishmen" in the pages of the SSC Shooting Gallery Convention Special.

upporting characters

Aym Geronimo is assisted by a team of supporting characters known as the Post-Modern Pioneers, which includes her brother Granite Geronimo. Granite, aids his sister with his knowledge of the various native cultures, herbal medicine, world legends, and the mysteries of the occult. She is also assisted by Oceanographer Marine Biology expert Erica Ra, Geology and archeology expert Dr. Esmeralda Kausoulos, and Professor Otis D. Delacroix, a fellow explorer and professor of various sciences.


Aym Geronimo's adventures have led to her encountering competitive adventurers, maniacal villains, and mythical creatures. Recurring antagonists include Sean "the Rooster" Riely, Professor Nigel Rhys-Johns Patridge, Jack "Splatter" Spring, Narva Moktar, Ernie "The Butcher" Cox, and the deadly Tattinger duo.


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