Format Drama
Created by 9X
Starring see below
Country of origin India
Running time approx. 24 minutes
Original channel 9X
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original run 2007 – 2009
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Dahhej is an Indian TV serial which is aired on 9X



9X the Hindi mega General Entertainment Channel is all set to take its prime time offerings to greater heights with the launch of Dahhej, its latest emotional rollercoaster offering. Dahhej depicts the story of courageous Kalyaani, the apple of her father’s eye, who sacrifices her aspirations for her family’s happiness. This engrossing family drama will air at 8.30 pm Mondays to Thursdays on 9X.The beautiful Aneesha Kapoor plays the lead role of Kalyaani, whose destiny is intertwined with that of her elder sister, Krutika. Both sisters are very different from each other. While Kalyaani believes in hard work and determination, Krutika is very laid back. Kalyaani is an ideal daughter; she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her loved ones. Kalyaani’s world changes when she is reduced to becoming part of her elder sister’s dowry.

Set against the backdrop of vibrant and colorful Gujarat, Dahhej, produced by B.A.G Films, is a heart-warming story that offers several emotions such as love, hate, passion and celebration. Featuring some of the most popular television stars including Deepshikha, Bhuvnesh, Muskaan and Aneesha Kapoor, Dahhej is definitely a must-watch

Episode guide

Episode 1: Kirtibhai and his family of two daughters, Kruttika and Kalyani, are introduced. We have garba celebrations wherein we see the difference between the two sisters. A very famous panditji tells Bua that if both sisters live together it will harm them and fate has this in store for them in the future too and this cannot be changed.

Episode 2: At a friend’s marriage, Kalyani helps the friend’s family from being a victim of dowry. Kruttika is manhandled by Ramesh Bhai, Kalyani saves her on time. Family is very angry with Kruttika. Soham has arrived at the station.

Episode 3: Soham is talking to his parents Maya and Madhu Bhai and we learn Madhu Bhai and Kirti Bhai are childhood friends. While Soham is on his way to his factory, he and Kalyani have a sort of run in where Soham falls and Kalyani takes him to her clinic for medicines. A small argument between Soham and Kalyani takes place. They still don’t know each other’s name. Kalyani goes home laughing at the entire episode with Soham only to find him ringing the doorbell of her house.

Episode 4: Soham comes to Kirti bhai’s house to invite them for the wedding. Soham plays a prank on Kalyani as revenge. Kalyani is upset with him. Kalyani plans her revenge on Soham during dinner. Soham tells her that tomorrow they leave for Mumbai and sets a challenge for her.

Episode 5: Maya does not like that Soham is coming with Kalyani and Kruttika. Soham’s family in Mumbai is introduced. Hasmukh tells Madhu about problems in their Rajkot office and suggests that they take help from Kirti Bhai. All three of them reach Mumbai and there Kalyani and Maya run into each other without Kalyani knowing that she is Soham’s mother. Soham comes running and introduces them. Maya notes that Kalyani could be a troublemaker.

Episode 6: Kalyani and Kruttika are welcomed into Soham’s house. Maya in a very subtle way gives hints to Bindiya’s mom about expecting expensive gifts. Bindiya’s mom is worried. Bindiya’s brother Kapil spots Kruttika and he likes her. Soham plays another prank on Kalyani and it backfires leading to Maya yelling at Kalyani. Bhavesh gets to know what Maya has said and tells Soham. Soham tries to talk to Maya but to no avail. He wonders if he should take the help of Kalyani as suggested by Kruttika.

Episode 7: Sohum asks Kalyani for help and she agrees to help him out. Kruttika is suspicious about they are up to. Kirti bhai and bua come to Bombay and Hasmukh mentions their Rajkot factory and Kirti Bhai agrees to speak to the people in Rajkot. Kalyani and Soham make a plan where Soham dresses up as a sadhu and comes and tells Maya not to take any dowry or else it will be inauspicious. Kruttika catches onto Soham and Kalyani’s game. At the end Kalyani figures that Soham is not a bad guy after all.

Episode 8: By now Kruttika has fallen in love with Soham. Kapil meanwhile also likes her but she ticks him off. On the day of the Sangeet Kapil spikes Kruttika’s and Soham’s drinks and he makes love to Kruttika (audience thinks it is Soham) and Kruttika also thinks it is Soham. Meanwhile we show Kalyani falling for Soham.

Episode 9: It is revealed that Kapil made love to Kruttika. Bindiya sees Kapil leaving Kruttika’s room and wonders to herself what Soham is doing in Kruttika’s room. Kapil puts all of Soham’s stuff back on Soham. Kruttika is very happy after remembering what happened last night. Kruttika tells Maya that the Sadhu was none other than Soham. Maya is astounded.

Episode 10: Marriage of Bahvesh and Bindiya takes place. Kruttika imagines it with her and Soham, while both Soham and Kalyanai see each other. Maya is rude to Kalyani all day. When Kalyani asks her if she is upset with her, she tells Maya how she helped Soham. Maya is not very happy and says a lot of things to Kalyani. Kalyani tells her that dowry is wrong and she will always stand by her principles. Maya promises never to forgive Kalyani.

Episode 11: Kalyani is upset and now wants to return back to Rajkot but Kruttika does not want to go. Kruttika goes to the mandir with Soham while Kirtibhai, bua and Kalyani wait for her to leave for the station. Soham and Kruttika say they will never reach the station on time and hence Kalyani stays back. Soham is happy she that is staying back. Kalyani is angry with him thinking he told Maya about their plan but Kruttika tells her that she told Maya. Kruttika tells her she should not have told her and Kruttika snaps back at him telling him that she does not need Kalyani to tell her what to do and not to do.

Episode 12: Soham tries to appease Kalyani and finally succeeds in the end. Divya tries to impress Maya with her work. Kirti bhai decides to go to Madhu bhai’s factory to sort out the trouble there. Bhavesh tells Bindiya that Soham adores Kalyani while Bindiya tells him that Kruttika also loves Soham and she has even asked for mannat at Siddhi vinayak and that will get fulfilled.

Episode 13: Soham tries to talk to Kalyani all day long but each time he encounters Kruttika he mistakes her for Kalyani. Kirti Bhai supports Madhu bhai’s factory. At the mandir Soham mistakes Kruttika for Kalyani and proposes to her. Kruttika is ecstatic.

Episode 14: Kalyani bonds with all in Madhu bai’s house. Kirti bhai lends his support to Madhu bhai’s factory despite all of Chagan bhai’s allegations. Soham innocently asks Kalyani about marriage and she tells him about her dreams of coming to Bombay and becoming a doctor. Kalyani and Kruttika are packing to return. Both hope that they return again one day. Soham is on the terrace and Kruttika comes from behind and hugs him. Soham is surprised to see her.

Episode 15: It was Kruttika’s dream and her dream is interrupted by Kalyani waking her up. Kalyani is surprised to see her blush. Both girls get ready to leave. Kalyani bids goodbye to all in the house. At the station Kalyani and Soham are trying desperately to find time alone with each other. Soham tries to send a message to Kalyani but it goes to Kruttika. The train leaves without Soham and Kalyani being able to talk to each other alone.

Episode 16: Aruna thinks that Soham is missing Kruttika. Kruttika is talking non stop to bua about Bombay. Soham calls up Rajkot hoping Kalyani will pick up but Kruttika picks up the phone. Kalyani tries calling Soham but he thinks its Kruttika and does not pick up. Such hits and misses happen throughout the night. Suraj and a couple of workers are injured and Kirti bhai and Kalyani attend to them. Kirti bhai gives Suraj medicines which he needs to take for 5 days.A consignment arrives at the factory and the manger calls up Hasmukh and it is revealed that Hasmukh is dealing in spurious medicines and his partner in crime is none other that Deepesh. Kalyani is worried that they are not misusing Kirti Bhai’s goodwill. Hasmukh say if anything goes wrong, Kirti bhai should be worried.

Episode 17: Soham is still trying to talk to Kalyani over the phone but after many tries he is successful. Kalyani tells him to call at the clinic at 9:30 as all are staring at her. Suraj feeling ill wants medicine that Kirti bhai had prescribed but he has left them at home. His manger tells him those medicines are available here in the factory(pharmaceutical company) and gives him those medicines to have. Kruttika calls up at Soham’s house and Aruna gets Soham to talk to her despite him saying no. Suraj is very ill now and the Supervisor tells the Manager that he had given medicines to him. Manager tells him not to mention this to anyone and as Kirti bhai had prescribed these medicines he will be in trouble.

Episode 18: Maya sees a picture of Kruttika and Kalyani under Soham’s pillow and she is worried. Kalyani buys a cell.Suraj is seriously ill and doctor wonders how could Kirti bhai prescribe such medicines and hopes Suraj comes to consciousness. Hasmukh tells Manager to put the blame on Kirti bhai. Suraj dies and his family blames Kirti bhai and they lodge a complaint against him. Inspector tells the halvaldar that Kirti bhai ought to be arrested on the charge of murder. Panditji tells bua that father’s life and daughetr’s life are intertwined and bad days are ahead for them.

Episode 19: Kalyani and Soham are finally able to talk to each other over cell. Maya tells Soham his father is under a lot of stress and that there is a conference in Malaysia and that he should go to. Soham agrees. A violent mob gathers outside Kirti bhai’s house. Kirti Bhai goes out to clarify things when someone throws a stone at him. Kalyani tries to protect her father but they stone her as well. The police intervene and tell Kalyani that they need to arrest Kirti bhai as Suraj’s death is registered as a case of medical negligence. Kalyani is shocked.

Episode 20: The Inspector tells Kalyani and Kirti bhai that he had to perform the act of arrest in order to pacify the mob. Kirti bhai tells Kalyani that something is wrong but he needs to figure out what it is. Kalyani wants to go with him but Kirti bhai tells her to take care of bua and Kruttika at home. Kirti bhai goes to Chagan bhai and they have a talk there where Chagan tells him that he has a doubt about the factory. Kalyani and all are worried that Kirti Bhai has still not returned. Kirtibhai comes to his clinic looking visibly shaken, he is about to call someone when a hand comes and disconnects the phone. Kirti bhai is horrified to see who it is.

Episode 21: Kirtibhai is missing and nobody has a clue about him. Kalyani goes to Butku’s place to inquire about her father, Butku tells him that Kirtibhai didn’t turn up at the dispensary throughout the day. Kalyani then goes to police station and files a missing report about Kirtibhai. One of the police officer says he had seen Kirtibhai with Sampat. They call Sampat for interrogation, who lies to them saying he was talking to Kirtibhai about his mother’s illness. Madhusudhan calls at Kirtibhai’s house and learns that he is missing. He leaves immediately for Dharampur. Kalyani suspects that Suraj’s family might have done something wrong to her father and goes to his place.

Episode 22: Kalyani is quite worried about her father as she is told by Suraj’s relative that they have killed her father. Kalyani tells them that her father was not responsible for Suraj’s death. Kirtibhai’s family is tensed as he has not returned home. Chagan informs Kalyani and the Inspector that Suraj was killed by the medicines he consumed which were provided by the manager of the factory. Chagan also reveals that he along with Kirtibhai had gone to check the medicines in the factory which were well past their expiry date. Kalyani stops Chagan bhai from making an official complaint against the factory owners. Later when Chagan bhai takes the Police to the factory they find the factory vacant. But as everybody move out of the factory Kalyani finds something in the factory which makes her suspicious.

