List of past Coronation Street characters (1970-1979)

List of past Coronation Street characters (1970-1979)

The following is a list of fictional characters that appeared in the ITV soap opera "Coronation Street", departing between 1970 and 1979.


Frank Barlow

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Frank Barlow
portrayer = Frank Pemberton
first = 9 December 1960
last = 3 February 1971
born = 13 October 1913
death= 21 April 1975
occupation = Former Soldier
parents = Sidney Barlow
Edna Barlow
siblings = Marjorie Barlow
spouse= Ida Leathers (1939-1961)
romances= Florrie Lindley
Christine Hardman
children = Ken Barlow
David Barlow
grandchildren = Susan Barlow
Peter Barlow
Darren Barlow
Daniel Osbourne

Frank Barlow was played by Frank Pemberton. He was one of the show's original cast members. The patriarch of the Barlow family, conservative Frank frequently clashed with more liberal son Ken, whom he felt was ashamed of his upbringing and did not appreciate the sacrifices made for him. In September 1961, his wife Ida Barlow was killed in a bus accident. In 1962, Frank dated shop owner Florrie Lindley for a few months, then the much younger Christine Hardman. They planned to marry, but his family's disapproval and her realisation she was not in love with him led Christine to reconsider. In 1964 Frank won £5,000 on Premium Bonds, sold his shop, and moved to Cheshire. His last appearance was a brief returned in 1971 for Valerie Barlow's funeral. He passed away at home in 1975.

Irma Barlow

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Irma Barlow
portrayer=Sandra Gough
first=8 July 1964
last=1 December 1971
born=28 September 1946
parents = Stan Ogden
Hilda Ogden
siblingss = Trevor Ogden
spouse = David Barlow (1965-1970)
children = Darren Barlow
residence = Canada

Irma Barlow (née Freda Ogden) was played by Sandra Gough between 1964 and 1969, then from 1970 to 1972. She was the daughter of Stan and Hilda Ogden and married David Barlow. David and Irma bought the Corner Shop in 1966 and ran it together for several years. They moved to Australia together and were later mentioned to have a son, Darren David Barlow. In 1970 the directors of Coronation Street asked her and David to rejoin the cast. The actor who played David refused (he had found other work), but Gough was unemployed and agreed. David and two-year-old Darren were killed in a car crash and widowed Irma returned to the street. She then went to work in the corner shop again along with Maggie Clegg and shared the shop flat with Bet Lynch. She developed a close friendship with her sister in law, Valerie Barlow. Irma was grief-stricken when Valerie was killed in a house fire on 27 January 1971. Irma had a brief fling with Ray Langton in 1971. Following Sandra Gough's unexpected departure from the show, Irma was swiftly written out and was sent to Llandudno, in Wales. Irma was in Llandudno when it was her parents' Ruby wedding anniversary in December 1983; she was then known to be living in Canada, from where she never returned, not even for her father Stan's funeral in 1984.

Janet Barlow

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Janet Barlow
first=16 June 1969
last=21 February 1977
portrayer=Judith Barker
born=28 November 1942
death=21 February 1977
parents = Charles Reid
Jacqueline Reid
spouse = Ken Barlow (-1977)
romances = Len Fairclough
Unnamed Taxi Driver
siblings = Helen Reid

Janet Louise Barlow (née Reid) was played by actress Judith Barker from her debut in 1969 until she was killed off in 1977. Janet worked as the town clerk in Weatherfield. Always portrayed as an upwardly mobile , she first came into the picture as a love interest for Len Fairclough, but she finished their relationship. In 1971, she set her sights on Alan Howard, but his wife, Elsie, saw Janet for what she was and confronted her in the corner shop, telling her exactly what she thought of her; Elsie's big heart, however, made her realise that Janet was a bleeding heart, who just wanted to be loved.

The Janet character was used as a plot device for the Ken Barlow character, so his storylines would become more interesting. Barker was quoted as saying, "She was used as a device, in the Ken relationship, and people were encouraged to hate her. I used to go about being terribly nice and pleasant to everybody in the hope that people would like her more."Fact|date=July 2008

In that year, Ken and Janet were wed, but the two clashed many times, most notably when it came to Ken's twins from his previous marriage to Val. Janet didn't want to raise children, while Ken wanted them to return to Weatherfield (they were sent to live in Scotland after Val's death). Another key showdown came when Valerie's Uncle Albert, who had since moved in with Ken, told him that he did not like Janet, as she disapproved of the twins. In May 1974, Janet left Ken, telling him that she had no faith in him, that he had no drive or ambition. The day she left, Ken was offered a high-powered job at the Mark Brittain Warehouse opposite the Street.

