A.R.C.H.O.N. (Assistance Response Contingent & Hazard Overseer Network) is a Filipino created comic book by the brothers Russell Benajamin B. Tomas & Samuel "Jay-Jay" Tomas Jr and was released in 1996. Russell was the colorist and storyteller while Jay-Jay was the writer. They were assisted by Joseph Fouts who was the penciller and inker on the comic book and David Hontiveros was the editor. Other contributing artist to the series were Kajo Baldisimo, Ace Enriquez, Gener Pedrina, Jeck Ebreo and Gerry Alanguilan.

The comic was the Philippines' first digitally colored comic book. It was also the first to be truly released nationally and to a certain degree, released through the region. It was published under Alamat Comics and Mega Magazine Publishing Inc.


The idea of A.R.C.H.O.N. stems from the idea of the ancient Archons. They were known as magistrates, they protected and governed the people of ancient Greece. Also, there were 9 Archons at the time, hence 9 members on the team.


The story of A.R.C.H.O.N. is about 9 individuals brought together to bring back order to a galaxy bursting at the seams from all the chaos that abound. Troy, the leader and the one funding the group, decides to put together an intergalatic force to fight and protect for all of the planets within the galaxy beyond the limits of jurisdiction and politics. As a semi-deputized force, they were able to go from planet to planet without much impunity.

The setting of the story happens on the other side of the universe,where a planet similar to earth, known simply as New Gaia, is the center of the story. New Gaia was originally a "terrarium" planet. A social experiment by powerful and advanced civilization of aliens called Breetans. They captured people from Earth from different time periods and placed them in a planet similar to earth to watch them. Eventually, the "experiments" revolted and managed to free themselves and made Gaia their new home.

Time went by though, chaos ensued not only on the planet, but also the surrounding plaents in the galaxy. Without the Breetans in control and keeping things in order, all the other races started doing as they pleased, creating small wars for power, money, and resources.


The comic book had several main characters
* Troy - of Filipino descent, he had no powers but was a genius and an expert in hand to hand combat and weaponry. Was also leader and was funding the team.
* Sapphire - an energy being inhabiting an animated crystalline body. Has light based powers and her body is extremely tough.
* Myrddin - master of magic. draws energy from those around him to fuel his powers. Twin brother of Totem.
* Totem - has magical tatoos all over his bodies which he can use to draw powers, weapons and creatures from. Twin brother of Myrddin.
* Athena - Android super woman captured and reprogrammed from the Reich.
* Rift - a doglike mutate with the powers of teleportation and a bad attitude.
* Ordnance - renegade from a pacifist race of builders cyclopean builders.
* Shinu - a former dragon cursed to be in a lesser form. A true samurai warrior.
* Silk - catlike race. thief extraordinaire. has growing psionic abilities.


During the mini series, there were several key villains namely:
* Counterstrike
* Crete
* Shifter


* "Where chaos and anarchy reign, Law has one name...A.R.C.H.O.N."
* "In a galaxy bursting at the seams, law had one name...A.R.C.H.O.N."

ee also

* Russell Benjamin B. Tomas - founder, creator, storyteller and colorist of A.R.C.H.O.N.

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