The Serpentwar Saga

The Serpentwar Saga

Infobox Novel series
name = The Serpentwar Saga
books = Shadow of a Dark Queen
Rise of a Merchant Prince
Rage of a Demon King
Shards of a Broken Crown
author = Raymond E. Feist

image_caption = First edition covers.
cover_artist = Bryan Leister (1)
Geoff Taylor (2)
Liz Kenyon (3-4)
country = United States
United Kingdom
language = English
genre = Fantasy novel
publisher = HarperCollins
pub_date = 1994-1998
english_pub_date =
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback)
preceded_by = Krondor's Sons
followed_by = Conclave of Shadows

"The Serpentwar Saga" is a series of fantasy novels set in Midkemia by the author Raymond E. Feist. The novels revolve around two characters, Erik von Darkmoor and Roo Avery and also includes a host of previous characters from past novels, including Nakor, Pug, Macros the Black, Calis and Jimmy to name a few. It tells of the struggles of the Kingdom against a massive army on the distant continent of Novindus.

Works in the series

"Shadow of a Dark Queen"

A dark queen is gathering armies in remote lands and desperate men are sent on a suicidal mission to confront this evil. Among these men is Nakor the Isalani, a gambler who knows the true nature of the Queen and Miranda whome everyone must wager their lives upon.

"Rise of a Merchant Prince"

This is the second novel in the series and details the rise of Roo Avery to becoming one of the richest merchants in the Kingdom, and Eriks career at soldiering.

"Rage of a Demon King"

This is the third novel in the series which finds the armies of Novindus reaching The Kingdom and the intervention of a new player in the war.

"Shards of a Broken Crown"

This is the final novel in he series which finds the Kingdom embroiled in a war against armies intent on taking over the Kingdom.


* [ "Shadow of a Dark Queen"] US edition at Crydee
* [ "Rise of a Merchant Prince"] US edition at Crydee
* [ "Rage of a Demon King"] US edition at Crydee
* [ "Shards of a Broken Crown"] US edition at Crydee

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