Slav de Hren

Slav de Hren


Slav de Hren's music combines jazz, rock and classical music. This is result of work of two musicians: George Marinov is an underground avant-garde guitar player, Svetoslav Bitrakov is an experienced soft-jazz and rock drummer.


Svetoslav Bitrakov plays the drums for 5 different bands in the period between 1981 and 1991. Those bands are: “Canon”, “Dilemma”, “New Generation”, “Slaviani” and “Accent”. Lubomir Velev joins Svetoslav Bitrakov in 1991 to form the group “Slav”, which has 6 released albums. During the same period he produces two more solo albums named "Slavi Bitrakov" in 1993 and "Seconds" in 1996. From 2003 to 2006 he writes short stories book named "Magician's Top Hat, Unusual small stories". The book is published in a bundle together with Slav de Hre's first album - "Tavata".

George Marinov, together with Dimitar Voev and Pencho Popov, formed the band "Wozzeck and Chugra" in 1985. The band has released 7 albums. The last one is in 1992 named "Bergologia".

In 2007 Svilen Ivanov (Bass) and Petya Dankova (Vocal) joined Slav de Hren for the recording of the second album "Pictures at an Exhibition" - a punk-jazzversion of Mussorgsky's piano suite.


* "Tavata" 2006 (published by EPAY LTD, Sofia)
* "Pictures at an Exhibition" 2008 (published by ePay Rocks)


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