M.S.N. Charities is a non profitable organization established at East Godavari Dist of Andhra Pradesh in the period of pre independent India. It is the brain child of "Malladi Satyalingam Naicker" (sole donor of "M.S.N.Charities").

About the WILL

In 1912, "Malladi Satyalingam Naicker" had a will registered in the District Court at Rangoon. He bequeathed 8 Lakhs of rupees in cash for the Charities Specified by him

* For the maintenance of the Schools and temples

* For imparting Higher and Technical Education for the poor students

* For the feeding of the poor.

According his will a board of Trustees was constituted with Dewan Bhahadur D. Seshagiri rao Panthulu as a Chief Trustee, his adopted son Subrahmanyam Naicker, Pinapothu Govindarajulu and Kovvuri Adeyyareddi as the other Trustees.

A Probate was granted by the Chief Court of Lower Burma on 1st March, 1915 and 8 lakhs of rupees mentioned in the will were handed over to the Trustees in Kakinada about 4th March, 1915.

A choultry was opened in a rented Building on the 19th October, 1915 An extensive site of about 40 acres was acquired by the Government for the Charities and handed over to the Trustees on the 24th August, 1916. The present Choultry Building was completed and opened on 29th August, 1918.

The School Building was completed and opened on 4th October, 1919.

At Chollangi village a Bathing Ghat, Temples of Shiva, Rama and Anjaneya, a building for the Archakas and a rest house for the pilgrims were subsequently constructed.

In the terms of the will five lakhs of rupees should be permanently invested on agricultural lands, two lakhs deposited in other securities and the remaining one lakh spent on the construction of a school building with large play grounds and up to date Gymnasium, a choultry adjacent to the School for feeding of the poor and a Temple at Chollangi village.

Seven lakhs of rupees from the capital amount excluded for the maintenance of the School, the Choultry, the Temple and the Fund for Higher Education. All these should be maintained from the interest and income thereon.


As per the Will of sole donor Sri Malladi Satyalingam Naicker, the following institutions are being maintained

* "Sri Malladi Satyalingam Naicker Charities" established in 1915 for free boarding of poor people, poor students including veda students at present free feeding is being provided 275 poor students twice daily, those who are studying in Medical, Engineering ,Law, Post graduate , Graduate polytechnic , Industrial Training Institutions, High School’s Elementary School and Veda Patasala in Kakinada town for which Rs, 8,00,000/- is being spent by the Charities.

* Sri M.S. Naicker Elementary School was established in the year 1919.

* High School was established in 1946.

* Rs. 50,000/- was deposited and three Buildings were constructed by Charities funds for establishment of Andhra Polytechnic in the year 1946.

* Veda Pathasala was established in the year 1954.

* Junior College was established in the year 1969.

* Degree College was established in the year 1971.

* An extent of Ac 40.00 Acres worth of rupees 10 crores situated at Achampeta Junction adjacent to KakinadaPithapuram road belongs to Donors land was donated to Andhra University for establishment of Postgraduate center in the year 1986. It was named as Malladi Satyalingam Naicker A.U. Post Graduate Center.

* Sri Bala Tripura Sundari, Sreematha SangameswaraSwamy , Sri Seetharama Swamy and Anjaneya Swamy Temples were constructed at Chollangi Village with an extent of Ac 14.-00 acres in the year 1920 and Nitya Deepa Dhoopa Naivedyam are being performed.

* Number of students were studied in foreign countries with financial assistance of this Charities

* Dr Yellapragada Subba Rao (a great Scientist who developed the important anti-cancer drug Methotrexate, still in widespread clinical use today, and the drug Hetrazan which was used by WHO against filariasis). Under Subbarao, Benjamin Duggar made his discovery of the world's first tetracycline antibiotic, Aureomycin, in 1945) was given Scholarship from the funds of Sri Malladi Satyalingam Naickers Charities for his foreign education

Since inception of this charities, nearly 1,25,000 (one Lakh twenty five thousand) students were studied in this educational Institutions from Class I to Post Graduate , and Andhra Polytechnic, Kakinada

Persons who visited M.S.N.Charities

The following prominent Persons who visited Sri M.S.N.Charities

*Sri Krishna Kumar Sinha Kumar 16-3-1949

*Sri Prakasam Governor of Andhra Pradesh

*Dr Sarvepalli Radha Krishna – Vice – President of India 12-6-1958.

*Sri Trivedi Governor of Andhra Pradesh 13-12-1956.


"Malladi Satyalingam Naicker" belongs to the Agnikula Kshatriya Community (Pallava) He was born at Coringa, a small village near Kakinada about 1863. Coringa had at one time commanded an over-seas trade and was a prosperous place.

Satyalingam’s ancestors were in Foreign Trade and rich. This prosperous Foreign Business came to an end during Satyalingam’s Father's tenure. His ships were wracked in the sea, and was reduced to poverty.

Karri Narayana Swamy , his maternal uncle, who owned some ships and was doing Foreign Business took him and his Widowed Mother under his care. Instead of learning lessons, Satyalingam spent his time playing with other truants in the village. Satyalingam came to know that one of his Uncle’s ships were being fitted to set sail to Mullein in Burma. He requested his uncle to let him be a mate in the ship. The sympathetic uncle entrusted him to the care of the captain(Nakhoda) and thus Satyalingam’s life changed from India to Burma. The boy Satyalingam set sail lay anchored at Moulmein, city in Myanmar, a first rate port in Burma at that time. When the ship had reached the port and was at anchor,one night he gave them a slip from the ship and disappeared. The captain and his men searched for the boy for a month, but in vain. The helpless widow, the boy’s mother, died of a broken heart.

Satyalingam's integrity in business dealings soon won for him the respect and confidence of European business magnates in Rangoon. He undertake the business of supplying labour to the mill on contract basis. In two years, he amassed more than one lakh rupees. He used to lend up to Rs. 50,000 to the mill itself.

He purchased two steam launches and employed a number of clerks to assist him in his business.

Satyalingam, the good–for-nothing lad of Coringa became the master of Lakhs and returned to Coringa, married at the instance of his relatives and went back to Rangoon again. But some years later his wife died. He adopted a son known as Sri Subrahmanyam Naicker.

Satyalingam Naicker died in Rangoon on 29th January, 1915 when he was about 75 years old. But whose benefactions have given bread and light to large number of people.



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