Episode 23: Maya is furious over Kalyani as Kalyani thinks Madhukar to be responsible for Kirti bhai’s disappearance. Hasmukh incites Maya against Kalyani. He says Kalyani is accusing their factory to be housing medicines past their expiry date. Madhukar reaches Dharampur and goes to the Police station. Kalyani reveals that Kirtibhai and Chagan had really gone to the factory as she found her father’s pen in the factory. Kirti bhai’s dispensary is found broken and ransacked. Chagan bhai accuses Madhukar to be responsible for Kirti bhai’s disappearance. Madhukar has to be taken to the hospital as he faints. Madhukar informs Kalyani that her father had called him and told him about expired drugs in his factory. He also wanted to say something regarding Kirtibhai but he cannot as he again suffers a chest pain.

Episode 24: Kalyani is worried about Madhukar uncle who is admitted in the hospital for chest pain. She is also tensed about her father’s whereabouts. Maya is also worried and leaves for Dharampur with Soham. Kruttika blames Kalyani for Madhukar uncle’s state as she has insulted him. Hasmukh comes to meet Madhukar in the hospital which irritates Madhukar and leads to further deterioration in his health. Everybody prays for Madhukar’s recovery but unfortunately he dies.

Episode 25: Madhukar passes away as he suffers a heart attack. Maya, Soham and Dipesh arrive at Kirtibhai’s house. They are distraught at the untimely death of Madhukar. Everybody thinks Kalyani is responsible for Madhu bhai’s death. Bhavesh too returns as he gets the news about Madhukar. Maya, Soham and Dipesh return home with Madhukar’s body. Maya remembers the happier times she spent with Madhukar. Maya joins the funeral procession going against all traditional beliefs. Maya thinks Kalyani is the one responsible for Madhukar’s death and takes a vow to disrupt her happy life.

Episode 26: Kalyani is disturbed as everyone including Soham held her responsible for Madhukar’s death. Soham is not ready to believe that Kalyani is responsible for his father’s death. He tries to call Kalyani but she does not answer his call. Kalyani tells Bua that if Madhukar uncle was alive he would have helped them in finding Kirtibhai as Madhukar uncle knew where he was. Seeing Soham’s missed call Kalyani calls him back but Soham’s bhabhi attends the call. Maya is in a great depression and locks herself in the room. Kalyani and Kruttika come to Mumbai to attend Madhukar’s last rituals but Kalyani is insulted by Maya and asked to leave. Kruttika is worried that if the tensions between their families grew she will not be able to marry Soham. Kalyani finally is able to talk to Soham who asks her to meet.

Episode 27: Maya overhears Soham’s conversation and stops him from going to Dharampur to meet Kalyani. Kalyani is very happy as she got a chance to prove that she is not responsible for Madhukar’s death. Soham goes against Maya’s will and decides to meet Kalyani. Kruttika and Kalyani have a fight accusing Kalyani to be responsible for Madhukar’s death. Kruttika goes to the doctor and comes to know that she is pregnant. Bua and Kalyani are shocked when Kruttika tells them that Soham is the love of her life.

Episode 28: Kalyani and Bua are stunned to know about Kruttika’s pregnancy and that Kruttika is in love with Soham. Kalyani is also heartbroken as even she likes Soham and thought that Soham had the same feelings for her. Kalyani thinks that Soham was fooling around with both the sisters. Soham fights with his family members to go to Dharampur and meet Kalyani. Hasmukh bhai also comes to try to stop him but Soham tells them that he wants to find out the reason behind his father’s death. He informs Kalyani about his arrival. Kalyani meets Soham and accuses him of spoiling Kruttika’s life. Soham tries to convince her saying that he never liked Kruttika. But Kalyani tells him that Kruttika can never lie about her pregnancy. Soham tells Kalyani that he expected that she would trust him. Kalyani and Soham have a huge fight and decide to part ways.

Episode 29: After taking the decision to part ways, both Soham and Kalyani are heartbroken. They think of all those happy moments they had spend together. Kalyani is worried about Kruttika as Soham refused to accept her and her child. Soham comes back home and regrets meeting Kalyani. Kalyani comes back home and tells Kruttika that Soham has cheated on her. Kruttika is not ready to believe her. Bua asks Kruttika to abort her child. Kruttika refuses to take any such step and faints.

Episode 30: Kalyani supports Kruttika’s decision to not abort her child. Hasmukh bhai sweet talks Dipesh to get Soham married to Divya. Soham refuses to meet and talk to Kruttika when she calls him to inform about her pregnancy before leaving for Mumbai. Kruttika tries to commit suicide as she feels she is a burden on Kalyani and Phai baa. Kalyani is shattered and shocked to see Kruttika.

Episode 31: Kalyani and Bua save Kruttika and take her to the hospital. Soham is very frustrated. Dipesh tries to ask him if Kalyani has revealed the truth about their Dharampur factory but Soham refuses to talk about Kalyani and Dharampur. The doctors declare that Kruttika and her child are safe. Hasmukh bhai wants Soham to marry Divya and are planning to talk to Maya about this proposal. Divya comes to meet Soham and tries to cheer him but Soham instead asks her to leave him alone. Kruttika tells Bua and Kalyani that she does not want to abort her child. Kalyani decides to meet Mehta family to talk about Soham and Kruttika’s marriage. She comes to Mumbai and everyone in Mehta family is shocked to see her. Kalyani tells them that Kruttika is pregnant with Soham’s child and wants them to marry.

Episode 32: Mehta family does not believe Kalyani and accuses her to hook up Kruttika with Soham for their property. Hasmukh bhai offers her money to stay away from Mehta family. But Kalyani is rigid and firm with her decision. She narrates the incidence when Soham and Kruttika were together on the day of Sangeet function. Baa asks Soham if he has something to say about the incident but he replies that he doesn’t remember anything about that night. Kalyani gets very furious. Soham and Kalyani argue on this and Maya stops them. Maya tells them that she will decide over this issue and Kalyani should stay with them as their guest for 24 hours. Kalyani informs Bua about this, Bua is worried as she suspects something uncertain going to happen. Maya recollects all the incidents when Kalyani had opposed her decisions and also decides to take revenge from her for Madhukar’s death.

Episode 33: Madhuri recalls Kapil coming out from Soham’s room but she doesn’t reveal to anybody about the incident as it would create differences between her and the family members. Aruna confronts Soham about the incident and asks him to speak the truth. Soham assures her that he had nothing to do with Kruttika. Soham meets Kalyani feeling disheartened and betrayed and tells Kalyani that he would hate her for the rest of his life. Finally Maya announces her decision to accept Kruttika in the family. Everybody is shocked to hear that. But Maya also reveals that Kalyani would have to be the dowry for Kruttika’s marriage. Kalyani is flabbergasted to hear that. Maya gives Kalyani 3 days time to take her decision.

Episode 34: Everyone opposes Maya decision but Maya is very rigid and firm with her decision. Soham also accepts Maya decision saying he won’t go against his mother. Kalyani tells Kruttika and Bua that Maya has agreed for their marriage only with a condition that Kalyani will be the dowry. Kruttika is excited to hear this as she thinks that Kalyani will also stay with her after marriage. Bua is shocked to hear this.

Episode 35: Kalyani is confused after Maya’s decision. Maya tells Parul and Hasmukh bhai that she came up with the decision only to take revenge from Kalyani. Saraswati talks to Baa and asks her to explain to Maya to change her decision, saying that, if Kalyani comes with Kruttika she will be treated as a servant and her self respect will be lost. Maya overhears this and asks Sarawati to obey her orders and not oppose them. Bua decides that Kruttika will not marry Soham if Kalyani has to go as dowry. Kruttika gets angry listening to this but Kalyani consoles her that she will fulfill her dreams. Kalyani buries all her dreams and decides to go as dowry with Kruttika.

Episode 36: She calls up Maya and tells her that she has decided to go as dowry with Kruttika. Maya is shocked to know her decision. She asks Kalyani to think about it again as she has 3 days time. But Kalyani is rigid with her decision. Kruttika starts preparing for her own marriage. Everyone in Mehta family opposes Maya’s decision but Maya tells them that she is the sole decision maker of the family and would not like others to interfere. Soham is also heartbroken as he never liked Kruttika and wanted to marry Kalyani. Maya asks Soham if he has accepted her decision and Soham agrees to her.

Episode 37: Aruna asks Soham if he has really agreed with Maya’s decision. Bua asks Panditji to suggest them an auspicious day for Kruttika and Soham’s marriage. Panditji gives them a date after 6 days. Panditji also advices them that Kruttika and Soham’s kundali doesn’t match and this could lead to major problems in future. Bua informs Maya about this and Maya informs them that the marriage will be conducted in Mumbai at Mehta house. Kruttika asks Kalyani to accompany her for the shopping. Madhuri tries to contact Kapil as she thinks that there is a hidden secret about Kruttika and Soham which only Kapil can reveal. Bua consult Panditji and tells him to suggest how can they avoid this situation and make Kruttika and Kalyani’s life better. Bua keeps a havan to reduce the problems in Kruttika and Kalyani’s life. Kruttika drops water in the havan by mistake which is considered to be inauspicious.

Episode 38: Kruttika faints during the Yagya puja. Phai baa is sad and worried for both the sisters. Aruna is worried as she fears Maya would ill-treat both Kalyani and Kruttika. Baa reveals her plan to shield Kalyani and Kruttika from Maya’s rage. Maya rushes to meet Kapil as she fears that Kapil might be responsible for the entire fracas. Kalyani and Kruttika get ready to leave for Mumbai. Kalyani is sad to leave the house.

Episode 39: Kalyani, Kruttika and Phai baa arrive at Soham’s house and are made to wait at the gate. Madhuri confronts Kapil about the incident during the Sangeet function. Kapil swears to Madhuri that he is innocent. Maya ignores Kalyani and Kruttika. Aruna quickly gives Kalyani and Kruttika the gifts. Kalyani, Kruttika and Phai baa are made to wait in the searing heat outside the house. Maya finally meets them and taunts them. Later Parul arranges their accommodation at the outhouse. Phai baa is tensed as all things are turning out to be true as told by the fortune teller. Kalyani forces Phai baa to reveal the prediction to her. Kalyani is shocked to know about the prediction and determines herself to change her destiny.

Episode 40: Kruttika is happy and starts preparing for the marriage. Maya disallows Aruna from coming to the marriage as she feels Aruna is getting too attached and involved with Kalyani and Kruttika. The marriage takes place peacefully in a temple without any fanfare. Kalyani is sad as she tries to determine herself to be strong and to forget everything about Soham. Everybody moves back home while Maya orders Kalyani to come along with the servants. Kalyani is stunned as Maya stops Kruttika from entering the house.

