Cephalic is a term of, in, or relating to the cephalon, or head. The term is derived from the Old French word "cephalique", from Latin "cephalicus", and from Greek "kephalikos" (which comes from the word "kephalē", meaning "head"). cite book | title=Oxford American Dictionary | work=Oxford University Press | accessdate=2008-07-30]

In some arthropods, especially trilobites (pictured at right), the cephalon, or cephalic region, is the region of the head composed of fused segments. cite book | title=Oxford American Dictionary | work=Oxford University Press | accessdate=2008-07-30]

Cephalic Disorders

Cephalic disorders are inborn afflictions which result from "damage to, or abnormal development of, the budding nervous system." Some of the more common Cephalic Disorders include:

* Anencephaly
* Colpocephaly
* Holoprosencephaly
* Hydranencephaly
* Iniencephaly
* Lissencephaly
* Megalencephaly
* Microcephaly
* Porencephaly
* Schizencephaly

Among the other, less common cephalies are:

* Acephaly
* Exencephaly
* Macrocephaly
* Micrencephaly
* Octocephaly
* Brachycephaly
* Oxycephaly
* Plagiocephaly
* Scaphocephaly
* Trigonocephaly

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is currently "conducting and supporting research on normal and abnormal brain and nervous system development." cite web | title=Cephalic Disorders Fact Sheet | work=The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) | url=http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/cephalic_disorders/detail_cephalic_disorders.htm | accessdate=2008-07-30]


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