Traffic Safety and the Driver

Traffic Safety and the Driver

"Traffic Safety and the Driver ", ISBN 0-442-00163-0, is a book authored by Leonard Evans, published in 1991 by Van Nostrand Reinhold (New York, NY).

Chapter headings

1. Introduction
2. Effects of Sex and Age
3. An Overview of US Traffic Fatalities
4. Engineering, Roadway and Environmental Factors
5. Driver Performance
6. Driver Behavior
7. Alcohol's Role in Traffic Crashes
8. Drunk Driving Countermeasures
9. Effectiveness of Occupant Protection Devices When Used
10. Restraint-Use Laws, Use Rates, and Field Effectiveness
11. User Responses to Changes in Traffic Systems
12. How You Can Reduce Your Risk
13. An Attempt to Estimate the Relative Importance of Factors
14. Traffic Safety in Broader Contexts
15. Conclusions While the data presented is in some regards dated, the concepts apply now as they did then. This book has been repeatedly referred to as a classic in the fields of traffic safety, vehicle safety, and accident prevention. It has been positively reviewed by most of the world’s most influential technical journals in relevant fields. []

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