Episode 41: Kalyani is stunned as Maya stops Kruttika from entering the house. Maya informs Kalyani that they have a tradition in their family that the female who accompanies their daughter in law as bandhi has to wash the feet of all the family members. And only after doing so Kruttika can enter in. Kalyani is forced to wash the feet of all the family members. Aruna and Madhuri feel sad for Kalyani. Maya treats Kalyani as a servant. Kruttika expresses her happiness in front of Soham but Soham warns and tells her that he will never accept her. Maya asks Kalyani that she and her sister should leave Mehta house within 21days. But Kalyani goes against her and tells Maya that Kruttika is her daughter in law and she won’t allow Maya to do any injustice to her.

Episode 42: Kalyani is worried after Maya’s decision that they will have to leave Mehta house after 21 days. Kruttika comes to Kalyani as she has a fight with Soham. She blames Kalyani to be the reason for their argument. But later Kalyani convinces her. Maya stops Kruttika from entering the kitchen saying that according to their family tradition the new bride has to clean the steps of the temple and do the puja after which she can enter the kitchen. Kalyani tells Maya that she will do all the work on behalf of Kruttika. Just to trouble Kalyani, Maya says that the puja cannot be conducted now as Kalyani was late doing her job and she will have to perform the work next day again.

Episode 43: But Kalyani opposes her saying that since they have come to the temple they should not leave without taking the blessing of lord. The pandit who had come with Maya also agrees with Kalyani. Maya asks Kruttika to make breakfast for the whole family and doesn’t allow anybody to help her. Kalyani is worried as Kruttika can’t cook. But later Kalyani secretly orders food from outside and asks Kruttika to serve. Everyone is impressed with Kruttika as they didn’t expect her to prepare good food. Again to trouble Kalyani, Maya asks her to cook food for the occasion of Holi.

Episode 44: Kalyani is worried as Maya asks her to prepare traditional cuisine which Kalyani doesn’t know. She asks Phai baa if she can help her. Aruna and Madhuri are also worried for Kalyani as even they could not prepare traditional food when Maya had asked them. Phai baa comes to Mumbai to help Kalyani. She makes Kalyani meet some of her relatives who give the recipe to Kalyani. Maya is shocked when she sees Kalyani who is very confident while preparing the food.

Episode 45: Everybody in the Mehta family perform puja on the occasion of Holi. Maya doesn’t allow Kalyani to be a part of the puja as she is a servant. Kalyani is worried as Maya asks her to prepare a traditional food. Madhuri prepares to leave to her mother’s place for the first time after marriage. Maya is furious over Madhuri as she accepted a gift from Kalyani. Kalyani successfully prepares food for the whole family but then Maya orders her no to play Holi and look after the guests as she is a servant. The whole family is in a joyous mood as everybody plays Holi. Kruttika is miffed as Soham stays aloof from her and doesn’t play Holi with her. Kalyani and the whole family is shocked as Soham throws colour on her.

Episode 46: Kalyani slaps Soham for misbehaving with her during the Holi party. Kruttika is enraged and slaps Kalyani for insulting Soham. Soham is very upset with the incident. Maya threatens Kalyani that she would be making her life miserable unless she and Kruttika leave the house. Kalyani determines herself to fight back against Maya. Kruttika is tensed as Soham is very upset with the incident in the Holi party. Kalyani asks Soham to change his behaviour towards Kruttika for the sake of the child. Soham is worried as Kalyani wished to speak to everybody about an issue.

Episode 47: Soham is tensed as Kalyani has called everybody to speak about something important. Kalyani asks for help from Baa as she has challenged Soham to express his love for Kruttika or else would have to face the consequences. Baa and Kalyani plot a plan so that Soham expresses his love for Kruttika. Everybody gathers on time as asked by Kalyani. As planned all the elder relatives and friends come over to see Kruttika. Soham is forced to express his love through a song as everybody plays Antakshari. Maya is livid with all the setup. Kalyani gets even with Maya as she had insulted her. She taunts Maya that she at last got her way by forcing Soham to express his love for Kruttika.

Episode 48: Maya and Soham decide to take revenge from Kalyani for their humiliation. Kruttika is very happy as Soham finally expressed his feeling for her. Soham invites Kalyani for a party that he has thrown to introduce Kruttika to his friends. Soham tells Maya that he is going to take revenge from Kalyani and Kruttika in the party. Soham’s friends insult Kruttika and call her Behanji. Soham pretends to be on Kruttika’s side and ask his friends to stop bothering her. Soham’s friends announce that Kruttika will have to accept a challenge as per a bet among Soham’s friend. Kruttika accepts the challenge. Kalyani suspects something bad to happen. Kruttika is challenged to beat Soham’s record in swimming. Soham’s friends ask her to wear a bikini and swim and beat Soham’s record. Kruttika refuses to wear a bikini.

Episode 49: Kalyani is furious with Soham and his friends for asking Kruttika to wear bikini. Kruttika fails to match up to the dance steps of Soham. Kalyani challenges Soham to dance with a mystery girl, she puts a condition that on losing he would have to accept Kruttika as his wife. Soham too puts forth a condition that if the mystery girl fails to impress then Kalyani would have to leave his house forever. Kalyani decides she would herself learn Salsa and dance better than Soham. Baa and Aruna arrange for a Salsa dancer secretly to train Kalyani in Salsa dancing. Kalyani is tensed as Keki, the dance teacher gives up on her and refuses to teach her further.

Episode 50: Keki agrees to teach Salsa to Kalyani. Maya informs Parul about the challenge between Soham and Kalyani. Parul plots a plan to injure Kalyani so that she does not participate in the competition. She pours oil on the stairs so that Kalyani slips down. But Kalyani comes to know about their plan. Kalyani puts in all her efforts to learn Salsa. Keki is very impressed seeing her dedication. Soham asks Kalyani to give up and not participate in the competition as he is very confident that Kalyani will lose. But Kalyani refuses to step back. Kalyani performs her dance for 120 seconds and everyone is impressed with her. Soham is shocked to know that Kalyani learned dance in such a short time. He challenges Kalyani that he can perform continuously for 240 seconds.

Episode 51: Kruttika is surprised to see Kalyani dancing so well. Kalyani assures her that Soham would lose the competition. Kalyani switches off the lights and music when Soham starts dancing but puts them on after few seconds. Soham starts dancing again but gets distracted and loses the competition. Kalyani is announced as the winner. Soham has to accept Kruttika as his wife as per the challenge. Soham is very annoyed losing the game to Kalyani. Kalyani tells Baa that she found out Soham’s weakness that he can get distracted very soon and she took advantage of this weakness to beat him. Maya plots another plan to create misunderstanding between Kalyani and Kruttika. She tells Kruttika that Kalyani might have some feeling for Soham. Kruttika does not believe her but Maya tells her that she can prove this.

Episode 52: Kalayni wonders what Maya must have told Kruttika which made her so tensed. Kalyani realises that she still feels for Soham. But later thinks that she cannot cheat her sister and feel for the person who has hurt her sister. Maya informs Parul about her new plan that she had told Kruttika that Kalyani feels for Soham. Maya ask Kalyani to write an application letter to electricity board and hand it over to Soham. Madhuri talks to her mother and Kapil about how Kalyani and Kruttika are treated by Maya. Kapil tells Madhuri that Kruttika deserves to be treated worse. Madhuri gets suspicious. Soham’s friend appreciates Kalyani’s simplicity and tells Soham he wants to meet her once. Kalayni gives the application letter to Aruna and ask her to hand it over to Soham. Parul exchanges that letter and replace it with some other letter. Maya tells Kruttika that Kalyani is meeting Soham in the store room and she has also written a letter for him. Maya asks Soham to get some documents from the store room.

Episode 53: Kruttika gets the letter from Aruna which Kalyani had given to her for Soham. Kruttika is shocked to read Kalyani’s letter to Soham. Kruttika tells Maya that she still can’t believe that Kalyani can cheat her. Maya tells her that she will soon believe this when she will see Soham and Kalyani together in the store room. Kalyani is worried about Kruttika but Kruttika ignores her and asks her to stop bothering her life. Soham and Kalyani are very irritated when they see each other in the store room. Kalyani gets scared when she sees a lizard and holds Soham. Kruttika enters the store room at the same time.

Episode 54: Kruttika is sad after seeing Soham and Kalyani gazing each other. Maya incites Kruttika against Kalyani asking her to force Kalyani to go back to Dharampur. As a result Kruttika insults Kalyani as she feels Kalyani is disrupting her marriage. Finally Kalyani is shocked when Kruttika asks her to go back to Dharampur.

Episode 55: Kalyani is worried for Kruttika as she would be harassed by Maya once she leaves for Dharampur. Kalyani is shocked when Maya reveals her that it was her plan to create a misunderstanding between her and Kruttika. Kalyani asks Soham to clear the misunderstanding between her and Kruttika but instead they start blaming each other for their state in life. Finally Kalyani is shocked when Maya asks her to swear on Kruttika about her relationship with Soham. Kalyani finds herself in a fix unable to answer.

Episode 56: Kalyani is forced to speak the truth that she liked Soham but had backed out when she came to know that Kruttika liked him. Soham is very disturbed after Kalyani blaming him for this state of their life. Soham tells his friend all about his relation with Kalyani. Kruttika insults Kalyani and asks her to go back to Dharampur. Kruttika wants to confront Soham and ask him if he had feelings for Kalyani. Soham decides to speak the truth but Maya interrupts them. Kalyani calls Phai baa and tells her the situation she is going through. Phai baa is also shocked when Kalyani tells her that she liked Soham. Kalyani asks for a chance from Kruttika to prove that she does not have any feelings for Soham.

Episode 57: Maya is happy that Soham has started his new business but is also afraid as this could be the cause for their family to separate. Kalyani goes to meet Soham in his office but Soham’s friend Gulrez stops her. He politely asks Kalyani to leave saying that Soham might get disturbed if he spoke to her again. Aruna asks Kalyani for help as Soham is starting a new business and this can divide their family. Kalyani decides to crash down Soham’s business just to prove Kruttika that she hates Soham.

Episode 58: Soham is very happy as he completes his presentation. Kalyani steals the CD from Soham’s room and replaces it with some other CD. Kruttika also decides to go with Soham for his presentation so that she can know if Kalyani has really destroyed Soham’s project. Soham and Gulrez are shattered when they don’t find their presentation cd. All the investors leave the board room saying that Soham is not capable of handling the job. Kruttika speaks out in front of Soham and Gulrez that Kalyani had replaced their presentation CD. Kruitika is very happy as she is convinced that Kalyani hates Soham now. Kalyani later asks Kruitika if she could make up for Soham’s loss. Maya destroys the CD that Kalyani had kept with her.

Episode 59: Soham is really annoyed at Kalyani for ruining his project. Kalyani goes to meet Gulrez and ask him for help. Gulrez freaks out at her first but later Kalyani convinces him and asks him to make some copies of the presentation CD to help Soham. Kalyani and Gulrez go to the investor to give them the CD and comes to know that someone else had already presented them the same project and the board members have approved it too. Soham is dejected as he never expected Kalyani to ruin him so badly. Madhuri and Bhavesh go to a restaurant where they see a girl pleading Kapil to accept her. Soham throws all his anger on Kruttika and Kruttika holds Kalyani responsible for creating problems in Soham’s life.