While separated, Janet and Ken did not divorce; they did, however, date other people. Ken met Janet's new partner, a taxi driver, and the three of them got on very well. However, he too was to tire of Janet's forthright behaviour and he left her. In February 1977, Janet came to Ken's house and begged for him to take her back. He refused, but allowed her to stay the night in their bed - Ken slept on the sofa. Rejected by the one person she thought would never forsake her, a distraught Janet took an overdose of sleeping pills. Ken discovered her dead in bed the following morning, and the situation was complicated when Ken was initially suspected by the police of murdering her in order to avoid a divorce. Ken had lost his mother, father, brother, nephew and his first wife, and now he had lost another.

ir Julius Berlin

Sir Julius Berlin was played by Leonard Sachs. Sir Julius appeared in Coronation Street during 1974, he was the boss of the Mark Brittain mail order warehouse that was situated in the Street. When the residents complained about the lorries passing through the street, Ken Barlow spoke to Sir Julius about the problem, Sir Julius was so impressed by Ken he offered him a job at the warehouse as executive administrative assistant. The workers at the warehouse threatened to strike because Sir Julius decided to keep the union out of the firm, Ken persuaded Sir Julius to accept the union. Sir Julius upset workers Ivy Tilsley and Vera Duckworth because the company announced all women over sixty had to retire. They called the union in, but the union supported lowering the retirement age. After the warehouse fire in 1975 Sir Julius folded the company.

Ernest Bishop

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Ernest Bishop
portrayer=Stephen Hancock
first=6 September 1967
last=9 January 1978
born=11 August 1930
death=11 January 1978
occupation= Photographer, Pianist,
Payroll Supervisor at Baldwin's Factory
spouse =Emily Nugent (1972-1978)
romances =
parents =George Bishop
Caroline Bishop
books = Coronation Street: The Complete Saga

Ernest Gordon Bishop was played by Stephen Hancock. He had been educated at Weatherfield Grammar School, and, despite being very academically inclined, he refused a place at Manchester Victoria University, in order to run his own photographic business. Operating under his 'professional' name Gordon Bishop, he first appeared at Elsie Tanner's wedding as official photographer in 1967. Once had had met the shy, retiring Emily Nugent, he knew that she was the woman for him. They had many things in common, not least firm religious beliefs (Ernest was a lay preacher). After a long courtship, they married on Easter Monday 1972. Being middle-aged, they were unable to have children of their own, but successfully fostered two black children at Christmas 1974; the Bishops' marriage had been going through a rough patch, so the experience was good for them, as it brought them closer together.

Ernest was consumed with shame and guilt when his photographic business failed. Emily, however, was a tower of strength, insisting that "she" go out to work and be the bread winner. Ernie stayed at home, becoming the Street's first house husband; this made him the butt of jokes from the men folk of the Street, but Emily was proud of him. Ernie was able to make some spare money by playing the piano in pubs and night clubs - he was accompanist for Rita Littlewood at the Gatsby Club - but, despite being grateful for the money, Emily drew the line when Ernie played the piano for a stripper, who came round to their house to practice her act. Eventually, Ernest was able to secure a job at Baldwin's Casuals, the factory in Coronation Street. Ostensibly, his job was wages clerk, but factory owner Mike Baldwin knew and trusted him implicitly, so he became more of his right-hand man.

On the morning of Wednesday January 11, 1978, however, two young thugs, Ed and Tommo, burst into the factory demanding that Ernie hand over the wages. Ernie was a gentle man, but he had the courage of his convictions, and instead tried to talk them round. Mike Baldwin, wanting to know what the delay was, burst into the office, knocking gun man Ed Jackson's arm. The gun went off. Whether Jackson had intended to kill him or not, Ernie died on the operating table. The shock of learning what had happened to Ernie caused Emily to faint in the Street. The following episodes of the programme concentrated on the utter futility of what had happened, and, when the gun men were sentenced to life imprisonment, further contemplation was given to the fact that two young lives had been ruined too.

In 2006, 'Ed Jacks', a seemingly pious and religious man, re-entered Emily Bishop's life. At first they were firm friends, until Ed revealed his true identity was Thomas Edward Jackson. This made Emily doubt her faith - how could she 'turn the other cheek', as the Bible told her, when confronted with her husband's killer?

