A higher frequency of HLA-B38 was noted psoriatic arthritis patients with erythroderma.cite journal |author=Imre K, Koó E, Seszták M, Bosák V, Bitterova O |title= [Genetics in patients with psoriatic arthritis] |language=Hungarian |journal=Orv Hetil |volume=147 |issue=50 |pages=2415–9 |year=2006 |month=December |pmid=17274187 |doi= |url=] Psoriatic arthritis is linked to MICA and/or B39 in other peoples.cite journal |author=Eastmond CJ |title=Psoriatic arthritis. Genetics and HLA antigens |journal=Baillieres Clin Rheumatol |volume=8 |issue=2 |pages=263–76 |year=1994 |month=May |pmid=8076387 |doi= |url=] In Pemphigus vulgaris a haplotype containing B38 was identified and found to be shared between Spanish and Jewish patients.cite journal |author=Loewenthal R, Slomov Y, Gonzalez-Escribano MF, "et al" |title=Common ancestral origin of pemphigus vulgaris in Jews and Spaniards: a study using microsatellite markers |journal=Tissue Antigens |volume=63 |issue=4 |pages=326–34 |year=2004 |month=April |pmid=15009804 |doi= |url=http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/openurl?genre=article&sid=nlm:pubmed&issn=0001-2815&date=2004&volume=63&issue=4&spage=326] Linkage studies indicate a factor in the HLA-class I region is more greatly associated, with HLA-B38 so far the only linked allelecite journal |author=Slomov E, Loewenthal R, Goldberg I, Korostishevsky M, Brenner S, Gazit E |title=Pemphigus vulgaris in Jewish patients is associated with HLA-A region genes: mapping by microsatellite markers |journal=Hum. Immunol. |volume=64 |issue=8 |pages=771–9 |year=2003 |month=August |pmid=12878355 |doi= |url=http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0198885903000922]


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