Episode 60: Kalyani asks Soham to stop hurting Kruttika due to the arguments between them. Soham again confesses his feelings for Kalyani and tells her that he never wanted to marry Kruttika. Kalyani and Soham embrace each other after Soham confessing his feelings but later Kalyani realises that Soham is Kruttika’s husband. Kalyani is still rigid and ask him to accept Kruttika. Soham leaves in anger. Kruttika notices that Soham is again angry due to Kalyani. Soham is very upset and rides his bike recklessly which leads to a severe accident. Kalyani gets a call informing about Soham’s accident. Everyone is devastated when the doctor declares that Soham is in critical condition. Kruttika holds Kalyani responsible for Soham’s accident as he had an argument with Kalyani before her left the house. Kalyani prays for Soham.

Episode 61: The doctors inform that Soham is out of danger and is in a stable condition now. Maya blames Kalyani for Soham’s condition. Kalyani decides to leave for Dharampur as she is hurt by Maya’s comments. Kalyani sneaks into Soham’s ward to meet him but she is confused when doctors inform her that Soham may take some more time to recover as Soham goes into deep sleep after taking sedatives. Kalyani is confused and remembers Soham telling her after Bhavesh’s marriage that he found it hard to wake up. She doubts any involvement of Soham with Kruttika on the day of Bhavesh’s marriage. Kalyani decides to stay on for a few days and solve the mystery.

Episode 62: Kalyani takes away Soham’s personal diary kept in the safe vault of his room. Madhuri stops Kapil from misbehaving with her friend. Madhuri compels Kapil to reveal the truth about the incident that happened during her sangeet function. Kalyani feels sorry for Soham as she realises that Soham was not responsible for the incident after reading his diary. Madhuri is shocked when Kalyani informs her that she knows the truth regarding the incident which happened with Kruttika on that fateful night.

Episode 63: Madhuri is shocked when Kalyani informs her that Soham wasn’t with Kruttika on the Sangeet function night. Madhuri too starts doubting Kapil as she had seen Kapil come out of Kruttika’s room on that night. Kalyani is shocked to hear when Kruttika informs her that Soham is not responding to medication and might go into a coma if he doesn’t gain consciousness in a few days. Kalyani transfers Soham’s favourite song on Kruttika’s cell phone so that when Kruttika’s phone rings Soham can hear it and it just might help him gain consciousness. As a result Soham does gain consciousness.

Episode 64: Everybody is happy as Soham regains consciousness. Soham reveals that he somehow managed to hear the ringtone which helped him gain consciousness. Baa leaves to see Bachhoo bhai as he is unwell. Maya incites Kruttika to send Kalyani back home. Kruttika forces Kalyani to leave immediately but Maya allows her stay for the day. Kalyani overhears Saguna’s father saying that he knows some secret of a person in the family. When Madhuri forces, Kapil agrees to be the one responsible for the incident which happened with Kruttika on the night of the Sangeet function. He also threatens her against revealing this to anyone.

Episode 65: Madhuri asks Sakharam to go away as Kalyani tries to know the truth from Sakharam. Kalyani goes in search of Sakharam as it would be her last chance to know the truth before she leaves. The children participating in ‘Chak De Bachche’ perform during the puja. Madhuri follows Kalyani to stop her from knowing the truth. Kalyani meets Sakharam at the bus stop and induces him with alcohol to tell her the truth. Finally Sakharam reveals that Kapil was responsible for the incident which happened on the night of Bhavesh’s sangeet function. Kalyani is devastated to hear that. Madhuri standing at a distance overhears all the conversation.

Episode 66: Madhuri tells Kalyani that she knew that her brother is a culprit but Kapil has threatened her that if she revealed the truth he will spoil her life too. Madhuri pleads with Kalyani not to reveal the truth to their family. Kalyani goes to Kapil’s house where he confesses his crime. Kalyani hits Kapil harshly and leaves. Kalyani is devastated knowing the truth. Maya reminds Kalyani that she was supposed to leave their house. Kalyani gives a gift to Kruttika before leaving. Soham stops Kalyani while she is leaving their house.

Episode 67: Soham stops Kalyani while she is leaving the house saying that she has hurt him a lot and now he will take revenge from Kalyani. Everyone is shocked to see Soham’s behaviour. Kruttika tells Maya that she will support Soham to take revenge from Kalyani. Soham talks rudely with Kruttika. Soham decides to prepare the breakfast for the entire family. He recalls the day when he had been to the restaurant with Kalyani in Dharampur. Soham realises that Kalyani can’t eat spicy food and therefore makes the food very spicy to make it difficult for Kalyani to eat. Kruttika asks Kalyani to not bother her and Soham’s life.

Episode 68: Soham purposely makes the food spicy to make it difficult for Kalyani. Aruna tastes the food and finds it too spicy to eat. Soham tells her that they cannot waste the food and ask Kalyani to eat the food as she is the ‘Bandhi’. Kalyani agrees to eat it. Soham stops her from eating the food when he sees her in pain. Seeing Kalyani in pain Madhuri decides to reveal the truth to the entire family. Kalyani tries to stop her but Maya gives her the job to teach Palak and Jhalak some poems. Madhuri goes to Kapil’s house and comes to know that he is leaving the country. She tries to stop him but Kalyani reaches there after some time and lets him leave the country.

Episode 69: Soham asks Gulrez to book a snooker table at the club. Kruttika informs Kalyani that Soham has invited her for a party. Soham buys a dress and jewellery for Kalyani. He gifts her saying that he wants to forget all the differences between them and asks her to wear the same to the club. He takes Kalyani and Kruttika to the club. He bets money while playing the snooker and pretends that he forgot to carry money with him. He asks Kalyani to lend her the jewellery that he has gifted her. Soham keeps on losing the game and Kalyani is forced to give away all the jewellery that Soham has gifted.

Episode 70: Soham tries hard to insult Kalyani but his emotions always hold him back. He wants to make Kalyani suffer and beg for mercy. Soham somehow tries very hard but ends up caring for her as she gets her hand burnt with hot tea and gets hurt with the glass pieces. Finally Soham decides to insult her by misbehaving with Kalyani.

Episode 71: Soham takes a vow that he will somehow know the truth. He tells Kalyani that he will trouble Kruttika until Kalyani reveals the truth. Soham decides to take Kruttika for a drive. Kalyani tries to stop her but in vain. Madhuri goes to tell the truth to Soham but is interrupted by Maya. Soham takes Kruttika to their farm house. Bhavesh gets irritated when Madhuri tries to solve Kalyani’s problems. Soham leaves Kruttika alone at the farm house and comes back to Mehta house. Kalyani is worried about Kruttika and asks Soham about her. Kalyani decides to reveal the truth when she realises that Soham is creating troubles for Kruttika.

Episode 72: Kalyani is worried about the consequences after revealing the truth to Soham. Soham tells Aruna that Kalyani is hiding some truth. Soham also tells her that Kalyani has stopped reacting to any unfair treatments done to her. He asks Aruna to somehow find the reason behind this. Madhuri gets a call from Sakharam who blackmails her. Kalyani is worried about Kruttika and finally decides to reveal the truth to Soham. At the same time Gulrez calls Soham to inform him that Kruttika is missing from the farm house. Soham and Kalyani rush to the farm house immediately. Soham, Kalyani and Gulrez search for Kruttika but are not able to find her.

Episode 73: Kalyani holds Soham responsible when Kruttika goes missing. Gulrez consoles her that he will help her in finding Kruttika. Maya gets a call from the caretaker of the farm house saying that farm house doors are open and he cannot find any person at the farm house. Maya cross checks with Gulrez’s father and comes to know that even he was supposed to meet Soham. Kalyani, Soham and Gulrez go to the jungle in search of Kruttika. Soham is jealous when Gulrez gets close to Kalyani. Later they find out that Kruttika is at the recreation centre near the jungle. Kalyani scolds her as she was worried about her but Kruttika instead asks her not to interfere in her life. Kruttika overhears Soham and Kalyani when they talk about revealing some truth. Kruttika tells Soham that he had heard Madhuri and Kalyani talking about the same issue. Later Soham sees Madhuri giving money to Sakharam. He tries to ask Madhuri about the truth but Kalyani again stops her from doing this. Soham realises that Madhuri wanted to talk to him about the Sangeet function. He checks the DVDs of the functions and suspects that the truth is related to the Sangeet Night. Hearing Kalyani and Madhuri’s talks he also comes to know that even Sakharam is aware of the truth that Kalyani is hiding from him. Soham comes to Kalyani and tells her that he knows the truth that she is trying to hide.

Episode 74: Soham goes to find out the truth from Sakharam. Sakharam passes out before revealing the truth to Soham. Meanwhile Kalyani takes Sakharam away. Sakharam demands money from Kalyani to keep the secret. Kalyani tries hard and somehow manages to pay Sakharam. Soham follows Kalyani and assaults Sakharam forcing him to reveal the truth. Finally Sakharam reveals that Kapil had raped Kruttika on the sangeet function night wearing his clothes. Soham is shocked to hear that.

Episode 75: Soham is in shock after knowing that Kapil had raped Kruttika. He also realises that Kalyani is innocent and she had sacrificed her love for Kruttika. Maya still finds out ways to torture Kalyani. Madhuri informs Kalyani that Soham has not yet come back home. Aruna informs Kalyani that Soham had left immediately after Kalyani. Kalyani and Madhuri are worried that Soham might find out the truth. Bhavesh decides to clear all the misunderstanding between him and Madhuri. But gets frustrated when he sees Madhuri and Kalyani talking secretly. Soham comes back home and confesses his love for Kalyani. Kruttika is shocked to see them together.

Episode 76: Kalyani is worried about the consequences that Maya will not accept Kruttika if Soham reveals the truth. Kalyani meets with an accident. When she gains consciousness she finds herself at some strange place. Later it is revealed that Soham has got Kalyani to that place. Maya comes to know that Kalyani and Soham are not present at home. Kruttika complains about Kalyani to Baa saying that she is trying to ruin her life. Baa disagrees with her and makes her realise that Kalyani is suffering more than her. Soham apologizes to Kalyani for his behaviour after knowing the truth.

Episode 77: Maya incites Kruttika against Kalyani. She asks Kruttika to force Soham to throw Kalyani out of the house. Soham tries to coax Kalyani to get married to him but she refuses. Kruttika is worried and calls up Phai baa accusing Kalyani of disrupting her marriage. Soham promises Kalyani that he would accept Kruttika as his wife and would respect the relationship they share with each other.

Episode 78: Kalyani and Soham are away at a farm house while everybody at home is worried about them. They later seek Police help to search Soham and Kalyani. Kalyani and Soham get close to each other. Soham’s family come searching for him and Kalyani at the farm house.