Jerry Booth

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Jerry Booth
portrayer=Graham Haberfield
first=23 July 1962
last=7 July 1975
born=2 August 1941
death=10 November 1975
occupation= Builder
spouse=Myra Booth
romances=Sheila Birtles
parents=Ernest Booth
Nellie Booth

Jerry Booth was played by Graham Haberfield. Jerry initially debuted as one of the show's younger set of characters, along with Jed Stone, Doreen Lostock, and Sheila Birtles. Jerry had feelings for Sheila, but she married another man. Jerry married Myra Dickenson in 1963. She was very controlling and they had few happy times. Their marriage did not survive the stillbirth of their baby daughter. Jerry nearly reunited with Sheila in 1966 but her confession that she'd had a child with the man she'd left him for put him off. Jerry became a partner in Len's building company, but left in 1968, only to return in 1971 when Len heard he was looking for work.

Jerry was a kind, soft-spoken man who was frequently wound up by Albert Tatlock, Ray Langton, and Len Fairclough, although Len tried to look out for him. Jerry eventually moved in with Len and Ray to help keep the house in order, and helped Ray get ready for marriage to Deirdre Hunt. Jerry cared deeply for Mavis Riley, but like much in Jerry's life, the timing was never quite right, and they never became a proper couple. Jerry died suddenly in November 1975, surprising and upsetting the friends who had often taken him for granted.


Minnie Caldwell

Infobox soap character
color =#F0E68C
series = Coronation Street
name = Minnie Caldwell

caption =
first = 14 December 1960
last = 5 April 1976
born = September 1900
parents = Amy Carlton
Bob Carlton
spouse = Armistead Caldwell
romances = Handel Gartside
Albert Tatlock
cousins = Bertha
occupation = Retired
residence = Whaley Bridge, prev. No.5 Coronation Street
portrayer = Margot Bryant
creator = Tony Warren

Minnie Caldwell (neé Carlton) was one of the original characters of "Coronation Street", and was played by Margot Bryant from 1960 to 1976. Caldwell was a timid woman who paled in comparison with her loud friend Martha Longhurst, and her louder friend Ena Sharples. Minnie was known to be very indecisive, which usually led Ena to label her as slow-witted, or usually just "daft".

From 1960 to 1962, Minnie lived with her bossy mother, Amy Carlton. When Amy died, Caldwell moved from Jubilee Terrace to No 5 Coronation Street, where she lived with her cat, Bobby. Bobby, an orange tabby, was played by many cats over the years, and it was even explained on the show that it wasn't the same cat; the character Albert Tatlock accidentally killed the real Bobby in 1969 and replaced it so Minnie wouldn't be devastated.

She considered moving in with, and eventually marrying, Albert in 1974 but realised that she would be financially burdened by Albert, as Ena told her that she would receive just £1,250 for a married couple while she already received £775 in pensions as a single occupant. She also found that Albert annoyed her considerably. To mutual relief, Minnie called off their engagement.

An old flame, Handel Gartside, came back to woo her after he had made much money in a business venture in Quebec. She flirted with him for a while but he was eventually driven off by crooked business with Billy Walker (son of Annie Walker). In 1970, Minnie's old lodger, Joe Donelli, came back to the Street and held her at gunpoint, as he became nervous about being prosecuted for the murder of Steve Tanner. Stan Ogden came to Minnie's house, ready to fight with Joe as he had had a dalliance with his daughter Irma. Joe made Stan sing Christmas carols at gunpoint, and eventually Joe shot and killed himself. In 1976, Handel Gartside returned and Caldwell accepted his offer to live with him in Whaley Bridge. She left her friend Ena and was never seen on the programme again.

Maggie Cooke

Infobox soap character
color =#F0E68C
series = Coronation Street
name = Maggie Clegg

caption =
first = April 1, 1968
last = January 13, 1975
residence = Zaire
years = 1968-1974, 1975
siblings = Betty Williams
spouse = Les Clegg(?-1969] )
Ron Cooke (1974-)
nieces/nephews = Gordon Clegg
occupation = Shopkeeper
portrayer = Irene Sutcliffe

Maggie Cooke (née Preston, previously Clegg) was played by Irene Sutcliffe. She ran the Corner Shop from 1968 to 1974, then 1974 to 1975. Maggie's storylines included her life with alcoholic husband Les Clegg, who she divorced in 1969, a son Gordon who wasn't really hers (he was her sister, Betty Turpin's love child) and a further marriage to reformed alcoholic, Ron Cooke on July 10, 1974. She emigrated to Zaire after the wedding but made a brief return to the street in December of the same year when Gordon found out that Betty was his mother. She rejoined her husband the following month and has not returned to the street since.


Dickie Flemming

Dickie Flemming was played by Nigel Humphries. 18 year old Dickie married Audrey Bright in 1968 and they moved into number 3 Coronation Street. After discovering Audrey's affair with Ray Langton, Dickie left the Street.

