The Rear Guard

The Rear Guard

infobox television
show_name = The Rear Guard

caption =
format = Situation Comedy
runtime = 30 minutes
creator = Jimmy Perry & David Croft
writer = Jimmy Perry, David Croft and Arthur Julian
producer =
director = Hal Copper
starring = (listed in closing credits)
Lou Jacobi
Cliff Norton
Eddie Foy Jr.
John McCook
Dennis Kort
Arthur Peterson
Jim Connell
James McCallion
country = flagicon|United States of America United States
network = abc
first_aired = 10th August 1976
last_aired =
num_episodes = 1 (Pilot)

"The Rear Guard" was a 1976 pilot episode for an American adaptation of the BBC situation comedy "Dad's Army". Set in World War II, "The Rear Guard" followed a band of men in the American Civil Defense who were part of an auxiliary force in the event of an invasion of the USA. The episode was an adaptation of "The Deadly Attachment", in which a German U-Boat crew are placed under the supervision of the platoon.

The pilot was aired on Tuesday the 10th August 1976, broadcast simultaneously on ABC channel 7 and 8. [ Dave Homewood's Guide to "The Rear Guard"] However it was not popular and never made it past its pilot. As it was a failure, the original tapes the show was recorded on were wiped. However copies of the show are in the possession of the show's director Hal Cooper and other producers that were associated with the show.


As "The Rear Guard" was a remake of "Dad's Army", many of the characters were visible in the remake, under alternative names. Here is a list of the characters and their original counterparts.

Sergeant Max Raskin - Lou Jacobi (Sergeant Wilson)
Captain Nick Rosatti - Cliff Norton (Captain Mainwaring)
Bert Wagner - Eddie Foy Jr. (Corporal Jones)
Don Crawford - John McCook (Private Walker)
Bobby Henderson - Dennis Kort (Private Pike)

The characters of Privates Godfrey and Fraser were not re-created.


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