Episode 79: Dipesh, Bhavesh and Gulrez reach the farm house searching for Soham and Kalyani. Kalyani asks Soham that they will separate after this but Soham insists that they should stay together. Soham tells Kalyani that he cannot face Kruttika alone and would want Kalyani to help. Dipesh, Bhavesh and Gulrez are shocked to see Kalyani and Soham together. Kruttika tries to slap Kalyani when they come back home but Soham stops her. Soham tells everyone that Kalyani had met with an accident and he had to take her to the farm house. Soham asks everyone to stop criticizing Kalyani from now. Kruttika tells Soham that she will never forgive him for supporting Kalyani and spending a night with her. Maya incites Kruttika against Kalyani. Kruttika accuses Kalyani for cheating her and ruining her married life. Soham tells Kruttika that he has feelings for Kalyani.

Episode 80: Soham reveals to Kruttika that he liked Kalyani even before his marriage. He also tells her that he had mistaken Kruttika to be Kalyani on the Sangeet night. Kruttika is in shock after hearing this and faints. Soham takes her to the hospital. Maya suspects that Soham, Kalyani and Kruttika are hiding something. Soham apologizes to Kalyani for telling Kruttika about their relation. Kalyani thanks him for not revealing the truth to her. Madhuri calls Bhavesh to inform him about Kruttika but he talks rudely with Madhuri. Bhavesh meets a man called Ronit at the club. Kruttika refuses Kalyani’s offer to stay with her in the hospital. Maya induces Kruttika to speak the truth. Kruttika tells her that Soham likes Kalyani. Soham accuses Maya for ruining his life. Maya thinks that Kalyani is influencing Soham against her.

Episode 81: Kruttika gets violent in the hospital forcing Soham to be with her. Gulrez develops feelings for Kalyani and wants to spend time with her. Maya is very distressed as Soham had accused her of ruining his life. Maya decides to use Kalyani’s family members against her.

Episode 82: Kalyani tells Maya that she can do anything for Kruttika’s happiness. Soham shows concern towards Kruttika to make her feel happy. Mr. MK comes to Mehta house for the best couple contest. Bhavesh refuses to participate in the contest as Madhuri is least bothered about him. Later he asks Kruttika and Soham to participate in the contest. MK is very impressed with Kalyani. Madhuri shares her problem with Kalyani that there are some tensions between Bhavesh and her. Bhavesh goes to the club and again meets Ronit. MK is very happy to see Gulrez and Kalyani together as he feels that they make a nice couple. Soham comes to know that Kalyani had enrolled Soham and Kruttika for the best couple contest. Soham initially refuses to participate but agrees when Kalyani says that if he does not participate she will have to leave Mehta house forever. Kalyani also tells Soham that henceforth they will never face each other or talk to each other. Sohum is shocked by the stance taken by Kalyani.

Episode 83: Maya asks Soham to share his problems but Soham refuses. Maya warns Kalyani and tells her that she won’t be successful in her plans thinking that Kalyani wants to get back to Soham. Soham is jealous as Gulrez tries to impress Kalyani. Maya gets very annoyed with Kruttika as she behaves very stupid. She suggests her some task to perform for the Best Couple competition. Kalyani tries to help Kruttika but she ignores her. At the end Kruttika follows Kalyani’s advice. Soham is very impressed when he sees his room decorated like suhaag raat.

Episode 84: Soham gets intimate with Kruttika thinking that she is Kalyani. He walks out from the room when he realises that he is with Kruttika. Soham talks to Kalyani and tells her that he cannot accept Kruttika as his wife as he still feels for Kalyani. Kalyani decides to leave Mehta house to stay away from Soham. Soham insists that she has to stay with him. Maya overhears their conversation and comes up with a plan to defeat Kalyani by getting her close to Soham. Madhuri and Bhavesh’s misunderstandings are cleared. Kruttika is annoyed as Soham was not impressed with Kruttika’s first task for the competition which was suggested by Kalyani. Maya purposely asks Kalyani to go in Soham’s room and wake him up. Kalyani feels uncomfortable as Soham tries to get intimate with her.

Episode 85: Kruttika has to cook Soham’s favourite food for the 2nd task in the competition. Kalyani again tries to help her by suggesting Soham’s favourite dish. Maya wants Soham and Kruttika to lose the competition so that she can defeat Kalyani. Kruttika asks Maya’s help to get the recipe of Chocolate souffle. Maya purposely gives her some wrong recipe. Kalyani comes to know that Kruttika is referring to the wrong recipe but Kruttika does not allow Kalyani to interfere. Kalyani wonders how she will prevent a disaster and help her sister to win this round.

Episode 86: Soham remembers the promise made to Kalyani that he will try to make his marriage work. He pretends to like the chocolate souffle so that Kruttika wins a round in the competition. Kalyani thinks of going back to Dharampur and conveys the same to Phai baa. In another round in the competition Soham has to bring a gift for Kruttika. Maya advices Soham to gift Kruttika a diamond necklace while Kalyani advices him to buy something that has the warmth of affection and love. Soham brings a gift and hands it over to Kruttika in front of the entire family and MK. Kruttika tries to recognise the gift that Soham has brought for her. Kruttika is stunned when she opens the box.

Episode 87: Kruttika is not too excited when Soham does not bring an expensive gift for her. She had expected a diamond necklace and he has brought a silver sindoor dibba for her. Kruttika begins to voice her displeasure but Maya signals her to stop. Madhuri is shocked when Bhavesh introduces her to Ronit, her ex-flame who has come back into their lives to get even with her as Madhuri had sent him to jail. Maya influences Kruttika and poisons her mind against Kalyani. Kruttika is furious when she sees Soham holding Kalyani’s hand. She sends Soham away on the pretext of fetching a doctor for Kalyani and later rebukes Kalyani for trying to get close to Soham and threatens to throw her out of the house.

Episode 88: MK wants Soham to take Kruttika for dinner. Gulrez also asks Kalyani for dinner as it is his birthday. Kalyani agrees, but wants to go to the same place where Soham and Kruttika have gone. Soham is distressed seeing Kalyani with Gulrez. Kalyani lies to Kruttika about her relationship with Gulrez and to prove the same she dances intimately with Gulrez in spite of feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing.This makes Soham jealous and hurt.

Episode 89: Soham questions Kalyani about her behaviour in the restaurant. Everybody at home is surprised to know that Kalyani was also present with Gulrez at the same restaurant. Madhuri is worried about Ronit and his threats. She calls him up and tells that she wants to meet him. Bhavesh gets suspicious when he knows that Madhuri had called Ronit from his cell phone. Soham is shocked when Kruttika informs him that Kalyani is in love with Gulrez.

Episode 90: MK plays a quiz game with Soham and Kruttika. He asks them some questions about their partner. Kalyani discreetly helps Soham and Kruttika in the game. With Kalyani’s help Soham and Kruttika answer all the questions correctly and enters the semi finals of the competition. Unfortunately Maya notices Kalyani helping Soham and Kruttika and worries about her plans getting upset in the process.

Episode 91: Kruttika apologises to Kalyani and thanks her for helping her in the competition. Kruttika also asks Kalyani about her relation with Gulrez but Kalyani tells her that she will talk to her about this when required. Maya is furious to see Kruttika and Kalyani bonding together. Soham is shocked when Palak Jhalak accidentally tells him that Kalyani is leaving Mehta house forever. Soham tries to stop her but Kalyani refuses. Kalyani tells him that she still feels for him and feels uncomfortable to see Soham and Kruttika together. But he is after all her sister’s suhaag and Kruttika’s sindoor and mangalsutra is a constant reminder of this fact. Soham decides to tell the truth about him and Kalyani to everyone as he can’t live this ordeal of being separated from Kalyani. His determination stuns Kalyani.

Episode 92: MK conducts a “Coffee with MK” game which involves Mehta family. He shows the recording that he took from the hidden cameras’ placed in various corners of Mehta house. Kalyani is worried that MK’s hidden cameras might have recorded her entire conversation with Soham. Kalyani fears that Soham and her relation will be revealed if MK plays the video. Luckily Soham removes the fuse of the electricity. Kalyani is relieved. Soham tells Kalyani he can do anything for her happiness and will win the competition for her. Maya overhears their conversation. Kalyani tries to get the recording CD from MK’s bag. At the same moment she notices Kruttika walking towards her. The CD slips on the ground from Kalyani’s hand.

Episode 93: Kalyani gets the CD in her hand but drops it when Kruttika calls out to her. Kalyani fears that if the content of the CD is revealed to Kruttika she will be shattered. Soham, Kruttika and the other couple contestants perform for the finals of the contest. Kalyani again hunts for the CD in MK’s bag, but unfortunately MK discovers her going through his stuff. MK comes to know that Soham and Kalyani love each other. He suggests Kalyani to accept Soham but she refuses saying that she can’t ruin her sister’s life. Kalyani also requests MK to keep Soham and Kalyani’s relationship a secret forever. MK is touched by her integrity. Kalyani expresses that she wants only one thing now and that is for Soham and Kruttika to win the competition.

Episode 94: Everybody participates in the competition organised by MK. Maya incites Kruttika against Kalyani telling her that Kalyani had told Soham to try to win the competition. Kruttika is furious with Kalyani’s constant interference in her life and purposely loses the competition.

Episode 95: Soham pleads Kalyani against leaving for Dharampur. Kalyani is in turmoil but decides to leave as she does not want to ruin Kruttika’s married life. Madhuri gets a call from Ronit at midnight and is worried with Ronit’s repeated warnings to her. Eventually Kalyani decides to leave Mehta house without informing anybody and steps out of the house.

Episode 96: Kalyani is leaving for Dharampur but waits back as she sees Soham going out in a hurry. Maya incites Kruttika against Kalyani and asks her to treat Kalyani as a servant. Everybody in the house is worried about Soham’s disappearance. Kalyani finds a letter written to her by Soham asking her not to leave the house or else he would take an extreme step. Kruttika asks Kalyani to leave the house. Kalyani is in a dilemma and finds it difficult as she has to take a decision and choose between her sister’s happiness and Soham’s vaada.

Episode 97: Maya rebukes Kruttika and asks her to send Kalyani back home. Kalyani tries to persuade Soham but he is adamant on his decision. Kalyani assures Kruttika that she would never try to disrupt her married life. Kruttika looks convinced. Everybody is shocked when Maya informs everybody that Soham has met with an accident. Kalyani is shocked to hear this.

Episode 98: Maya stops Kalyani when she is also leaving with others to meet Soham. Kalyani prays to god for Soham’s health. Soham comes to the temple and meets Kalyani. He also reveals that he made a fake call about his accident to make her realise that she still feels for him. Kalyani decides that she won’t leave Mehta house on the condition that they will never talk to each other. Soham agrees to her. Everyone is shocked but happy to see Soham back home. Maya gets suspicious when she finds out that Soham was in the same city and not at Nasik. Gulrez finds some tips to propose Kalyani. Kalyani enjoys the rains and Soham also joins her. Their chemistry is ignited. Maya spots them together.

Episode 99: Maya sends Kruttika on the terrace on some pretext, after she spots Kalyani and Soham together. Soham and Kalyani hide when they see Kruttika. Maya is depressed as Kruttika doesn’t mention anything about bumping into Soham and Kalyani. Madhuri decides to meet Ronit and get rid of him forever. Soham gets annoyed when he notices Gulrez wearing his T-shirt which was gifted to him by Kalyani. Maya plots another plan to defeat Kalyani. She slips Kalyani’s photograph in Soham’s wallet.