Audrey Flemming

Audrey Flemming was played by Gillian McCann. In 1968, 16 year old Audrey Bright married Dickie Flemming and they set up home at number 3 Coronation Street. In 1970 Audrey had an affair with Ray Langton, this ended her marriage to Dickie, she left the street in 1970.

Norma Ford

Norma Ford was played by Diana Davies. Norma arrived in "Coronation Street" in 1972 and started work as Maggie Clegg's assistant in the Corner Shop. In 1973 she had a relationship with Ken Barlow, but this didn't last long, as he started a relationship with Janet Reid not long after Ken & Janet were married, Norma Left the area, she came back to the street in 1974 for Maggie Clegg's wedding to Ron Cooke.


Edna Gee

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Edna Gee
first=16 June 1971
occupation=Factory Worker
portrayer=Mavis Rogerson

Edna Gee was played by Mavis Rogerson. Flirty Edna first appeared in Coronation Street in 1971 working at the Mark Brittain mail order Warehouse. Edna was the first wife of Fred Gee. Edna was well known in Weatherfield as Being a bit of a flirt and in 1973 she attended Hilda Ogden's birthday party and flirted with Ray Langton, but she ended up in the Ogden's bedroom with Billy Walker, but Hilda thought Edna was in there with Stan. Edna also enjoyed a gossip and along with workmate Ivy Tilsley she started spreading rumours that Elsie Tanner's husband, Alan Howard was having an affair. As well as Ivy, her other workmates included Elsie Tanner, Ken Barlow, Emily Bishop, Vera Duckworth, Gail Potter and Tricia Hopkins, she also attended Emily Nugent's wedding to Ernest Bishop in 1972. In October 1975 Edna celebrated her 40th Birthday, with Fred in the Rover's Return. The next day Edna was found dead in the Warehouse fire, Len Fairclough broke the news to all her friends and workmates.


Nellie Harvey

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street

name=Nellie Harvey
portrayer=Mollie Sugden
first=28 July 1965
last=4 August 1976
spouse=Arthur Harvey

Nellie Harvey was played by Mollie Sugden. She appeared intermittently from 1965 to 1976. She and her husband Arthur were landlord and lady of "The Laughing Donkey". Nellie was a member of the Weatherfield Ladies Licensed Victualers. She was a lifelong 'friend' of Annie Walker but in reality they were always trying to score points off each other.

Esther Hayes

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Esther Hayes
portrayer=Daphne Oxenford
first=14 December 1960
last=5 April 1972
"Esther Hayes" was played by Daphne Oxenford. Esther lived at number 5 Coronation Street, she was a spinster who had looked after her family and was living alone by December 1960. Esther was a kind and friendly person who would come to the aid of anyone who had a problem. During her time on the street she was a listening ear to the likes of Christine Hardman, Ken Barlow and Lucille Hewitt, she moved into a luxury flat on the other side of Weatherfield in 1962, although she returned to the street for different occasions, her last visit was for the wedding of Emily Nugent & Ernest Bishop in 1972.

Concepta Hewitt

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Concepta Hewitt

portrayer=Doreen Keogh
first=23 December 1960
last=31 December 1975
residence = Ireland
spouse =Harry Hewitt (1962-1967)
Sean Regan (1972-)
children = Christopher Hewitt
books = Coronation Street: The Complete Saga

Concepta Hewitt was one of the original characters in "Coronation Street", played by Doreen Keogh. Concepta Riley came to Weatherfield from Ireland, she became a resident Barmaid at the Rover's Return. Jack and Annie Walker looked upon her as a daughter. In 1961 she started a relationship with Harry Hewitt and after a trip to Blackpool Harry proposed and they later married that year, and Concepta moved into Number 7 Coronation Street with Harry and his daughter Lucille Hewitt. Harry & Concepta had a Son, Christopher born in 1962. Concepta's biggest storyline in the show was in 1962 when Christopher was kidnapped. The Hewitt's decided to move to Ireland in 1964, leaving Lucille in the care of Jack and Annie Walker. Concepta & Harry returned to Weatherfield in 1967 for Elsie Tanner's wedding to Steve Tanner. Whilst on there visit to Weatherfield, Harry was killed when the jack slipped under a broken down Van. A devastated Concepta returned to Ireland. In 1972 Concepta visited Annie Walker and Lucille Hewitt to tell them that she was getting married to Sean Regan, a chap she had met in Ireland. In 1975 the Regans made another visit to Coronation Street, where Sean made a pass at Bet Lynch, Bet threatened Sean that she was going to tell Concepta what had happened but Annie Walker talked her out of it. Concepta left Weatherfield for the last time unaware what her husband had done.

