Yearning (band)

Yearning (band)

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Infobox musical artist
Name = Yearning

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Background = group_or_band
Origin = Riihimäki, Finland
Genre = Atmospheric doom metal, gothic metal
Years_active = 1994-present
Label = Holy Records
Associated_acts = Absent Silence
Carcase Inc.
Count de Nocte
Frozen Stream
Hin Onde
Medieval Art
Nocturnal Winds
Twilight Ophera
The Zombi
Current_members = Juhani Palomäki
Aki Kuusinen
Past_members = Toni Kristian
Tero Kalliomäki
Mr. Woodland
Lady Tiina Ahonen
Notable_instruments =

"Yearning" is an atmospheric doom metal band from Finland.

History [ [ Yearning official website] ] [ [ Yearning official myspace] ]

Yearning was formed in 1994 under the name "Flegeton". The original line-up consisted of Juhani Palomäki on guitars and vocals and Toni Kristian on drums. Several songs were already made when Tero Kalliomäki joined the band as a guitarist. Soon after, Flegeton made a 4-track tape titled "Through the Desolate Lands", but it was never widely distributed.

In July 1995, Flegeton, with a new bass player, Mr. Woodland (real name Petri Salo), went into MDM studios to record their demo "The Temple of Sagal". The demo received praise from enthusiasts of melancholy music. It also got the attention of the French record company Holy Records, which Flegeton contracted with for two full-length studio albums.

In February 1996, the band went into Tico-Tico Studios to record some new material. At this point, the band was renamed Yearning, since the band believed that their old name didn't fit their music anymore. They also recorded the song "Autumn Funeral" during these sessions. Autumn Funeral appears on the Holy Records compilation album The Holy Bible.

In between September 16 and September 29, 1996, the band went into Tico Tico Studios again to record their debut album, With Tragedies Adorned. The engineering and producing was done by Ahti Kortelainen. [ [ With Tragedies Adorned @] ] [ Juhani Palomäki interview @] ] The album ended up being released on February 28, 1997 and during the following spring, the band had been busy promoting their newly-released album and performing live.

The band went into the same studio again on October 18 and October 19, 1997 to record a cover of the Paradise Lost song "Eternal", which would appear on the Paradise Lost tribute album released by Holy Records. Afterwards, Yearning would prepare for their first European tour, which would take place in December 1997 and January 1998. They toured along with the bands Nightfall and Sup.

In August and September 1998, Yearning entered Tico Tico studios again to record their second studio album, Plaintive Scenes. It would eventually be released in February 1999. The year 1999 would also show the departure of three members, guitarist Tero Kalliomäki, bassist Mr. Woodland, and flutist and female vocalist Lady Tiina Ahonen. They left because of personal and musical disagreements. After several big fights, Yearning's line-up now consisted of Juhani Palomäki handling vocal, guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard duties, while Toni Kristian was still on percussion.

In The new line-up went into Tico Tico Studios in May 2000 to record their third studio album Frore Meadow. Along with the change in line-up, the music changed as well, taking more influence from progressive rock, gothic metal, and classical music. Frore Meadow was released through Holy Records on January 15, 2001. Due to the small studio line-up, Yearning had to look for musicians to play live. The live line-up consisted ot Matti S. on guitar, Jani Loikas on bass, and Jouni Jormanainen on keyboard. Those three musicians continue to play live for Yearning to this day. 2001 was also the year where Yearning would tour France with labelmates Gloomy Grim and Misanthrope.

New material was composed and arranged very carefully during the time of silence. The outcome of the composing and arranging would result in Yearning's fourth studio album, Evershade. The album was recorded during June 2003 at Astia Studios with Anssi Kippo as a co-producer. Evershade was released at the end of September 2003. Yearning performed live twice after the release of this album, one concert in Helsinki, and another in hometown Riihimäki. The live line-up was the same line-up as before. Yearning negotiated with several other labels on the next step with their upcoming releases, but many of these negotiations were unproductive.

New material was written during the years where live performances were at a minimum. With Toni Kristian having addiction problems and Yearning having problems with the labels, the band was close to splitting up.Afterwards, Juhani found a new drummer by the name of Aki Kuusinen. The band also signed a one-album contract with Holy Records again.

Yearning headed towards D-studio in Klaukkala, Finland with musical engineer Olli Haaranen (also known as the guitarist for Colosseum to record their fifth studio album Merging into Landscapes. Recording took place in between March 3 and March 23, 2007. The album was mixed by Jarno Hänninen and mastered at Elektra Mastering. Tiina Sitomaniemi, who sang on Plaintive Scenes, also sang on this album, along with harsh vocalist Tuborg IV Koskenkorva from Saattue. Merging into Landscapes was released July 1, 2007.


Current members

*Juhani Paolmäki - vocals, guitar (1994-present), bass guitar, keyboard (1999-present)
*Aki Kuusinen - drums, percussion (c. 2005-present)

Live musicians

*Matti S. - guitar (2001-present)
*Jani Loikas - bass (2001-present)
*Jouni Jormanainen - keyboards (2001-present)

Former members

*Tero Kalliomäki (1994-1999)
*Mr. Woodland (1995-1999)
*Lady Tiina Ahonen (c. 1996-1999)
*Toni Kristian (1994-c. 2005)


*The Temple of Sagal (demo, 1995)
*With Tragedies Adorned (full-length, 1997)
*Plaintive Scenes (full-length, 1999)
*Frore Meadow (full-length, 2001)
*Evershade (full-length, 2003)
*Merging into Landscapes (full-length, 2007)


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