Episode 100: Maya asks Kruttika to get Soham’s credit cards from his wallet. Kruttika is surprised to see her picture in Soham’s wallet. Maya is shocked as she had kept Kalyani’s picture to create differences between both sisters. Kalyani later reveals to Maya that she saw her keeping her picture in Soham’s wallet and changed it. She tells Maya that her core reason to stay with Mehta family is to get Soham and Kruttika closer. Madhuri goes to meet Ronit and bumps into Dipesh as he also happens to visit the same hotel for some meeting. Madhuri tells Ronit that she will never get back with him. Maya decides to take Baa and Kruttika for dinner as Soham is supposed to come home late and Kalyani is alone at home, and the right opportunity to catch them together yet again.

Episode 101: Gulrez asks Kalyani to go for a movie with him. Kalyani agrees to go with him. Maya purposely calls Soham to inform him that they all are going out for dinner and Kalyani is alone at home. Soham leaves his office immediately to spend time with Kalyani. Soham insists Kalyani to break their promise and talk to each other for sometime but Kalyani refuses. Soham and Kalyani spend some time together without talking to each other. Soham stops Kalyani to go with Gulrez. Maya pretends to be ill and decides to go back home without having their dinner. Kalyani and Soham get locked in the study room accidentally and find it difficult to unlock the door. Kalyani is scared that Kruttika and Maya will misunderstand if they find her locked up in a room with Soham.

Episode 102: Everybody fails to see Soham in the room. Kalyani lies that she was with Gulrez. Soham manages to convince everybody that he was busy in a meeting and was not at home. Maya hands over Palak and Jhalak’s responsibility to Kalyani. Madhuri is scared when Rohit sends a gift at her house. Maya is shocked when Gulrez tells everybody that he couldn’t meet Kalyani the other day. Kalyani is in a dilemma as her lie to the family has just been exposed.

Episode 103: Kalyani lies that she was locked in the room when Gulrez tells everybody that he couldn’t meet her the other day. Everyone is worried when Kalyani informs Aruna that Palak Jhalak are missing. Kalyani tries to find Palak Jhalak but is shocked to see Ronit and Madhuri together. Eventually she finds Palak Jhalak after a desperate search and gets them home. Soham gives a letter to Kalyani for accepting him.

Episode 104: Kalyani gets worried as Baa tries to read Soham’s letter to her, assuming it to be her medical prescription but realises that she can’t read without her glasses. Kalyani lies to her that Maya had given her the list of household items that has to be brought. Baa confronts Maya for not asking her before making the list of household items. Soham purposely falls down from the stairs to stop Maya from reading the letter. Bhavesh losses huge amount when he gambles while playing cards with Ronit. Aruna and Dipesh gift a shawl to Kalyani as she convinced Palak and Jhalak to join their new school. Kruttika asks Kalyani to massage Soham’s leg as he is injured. Kalyani indirectly refuses. Kruttika and Soham watch the news on television that a rapist has agreed to marry the innocent victim. Seeing Kruttika in favour of such a decision Soham decides something. Soham goes to meet Kapil and brings him to Mehta household. To everyone’s shock, Soham reveals the truth to Kruttika that the baby in her womb is not his but Kapil’s. Kapil apologises for his mistake and asks Kruttika to marry him. After much deliberation Kruttika agrees to him. Both Soham and Kalyani are relieved and overjoyed by Kruttika’s decision to accept Kapil. They feel that finally their own relationship stands a chance and can be legitimised.

Episode 105: Soham snaps out of his dream of Kalyani agreeing to marry him after he reveals the truth about Kapil. In reality he doesn’t get to meet Kapil as he is married and settled abroad. Bhavesh confesses to Madhuri about his recent losses while gambling. Madhuri forgives Bhavesh for losing 25 lacs in gambling. She approaches Maya to help out Bhavesh by paying off his debts but Maya flatly refuses to do so. Sohum writes down his feelings in a letter for Kalyani but Kalyani burns the letter in front of him. Sohum is deeply hurt by Kalyani’s rejection. After the day’s work, Kalyani retires to her bedroom. She is shocked to find Soham waiting there for her in the dark.

Episode 106: Soham confides in Kalyani that he had been to Kapil’s place to meet him and ask him to marry Kruttika. Kalyani gets annoyed as Soham is trying to hurt Kruttika by his acts. Ronit helps Bhavesh by giving him a cheque of 25 lacs to pay his debts. Bhavesh asks Ronit to stay with him at Mehta house till he finds an apartment for himself. Soham accuses Madhuri for hiding Kapil’s truth and ruining his life. Kalyani tries to talk to Soham when she comes to know that he is accusing Madhuri. Soham avoids talking to her. Madhuri is shocked when Bhavesh introduces Ronit as the friend who is going to stay with them for some time.

Episode 107: Kalyani again asks Soham to swear that he will forget their relationship and lead a happily married life with Kruttika. Ronit tries to misbehave with Madhuri. Kalyani happens to see that and warns Ronit for his bad intentions. Madhuri reveals to Kalyani that she was in a relation with Ronit in her college days which she terminated as she came to know that he was a fraud. Kalyani asks Madhuri to speak the truth to Bhavesh but Madhuri refuses. Soham agrees with Kalyani that he will accept Kruttika only if Kalyani agrees to be with him. Ronit tells Kalyani that he is ready to leave Madhuri only if Kalyani accepts him.

Episode 108: Kalyani slaps Ronit for misbehaving with her. Ronit gets very annoyed and thinks of taking revenge on her. He goes to meet Madhuri and demands her to pay for it. He also blackmails her that if she doesn’t spend a night with him he will reveal the truth to her family. He also stops the payment of the cheque he gave to Bhavesh. Ronit blocks Kalyani’s way while she is serving the food and she trips and drops the food on Ronit’s clothes. Maya forces Kalyani to apologise to Ronit. Ronit tells Bhavesh that Madhuri had asked him to stop the payment of the cheque he gave to Bhavesh. Bhavesh gets annoyed and in anger asks Madhuri to stay away from his matters. Kalyani sees Madhuri going to Ronit’s room late in the night. Kalyani stops Ronit when he tries to misbehave with Madhuri. Kalyani asks Madhuri to leave and let her tackle Ronit. Ronit tries to rape Kalyani. Everyone in the family wakes up hearing loud sounds coming from Ronit’s room. Ronit accuses Kalyani in front of the entire Mehta family that she was trying to hit on him. Kalyani tells them that Ronit was misbehaving with Madhuri and therefore she stepped in his room to prevent him from doing so. But Madhuri does a turnaround and tells them that Kalyani is lying.

Episode 109: Everyone believes that Kalyani is lying and has been flirting with Ronit. Kalyani is very upset after all such wrong allegations. Soham tells Kalyani that he trusts her even though other family members go against him. Next day Madhuri finds Ronit dead in his room. Everyone is shocked. Maya suspects that the murderer must be one of the family members. Maya notices Kalyani’s shawl beside Ronit’s dead body. Kruttika finds out that Kalyani has left the house without informing anybody. Everyone assumes that Kalyani has murdered Ronit. Even Kruttika believes that Kalyani has murdered Ronit. The police start searching for Kalyani as she is suspected of killing Ronit. Soham cancels his business trip and leaves with Kalyani to Dharampur. The police finds out that Kalyani has left for Dharampur.

Episode 110: Soham accompanies Kalyani to her village Dharampur. Everybody is miffed with Kalyani’s disappearance. Due to Maya’s instigation, the Police feels that Kalyani is responsible for Ronit’s murder. All clues are pointing towards Kalyani. Police follow Kalyani’s trail. Maya brainwashes Kruttika one more time. She takes help from a tantrik to kill Kalyani through black magic.The brakes of the bus in which Kalyani and Soham are travelling fail and the bus sways out of control. Eventually the bus meets with an accident and explodes. It appears as if Kalyani and Soham have met with their end.

Episode 111: The police inform Maya that the bus by which Kalyani was travelling has met with an accident and chances of Kalyani surviving are grim. Bhavesh is suspicious when he sees Madhuri burning some photographs. Madhuri was actually burning her photographs with Ronit. The Police interrogate each member of the Mehta family about Ronit’s murder. The Police later inform them that the post mortem report has revealed that Ronit was poisoned.

Episode 112: Soham’s family is shocked when the police inform them that Soham had also boarded the same bus that met with an accident. Dipesh and Bhavesh go in search of Soham but return with the grim news of Soham’s death. Maya is so enraged that she throws Kruttika out of the house. Later it is revealed that Kalyani is alive lying injured.

Episode 113: Kalyani survives the accident but is seriously injured. Kalyani frantically searches for Soham but fails to find him. A worried Phai Baa comes to inquire about Kalyani but Maya insults her and accuses Kalyani of being a murderer. Phai Baa is shocked to know that Maya has forced Kruttika out of the house. Phai Baa leaves feeling disgusted. Kalyani slips down while searching for Soham, just managing to clutch the edge of a cliff. A person comes to her rescue just as she is about to fall down into the valley.

Episode 114: It is revealed that the person helping to rescue Kalyani is none other than Soham. Phai Baa is worried about Kruttika and is searching for her. Eventually Phai Baa finds her on the temple steps. Kruttika’s health deteriorates and she is rushed to the hospital. Inspector reaches Mehta house and suspects Soham’s involvement in Ronit’s murder. Police calls Bhavesh to identify the dead body. They recognise a badly burnt body with the help of Soham’s jacket. Bhavesh and Dipesh bring the body home. Maya is grief stricken and inconsolable. Family members are mourning Soham’s death when Soham calls up home. Bhavesh picks up the phone and is stunned to hear Soham’s voice on the other side.

Episode 115: Phai Baa calls Maya for monetary help required for Kruttika’s operation but Maya does not entertain her. Baa overhears Phai Baa and Maya’s conversation and goes to the hospital to help Kruttika. Dipesh reveals to Maya about Soham’s death. The entire family is in a state of shock. Kruttika returns to Mehta house after recovery. Dipesh is furious with Kruttika and asks her to leave the house but is stopped by Maya.

Episode 116: Bhavesh is unable to hear Soham and fails to recognise his voice over the phone. Maya threatens to throw Kruttika out of the house once she gives birth to Soham’s child. Kalyani senses something wrong and decides to come back to Mehta house with Soham. Mehta family performs the last rites of Soham. Soham and Kalyani are shocked to see the headlines in the newspaper declaring Soham dead and Kalyani as Ronit’s murderer. Kruttika refuses to wear plain, widow like clothes as Baa had told her that Soham is still alive. Maya gets angry on seeing Kruttika in colourful clothes and blasts her. Baa supports Kruttika. Soham after reading about Kalyani in the newspaper decides against going back home as it would endanger Kalyani.

Episode 117: Soham and Kalyani come to know that Kalyani is being held responsible for Ronit’s death, from the newspaper. Soham asks Kalyani to forget about their families and begin a new life with him. Kalyani opposes him and doesn’t agree with him. Kalyani tells him that she can’t be selfish and ruin her own sister’s life. Soham doesn’t want to go back and insists Kalyani to marry him. On Kalyani’s refusal, Soham in the heat of the moment, gets the sindoor from the temple and puts it on Kalyani’s forehead. Kalyani is shocked by Soham’s impulsive action.

