The Boy Next Door (novel)

The Boy Next Door (novel)

"The Boy Next Door" is a novel written by Meg Cabot. The book was published in 2002. It is written with an e-mail format throughout the book.


The main character in this novel is Melissa Fuller, but "You can call me Mel", as she says. Mel is a gossip columnist for the "New York Journal" and has just broken up with her long time boyfriend, Aaron Spender, as the story starts. Her best friend, Nadine Wilcock, the food critic, is getting married to her boyfriend, Tony Salerno, who is a chef at the popular restaurant Fresche. Melissa also has may cowrokers, including Dolly Vargas, an outlandish Style Editor who has her eyes on quite a few men.

The book starts with Melissa being late to work after finding her neighbor, Mrs. Helen Friedlander, facedwon on the carpet of her apartment after a brutal attack. Mel gets her to the hospital but has yet to solve the problem of walking Paco, Mrs. Friedlander's great dane. She calls upon Mrs. Friedlander's nephew, Max Friedlander, to come and take care of Paco and the two cats Tweedledum and Mr. Peepers. Max calls upon his millionare friend John Trent, who is a crime reporter for the "New York Chronicle", the "Journal"'s top competetor. John impersonates Max and moves into Helen's apartment.

John and Melissa get off to a good start after sharing mutual affections for not only each other, but other things as well. They go on a date but are stopped by Tweedledum's hospitalization. Afterwords, John has kisses Mel over Chinese food. He gets mixed reactions from her as she jumps off to her apartment.

John is troubled over whether he should sleep with Mel. He asks for advice from his family, including his grandmother, Genevieve Randolph Trent, his rich brother Jason trent, and his sister-in-law, Stacy Trent. They each feel that he should go for it. He does, in fact, take Mel out for dinner and afterwords, they have sex. They express their love for each other.

Max's girlfriend, Vivica the supermodel, later spoils their love by telling Mel the big secret. Mel lashes out at John and they are split for the time being.

Meanwhile, Max replaces John in the apartment and takes over the pet jobs. It is expressed that he is interested in the thought of insulin injection killing (his aunt would bequeath him $8 million if she croaked), which worries Mel and prompts her to forgive John and ask him for his help in saving Max's aunt. They wire John and catch Max with a murder intent.

The book ends with John proposing to Mel.



-"Melissa Fuller" a gossip comunist who lives in Manhattan "("-"John Trent" a millionare Park Avenue Trent who lives in Brooklyn off his salary as a crime reporter "(, "also""

"New York Journal" and Friends

-"Nadine Wilcock" the food critic and Melissa's best friend "("

-"Tony Salerno" Nadine's fiancee and chef at Fresche "("

-"George Sanchez" managing editor "("

-"Peter Hargrave" editor in chief "("

-"Dolly Vargas" style editor "("

-"Aaron Spender" chief correspondant and Mel's former boyfriend "("

-"Amy Jenkins" human resources administrator"("

-"Timothy Grabowski" gay reporter "("-Several other reporters

"New York Chronicle" and friends

-"Michael Everett" editor in chief "("

-"Sergent Paul Reese" NYPD man and correspondant to John "("

John's Family

-"Genevieve Randolph Trent" grandmother "("

-"Jason Trent" brother "("

-"Stacy Trent" sister-in-law "("

- "Brittany and Haley Trent" nieces "("

-"John Trent Jr." nephew

Max's Entourage

-"Max Friedlander" photographer and Helen's nephew "("

-"Vicica" supermodel and Max's ex-girlfriend "("

-"Helen Friedlander" Max's aunt and victim

-"Lenore Flemming" Vivica's assistant "(" -"Sebastian Leandro" Max's agent (

Mel's Family

-"Don and Beverly Fuller" parents "("


-"Paco" the great dane

-"Mr. Peepers" cat

-"Tweedledum" diabetic cat

-"Tweedledee" deceased cat


"Clever... tongue-in-cheek humor, this cheeky novel should be enjoyed in one sitting." "-- Publisher's Weekly"

"Frivolous- but fun- fiction... a fast, addictive read." "-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram"

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