Analytical Chemistry Insights

Analytical Chemistry Insights

Analytical Chemistry Insights [] is a peer reviewed open access academic journal focussing on analytical chemistry. The journal is published by Libertas Academica [] .

Aims and Scope

"Analytical Chemistry Insights" covers current developments in all areas of the field, including analytical methodology, techniques and instrumentation in the fundamental and applied areas of the field. The journal also focuses on drug analysis and analytical methodology and instrumentation, in recognition of the interrelationship between analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis.

Analytical Chemistry Insights seeks to be the most timely journal for those who need to be up to date with the latest and most important developments in the field. The journal offers high-speed and credible pre-production submission processing to authors. By publishing in open-access format, authors are able to communicate with the widest possible group of readers.

A number of important journals exist that focus on a wide breadth of foci within bioinformatics. Medical informatics is a field nearly as wide that includes patient information systems and related critical components of information management in the information age.

Editor in Chief and Editorial Board

The journal's Editor in Chief is Dr Gabor Patonay [] and it has an international Honorary Editorial Board [] .

Editorial policies

The journal accepts various types of submission, although all manuscripts must comply with the journal's submission guidelines and style guide. Rigorous peer review is undertaken over a period of two to three weeks, although this can vary based on reviewers' responses.

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