Lucille Hewitt

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Lucille Hewitt
portrayer=Jennifer Moss
born=May 4, 1949
residence = Ireland
parents= Harry Hewitt
Lizzie Hewitt
romances= Gordon Clegg
siblings = Christopher Hewitt (halfbrother)
grandparents = Thomas Hewitt
Mary Hewitt
aunts/uncles = Alice Burgess
first= 21 December 1960
last= 3 July 1974
creator = Tony Warren
books = Coronation Street: The Complete Saga

Lucille Hewitt was the daughter of widowed Harry Hewitt and was the only child in the street for years. Lucille had spent several years in an orphanage, but ran away to see her father for Christmas and never went back. In 1961 Harry married barmaid Concepta Riley and the following year she had a baby, Christopher. When the child went missing, a jealous Lucille was blamed. By 1964 the Hewitts had decided to move to Ireland, an event brought about by the sacking of the actors who played Harry and Concepta. The character of Lucille was kept in the series, possibly down to the intervention of Granada Television boss Cecil Bernstein who thought it would be ridiculous to have a street with no children!

By the end of 1968 Lucille was engaged to Gordon Clegg. A wedding was planned for 1969 but the stoyline had to be dropped when actor Bill Kenwright, who played Gordon, quit the show. Lucille remained at the Rovers Return where she lived with Annie Walker but by 1973 had tired of Annie's interference. She left and moved in with Elsie Howard. Lucille disappeared from the street in 1974 to live in Ireland and has not been seen since.


Cyril Turpin

Cyril Turpin was played by William Moore. Policeman Cyril arrived in Coronation Street with his wife Betty Turpin in 1969, to stay with his sister-in-law Maggie Clegg. The Turpins set up home in Weatherfield and in 1971 Cyril left the police force for an office job. After 1972 Cyril wasn't seen on screen, only spoken about by Betty. In February 1974 Cyril was to attend Len Fairclough's and Rita Littlewood's engagement party in the Rovers Return, but he died on his way there.


Jack Walker

Infobox soap character
color = #F0E68C
series = Coronation Street
name = Jack Walker

first = 14 December 1960
last = 20 April 1970
cause = Suffered a heart attack
born=26 April 1901
death = 8 July 1970
occupation = Former landlord
parents = Amos Walker
Joan Walker
spouse = Annie Beaumont (1937-1970)
children = Billy Walker
Joan Davies
books = Coronation Street: The Complete Saga
Coronation Street: The War Years
portrayer = Arthur Leslie
creator = Tony Warren

John 'Jack' Walker was portrayed by Arthur Leslie between 1960 and 1970. Jack was born on the 26th April, 1901 in Accrington, Lancashire. He was born to his parents Joan and Amos who was a veterinarian. Jack married the love of his life Annie Beaumont in 1937, this was when the couple bought the Rovers Return Inn they ran it together and Annie fell pregnant and gave gave birth to a son, Billy Walker in 1938 - Annie spoilt him rotten and later Annie gave birth to Joan, the apple of Jack's eye. Jack soon had to go and fight or his country in the war and Annie was left to run the pub on her own and Jack later returned. Jack became the long-suffering husband of Annie who was a snob and saw herself as a more educated person than the rest of the people on Coronation Street, Jack had to put up with Annie's antics and enjoyed watching his daughter Joan marry in 1961.

Jack and Annie were also offered the Royal Oak by the brewery but the decided that their heart belonged in the Rovers Return, in 1964, Annie left Jack after she suspected him of cheating on her, Jack remained calm as he knew that she was just being silly, Annie soon realised her error and made it sharply behind her bar again. Annie suspected that Jack was having an affair with Elsie Tanner in 1967, but Annie had got the wrong end of the stick as Jack wanted Elsie to make some clothing for Annie. Jack also helped his good friend Ena Sharples recover from the death of her daughter in 1967.

In 1969, the residents of Coronation Street arranged a trip but the coach crashed and Jack was left in a bad way, which left Annie in tears, but good old Jack recovered in time to serve behind the bar again. Jack and Annie had run the Rovers for 33 years when Jack fell ill and went to stay with his daughter Joan in Derbyshire, Jack sadly died of a heart attack while staying at his daughter, Joan's house after a bout of ill health, it happened off-screen. After Arthur Leslie died in 1970, it was a huge shock as he was the first major character to have to be written out because of an actor's death. Jack left a devastated street of residents and a heartbroken wife, but as Jack would've wanted, the Rovers remained open and Annie continued to be landlady.

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