Episode 118: Kalyani is furious with Soham as he puts sindoor on her forehead. The pandit in the temple tells Kalyani that this was destined by the goddess herself and nobody could stop it. Phai baa asks Kruttika to leave Mehta house but Kruttika refuses. The pandit asks Soham and Kalyani to complete all the rituals of their marriage. He gives Soham the mangalsutra and asks Kalyani to wear it. Soham drops the mangalsutra. Kruttika is disturbed thinking about Kalyani and Soham.

Episode 119: Soham and Kalyani get married as per the customs. When Kalyani looks into the havan fire, she starts getting weird flashes and some weird cries buzz in her head. An old lady (Zaverben), sitting in another place, reveals that Kalyani has to pay for her past life’s deeds and therefore in this birth she is going through tough times. She decides to help Kalyani and wants to tell her about her past life. The police come to Mehta house and question Bhavesh about the money that Ronit had given him. Soham is very happy after marrying Kalyani but Kalyani tells him that she was forced to marry him.

Episode 120: Kalyani is unhappy with her marriage to Soham. Baa vows not to consume any food and water until Soham returns. Aruna requests Baa to take her oath back. Soham apologises to Kalyani for their impulsive marriage and assures a solution for it. Doctor informs everyone that Baa would go into coma if she doesn’t consume anything. Kalyani locks Soham in the hotel room and runs away. Kalyani calls the police to inform that she has murdered Ronit. Kalyani later calls Kruttika and tells her that Soham is still alive.

Episode 121: Everyone in the house is happy when Kruttika reveals that Soham is alive. Kalyani reveals to Soham that she has informed the police that she has murdered Ronit. Madhuri suspects Bhavesh’s hand in Ronit’s murder. Kalyani shouts for help when an old lady Zaverben enters her room in the middle of the night. Zaverben reveals to Kalyani that she would not be arrested. Police later reach the hotel where Soham and Kalyani are staying and arrest Soham as he had informed the police that it was he who killed Ronit and not Kalyani.

Episode 122: Police arrests Soham for Ronit’s murder. Bhavesh is tensed after knowing that Kalyani is alive. Police drop Kalyani at Mehta house and inform the family that Soham is in Police custody for Ronit’s murder. Everybody is shocked when Kalyani reveals that Soham had married her. Kruttika on hearing about theie marriage, reacts violently and slaps Kalyani. Maya incites Kruttika to throw Kalyani out of the house as she had disrupted her marriage. Phai baa visits Soham in prison and learns the truth that it was Soham who initiated the sudden wedding. Phai baa comes back home and stops Kruttika from throwing Kalyani out of Mehta house.

Episode 123: Kruttika vows to take revenge as Kalyani had disrupted her marriage. Kalyani decides to find Ronit’s killer. Zaver Ben comes to Mehta house in search of Kalyani. Kalyani feels a strange burning sensation in her palms. She later finds her palms burnt. Kalyani is confused when she finds her palms perfectly fine when Baa see’s her hand.

Episode 124: Maya is furious seeing Zaver ben in the house waiting for Kalyani. Maya immediately asks her to leave. Bhavesh is tensed as he couldn’t know what Zaver ben wanted to tell Kalyani. Maya is irked with Kruttika as she had decided against sending Kalyani back home. Zaver ben decides to help Kalyani to prove her innocence.

Episode 125: Kalyani seeks help from Bhavesh and Madhuri to get Soham out of the jail. Bhavesh is livid with Kalyani and asks her to accept the crime. Madhuri lies to Bhavesh that the Police have found the finger prints of Ronit’s murderer and is reaching Mehta house to arrest the murderer. Bhavesh panics and reveals the truth to Madhuri that he murdered Ronit. Bhavesh and Madhuri decide not to reveal the truth to anybody.

Episode 126: Kruttika overhears Bhavesh admitting his crime of killing Ronit. Kruttika tells Madhuri that she would reveal to Maya that Bhavesh had actually killed Ronit. Soham refuses to co-operate with Kalyani in jail as she has appointed a lawyer who would help him to get out from jail. Zaver Ben reveals to Kalyani that someone was trying to kill her just after she escaped an accident. Later Kruttika goes to meet Soham where he rebukes her and expresses his love for Kalyani.

Episode 127: Kruttika is shattered when Soham reveals to her about his love for Kalyani. Kalyani is confused when Zaver ben shows photographs of herself, Soham, Maya and Kruttika which were of their previous birth. She also reveals to Kalyani that all 4 of them were bound by a story which couldn’t complete in their previous birth. Bhavesh and Madhuri are worried when they hear that Kruttika had visited Soham in the jail. Zaver ben warns Kalyani to be cautious as the time to come ahead is very crucial. Bhavesh decides to stop Kalyani from knowing the truth about the real killer. A mysterious person intending to kill Kalyani comes near her while she is asleep.

Episode 128: Kalyani manages to escape when the person tries to kill her. Bhavesh accuses Kalyani saying that she is accusing others to prove herself innocent. Kruttika unintentionally tells Kalyani that she knows Ronit’s murderer but refrains from telling his name. Later it is revealed that Bhavesh was the one who attacked Kalyani with an intention to kill her. Kruttika decides to reveal the truth of Ronit’s murderer. Madhuri tries to blackmail her and also reveal that she was raped by Kapil.

Episode 129: Zaver Ben tells Kalyani the story of her past life in which Soham was known as Chote Thakur and Kalyani was a poor lower caste girl. Maya was Soham’s mother in his past life and hated all poor caste people. She doesn’t allow Kalyani to enter her house as she belongs to a lower caste. Soham comes from abroad after completing his higher studies. Kruttika who is Kalyani’s sister in her past life also dreams of getting married to some rich person. Soham notices Kalyani and is very impressed with her. Zaver ben tells Kalyani that the story of her past life is very depressing and asks her if she is willing to know about her past life.

Episode 130: Kalyani insists Zaver ben to tell her the story of her previous birth. Zaver ben tells her how she had sneaked out to meet Soham late in the evening and Soham had conveyed his feelings for her. At the same time Maya spots the two of them. Zaver ben shows Kalyani the jewellery which Soham had given Kalyani in her previous birth. Further Zaver ben informs Kalyani how in their previous birth Soham had refused to pay any heed to Maya’s advice to stay away from her. Maya later decides to take Kalyani to task for interacting with Soham.

Episode 131: Kalyani recalls that she had asked Zaver ben to keep the jewellery with her which was gifted by Soham in their previous life. Kalyani also recollects the time when she told Zaver ben about her relationship with Soham in her past life. Zaver Ben later shows Kalyani a ‘Mukhut’ which reminds her more about her past life. Kalyani remembers that Maya had accused her for stealing the ‘mukhut’ specially prepared for Janmasthmi festival. Zaver ben tells Kalyani that it was Maya’s plan to accuse Kalyani of stealing it and then to punish her.

Episode 132: Kruttika calls some lawyers and asks them whether Kalyani will still be legally called as Soham’s wife after getting punished for the Ronit murder case. Madhuri stops her as Kruttika is about to reveal the truth. Maya suspects that Madhuri is trying to hide some truth. Zaver Ben tells Kalyani that in her past life Soham took the blame on himself when Maya accused Kalyani of stealing the Mukhut. Due to this the trial was postponed till Janmashtami function. Kalyani realises that her present life situation is also very similar to her past life. Zaver Ben tells her that Kalyani was successful in proving Soham innocent in her past life. Maya initially refuses to celebrate Janmashtami festival as Soham is in jail but later Baa convinces her. Gulrez calls Kalyani and tells her that he has found the truck driver who had attacked her once. Now they could probably find out who the real killer is.

Episode 133: Kalyani and Gulrez go to the police station as Gulrez reveals to her that the tempo driver who tried to kill her had been arrested. Bhavesh is worried when he overhears Gulrez telling about the tempo driver. Gulrez and Kalyani are dejected as the driver reveals that he had not seen the person who had ordered him to kill Kalyani. Gulrez and Kalyani plot a plan so that the person who had conspired to kill Kalyani commits a mistake and would reveal himself. Soham refuses to co-operate with Gulrez and Kalyani to fight the case. Zaver ben is worried for Kalyani as she fears that the time would be fatal for Kalyani.

Episode 134: Bhavesh asks Madhuri to poison Kalyani’s food as he thinks this was the last resort to save himself from the Ronit murder case. Maya overhears Bhavesh and Kalyani’s conversation and later she too approves of Bhavesh’s decision to poison Kalyani. Madhuri hesitatingly gives the poisoned prashad to Kalyani. Maya, Bhavesh and Madhuri observe Kalyani keenly as she is about to eat the prashad.

Episode 135: Maya, Bhavesh and Madhuri observe Kalyani keenly when she is about to eat the prashad. A dog comes near Kalyani and she gives her prashad to the dog. Kalyani is upset as she is unable to get any evidence to prove Soham’s innocence. Kalyani recollects an incident from her past life. She goes to Soham’s house to attend Janmashtmi’s function. Maya gets furious when she sees Kalyani at her place. She drags Kalyani out of the house but Soham stops her. Soham opposes Maya’s decision and asks Kalyani to stay back for the function. Kalyani asks Soham to apologise to Maya for his rude behaviour. Soham agrees with Kalyani and goes to apologise to Maya. Maya and Soham have a heated argument as Maya wants to punish Kalyani for stealing the Mukut and Soham wants to prove her innocent. Kalyani finds the ‘Mukut’ from the Haveli when she is searching for her ring. Maya, Bhavesh and Madhuri are tense when they find the dog lying dead after eating the prashad.

Episode 136: Palak Jhalak asks Kalyani to find their flutes which they kept in the store room. Kalyani finds a bottle of poison while searching for the flute. She later realises that Ronit’s murderer is from Mehta house and is trying to kill her and reveals the same to Madhuri. Kalyani later reveals this to Gulrez who advises her to get hold of the poison bottle as it would help them to save Soham. Maya asks Madhuri to dispose off the bottle. Kalyani is shocked to see Madhuri with the poison bottle.

Episode 137: Kalyani is shocked to see Madhuri in the store room with the bottle of poison and suspects Madhuri’s hand in trying to kill her. Madhuri hands over the bottle of poison to Maya. Kalyani overhears when Maya tells Bhavesh that no one would come to know that he killed Ronit. Kalyani reveals to Kruttika that it is actually Bhavesh who killed Ronit and also tried to kill her. Kruttika later reveals to Maya that Kalyani knows that Bhavesh had murdered Ronit. Maya tells Kalyani not to reveal anything in the court against Bhavesh. Eventually Kalyani tells in the court that it was she who murdered Ronit.

Episode 138: Gulrez provokes Bhavesh to speak the truth about Ronit’s murder. As a result Bhavesh spills the truth. Later Bhavesh is shocked when he sees his conversation with Gulrez has been recorded and is being played in the court. The judge acquits Soham and orders to arrest Bhavesh for the crime. Maya is furious as Kalyani and Gulrez had planned to get Bhavesh arrested. Soham is upset as Kalyani is missing from the house.

