Gallons per minute

Gallons per minute

Gallons per minute (GPM or gpm), is a unit of volumetric flow rate of liquids. The unit "gallon" is ambiguous, and may refer to either the U.S. liquid gallon (USgpm) or Imperial (UK) gallon (Igpm). Unless the gallon is explicitly declared, it generally is assumed to be the U.S. liquid gallon in the United States, and the Imperial gallon in Britain. Other countries use one or both unit definitions for a gallon, which may lead to confusion as there is a significant difference between the two units.

The unit can be used to describe in general terms the amount of water in a river, or more precisely, the output of a water pump.


From U.S. gallons per minute

1 U.S. gallon per minute is equivalent to:
* 0.83267418 Imperial (UK) gallons per minute
* 0.13368056 cubic feet per minute
* 6.3090196×10−5 cubic metres per second
* 5.450993 cubic metres per day
* 3.7854118 litre per minute

From Imperial (UK) gallons per minute

1 Imperial (UK) gallon per minute is equivalent to:
* 1.2009499 U.S. gallons per minute
* 0.16054365 cubic feet per minute
* 7.5768167×10−5 cubic metres per second
* 6.5463696 cubic metres per day
* 4.54609 litre per minute

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