Bremen (state)

Bremen (state)

Infobox German Bundesland
Name = Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
German_name = Freie Hansestadt Bremen
state_coa = Grosses Wappen Bremen.pngcoa_size = 110

image_photo = Bremen-rathaus.jpg

flag2 = Flag of Bremen (middle arms).svg
capital = Bremen
area = 408
area_source =
population = 664000
pop_ref = [cite web |url= |title= State population |work= Portal of the Federal Statistics Office Germany |accessdate=2007-04-25]
pop_date = 2007-10-31
GDP = 24
GDP_year = 2005
GDP_percent = 1.1
Website = []
leader_title = Senate President
leader = Jens Böhrnsen
leader_party = SPD
ruling_party1 = SPD
ruling_party2 = Alliance '90/The Greens
votes = 3
Kfz = HB
divisions = 2 urban districts
iso region = DE-HB
lat_d = 53.3472
long_d = 8.5913
The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (German: "Freie Hansestadt Bremen") is the smallest of Germany's 16 Federal States ("Bundesländer"). A more informal name, but used in some official contexts, is "Land Bremen" ('State of Bremen').


The state of Bremen consists of two separated enclaves: Bremen, officially the 'City' ("Stadtgemeinde Bremen") which is the state capital, and the city of Bremerhaven ("Stadt Bremerhaven"). Both are located on the River Weser; Bremerhaven is further downstream and serves as a North Sea harbour (the name means "Bremen's port"). Both cities are completely surrounded by the neighbouring State of Lower Saxony ("Niedersachsen"). The two cities are the only administrative subdivisions the state has.


Political system

The Bürgerschaft (city assembly) elects two mayors of the city ("Bürgermeister"). One of these is then elected by the senate (which forms the executive branch) as president of the senate ("Senatspräsident") and is thus head of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

2003 state elections

Dr. Henning Scherf (SPD) remained Mayor and Senate President, in an SPD-CDU grand coalition. As promised he resigned after half of the legislative period. The new Mayor and Senate President since 8 November 2005 is Jens Böhrnsen.

2007 state elections

The 2007 elections were held on 13 May.


The University of Bremen is the largest university in Bremen. Furthermore Bremen has a University of the Arts Bremen, a University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and another one in Bremerhaven, and more recently the Jacobs University Bremen.

ee also

*Former countries in Europe after 1815
*Bombing of Bremen in World War II

External links

* [ Official state portal]
* [ Official governmental portal]
* [ Constitution of the state, German only]


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