Episode 139: Soham refuses to accept Kruttika as his wife. Madhuri goes to meet Bhavesh in jail and tells him that she will ruin Kruttika’s life. Madhuri later reveals the truth to everyone that Kruttika is pregnant with her brother Kapil’s child. On hearing this Maya asks Kruttika to leave Mehta house. Phai Baa hands over a letter to Soham given by Kalyani saying she would never return to Mehta house and asks Soham to take care of Kruttika.

Episode 140: Kruttika is glad as Soham stops her from leaving the house. Maya tells Dipesh that she will ruin Kruttika’s life completely. Soham goes to the temple where he accidentally collides with Zaver Ben. Zaver Ben reveals to Soham that he would soon find the person he is searching for.

Episode 141: Soham notices Kalyani on the roadside and follows her. Kalyani runs away when she sees Soham. Kalyani hides among a huge group of people on their way to Ganpati visarjan. Kalyani recollects her past life incidence when she had played holi with Soham. Kalyani also recollects the incident when Soham had proposed to her in their past life.

Episode 142: Soham notices Kalyani on the roadside and follows her. Kalyani runs away when she sees Soham. Kalyani hides among a huge group of people. Kalyani recollect her past life incidence when she played holi with Soham. Kalyani also recollects the incidence when Soham proposed her in their past life.

Episode 143: Kalyani recollects everything about her past life. Kalyani accepts Soham’s proposal but later realises the difference between their status. Soham comes to meet Kalyani when she doesn’t turn up to meet him. Kalyani tells him that they can never unite as Maya will never accept her as she belongs to a lower caste. Soham takes Kalyani to a temple and marries her. He also assures her that Maya will accept her soon. Maya is shocked when she comes to know that Soham has married Kalyani.

Episode 144: Maya pretends that she is happy with Soham’s marriage with Kalyani. Maya takes a vow that she will teach a lesson to Kalyani for comparing herself with rich people. Kalyani’s father is stunned when he comes to know about Kalyani’s marriage but later accepts it. Kruttika is annoyed as she was eyeing Soham and wanted to marry him.

Episode 145: Maya’s sisters come back from their pilgrimage. Maya tells them about Soham’s marriage with Kalyani which has taken her by surprise and shock. Even they are very disappointed when they come to know that Kalyani belongs to a lower caste. Soham goes out of town for some work. Maya and her sisters criticise Kalyani and taunt her about her low status. Maya’s sisters also behave rudely with Kalyani’s father. Kalyani is very upset with their behaviour.

Episode 146: Kalyani and Soham are happy to be a married couple and like each other’s company. Maya along with her sisters plots a plan with the family astrologer to create a rift between Soham and Kalyani. They lie to Kalyani that according to the astrologer she would have to avoid physical intimacy with Soham for a month or else Soham’s life would be in grave danger. Kalyani manages to avoid physical intimacy with Soham. Soham behaves like an understanding husband and thinks that Kalyani is shy and will take some time to get intimate with him. Maya’s sisters are disappointed as their plan didn’t work out but Maya is hopeful that by the end of the month Soham and Kalyani would be separated.

Episode 147: Maya gives an off to all the servants to celebrate Kalyani and Soham’s marriage. Maya and her sisters ask Kalyani to do all the household work and Kalyani happily does it all. Maya gifts Kalyani an expensive ghagra and asks her to rest when Soham is just about to come back home. Maya and her sisters pretend that they have been doing all the household chores since morning. Maya thinks that Soham will get angry when he sees her and her sisters doing the housework and Kalyani resting without any concern. Soham instead is happy that Maya and her sisters have accepted Kalyani and are treating her like a princess. He mentions this to Kalyani and Kalyani is shocked to hear this. But she doesn’t mention anything to Soham.

Episode 148: Kalyani lovingly prepares food for Soham but can’t make his favourite kheer as she is unable find the kesar. Maya is furious when she finds the kheer without kesar. She insults Kalyani by saying that she has no value for her own husband’s likes and dislikes. Soham and Kalyani have an intimate moment where Soham gifts her a cummerbund. Kalyani again avoids physical intimacy with Soham. Soham is confused and dejected by Kalyani’s behaviour. The next day Maya decides to take Kalyani to her father’s house for the post wedding pagphera ritual. Kalyani is happy that she would get to meet her father. But what follows later is something she didn’t anticipate at all.

Episode 149: Maya takes Kalyani to her father’s house for the pagphera rasam and demands a hefty dowry from Kalyani’s father. She also tells that Soham would take Kalyani home only after they receive the dowry. Kalyani’s father goes to Maya’s house to borrow Rs. 5000 for dowry. Maya gives him the money but in turn makes him sign his property papers in her name. Later Maya calls the police complaining about the theft of Rs. 5000 and tells the police that she suspects Kalyani’s father’s involvement in the same.

Episode 150: Soham goes to Kalyani’s house to take her home. Later Maya lies to Soham that Kalyani’s father was responsible for the theft to create a rift between Soham and Kalyani. Soham apologises to Kalyani for doubting her father’s integrity.

Episode 151: The Kulguru performs a puja for Kalyani to avoid any bad omen from happening to the family due to Kalyani’s lower caste. Kalyani is ‘purified’ by publicly bathing her in sacred milk. Kalyani is humiliated by this entire experience. Maya asks Kalyani to leave the house immediately after the puja. Soham is furious when Kalyani insists on leaving the house. He misunderstands her decision as Kalyani hides the truth from him about Maya and her sister’s intentions.

Episode 152: Maya threatens Kalyani against meeting Soham and warns her not to step into the haveli ever again. Maya pretends in front of Soham that she is very upset with Kalyani’s decision. Soham questions Maya if any incident had occurred with Kalyani in his absence which forced her to leave the house. Soham and Kalyani both are very disturbed as they are separated. Maya expresses her wish that she wants Soham to get married with some other girl but Soham refuses. Maya is worried as she feels that her plan has failed since Soham is not ready to forget Kalyani. Kalyani’s father expresses his concern for his daughter and questions her as to why she had to leave the haveli. Kalyani refuses to talk about this. To their surprise Maya arrives at Kalyani’s house to take her back home.

Episode 153: Maya asks Kalyani to come back to the haveli but Kalyani refuses. Maya wants Kalyani to behave rudely with Soham so that he hates her. Later Maya threatens Kalyani that she will sell her father’s house and land as they all are now in Maya’s name. Kalyani agrees to do as Maya says, to save her father’s property. Soham is very happy to see Kalyani back home. Soham is shocked when Kalyani tells him that she married him for his property. Kalyani also refuses to attend the puja aarti in the haveli. Soham is surprised to see the change in Kalyani’s behaviour.

Episode 154: Maya is happy as Kalyani works according to her plan and is slowly going away from Soham. Soham gifts Kalyani her painting which was made by him. Kalyani doesn’t appreciate the gift and destroys the painting saying that he could have gifted her some expensive jewellery instead of a painting. Soham is extremely hurt by Kalyani’s act. Maya tells Kalyani that she is punishing her for marrying Soham.

Episode 155: Kalyani asks Maya to handover the locker keys to her. Soham gets annoyed as Kalyani wants Maya to give up all her responsibilities. Soham goes to a local bar and gets drunk. Later, a person named Kaali takes Soham to a kotha. Kalyani is worried as Soham comes home drunk. Seeing Soham’s pain Kalyani confesses that she wasn’t hurting him purposely.

Episode 156: Soham is very happy as he realises that Kalyani has confessed that she didn’t deliberately try to hurt him. Kalyani tells Maya that Soham had started consuming alcohol but Maya ignores it saying that it’s a sign of their status. Soham gets annoyed again when Kalyani does not appreciate the gifts that he brought for her. Soham visits the Munnibai’s place again and gets drunk. A worried Kalyani prays to God so that nothing goes wrong with Soham. Munnibai helps a sloshed Soham to the bedroom and locks the bedroom door.

Episode 157: Kalyani comes to know that Soham has been going to Munnibai’s mehfil. She tells Maya about this but Maya ignores Kalyani saying that it’s a sign of their status. Kalyani expresses her concern for Soham but Soham rebukes her as he feels that Kalyani is pretending to be good. Kalyani goes to meet Munnibai and pleads her to leave Soham. Munnibai demands for a huge amount of money and promises Kalyani that after getting the money she will not entertain Soham. Kalyani goes to steal the money from Maya’s locker and Soham spies on her.

Episode 158: Soham follows Kalyani after she steals the jewellery from Maya’s locker. Soham is stunned when he comes to know that Kalyani is giving Munnibai all the jewellery. Kalyani tells Soham that she wanted him to stay away from Munnibai and therefore had to pay her a huge amount. Maya is shocked when Soham and Kalyani come back home together. Maya orders some people to vacate Kalyani’s father’s house. Soham overhears Maya when she expresses her hatred for Kalyani. Soham gets very annoyed and decides to leave the house with Kalyani. Maya apologises to Kalyani but later locks her in the kitchen and is about to set the kitchen on fire.

Episode 159: Maya locks Kalyani in the kitchen and is about to set the kitchen on fire. Zaver ben is also present at the same place but is not able to help Kalyani. Kalyani shouts for help but nobody comes to her rescue. Soham comes back home and is shocked to see Kalyani’s dead body. Kalyani in her present life is shocked when she recollects that Maya was the reason for her death.

Episode 160: Kalyani goes to meet Soham after she recollects her past life. Soham is upset as he is not able to trace Kalyani. Maya tells Madhuri that she won’t let Kalyani and Soham get together again. Maya pretends that she is sorry for all her lowly acts and apologises to Kalyani. She tricks Kalyani and locks her in the room. Madhuri tells Soham that Kalyani was on her way to the railway station. Soham goes in search of Kalyani and meets Zaver Ben who tells her that Kalyani’s life is in danger. Maya and Madhuri lock up Kalyani in the kitchen and set the room on fire. Soham arrives at the nick of time and manages to save Kalyani. Maya and Madhuri bhabhi’s heinous crime is exposed. Soham breaks all ties with Maya and Madhuri and gets them arrested. Finally Soham and Kalyani reunite as eternal lovers.


Kirit Parikh- Doctor and father of Kalyaani and Krutika

Krutika Parikh- Eldest daughter of Parikh. Very laid back and selfish, only thinks of her own happiness

Kalyaani Parikh - Selfless and ever caring. Perfect daughter and sister. Willing to sacrifice her own happiness for that of her loved ones

Dadima Jasuben- Madhukar Mehta's mother. Eldest of the family, however cannot stand up against her daughter-in-law Maya.

Madhukar Mehta- Son of Dadima, very successful businessman. Corrupted by wife, however is a good man.

Maya Mehta- Mannipulative mother of Soham. Very controlling. Has 3 sons and 1 daughter

Soham Mehta- Youngest abuser of Maya and Madhukar. A man who respects women, and is very caring.


  • Aneesha Kapoor - Kalyaani Parikh
  • Muskaan Mehani - Krutika Parikh
  • Bhuvnesh Mam - Soham Mehta
  • Deepshikha - Maya Mehta

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