John Williams (disambiguation)

John Williams (disambiguation)

John Williams may refer to:

Artists and entertainers

* John Williams (born 1933), American composer, mostly of film scores
* John Williams (actor) (1903–1983), British stage, film, and television actor
* Johnny Williams (drummer) (ca. 1905-1957?), jazz drummer (Raymond Scott Quintette)
* John Williams (guitarist) (born 1941), Australian guitarist
* John Williams (radio personality), Chicago radio personality on WGN (AM)
* John A. Williams (author) (born 1925), author of "The Angry Ones" and "The Man who Cried I Am"
* John Edward Williams (1922–1994), wrote historical novel "Augustus"
* John James Williams (J. J.), Welsh poet
* John McLaughlin Williams, American conductor

Military figures

* John Edwin Ashley Williams, Australian military aviator, killed by the "Gestapo" in 1944, following "The Great Escape"
* John Williams (Medal of Honor), US Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
* John Williams (Medal of Honor, b. 1828) (born 1828), US Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
* John Williams (Medal of Honor, b. 1832) (born 1832), US Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
* John Williams (VC), born John Fielding, recipient of the Victoria Cross



* John Williams (Australian politician), an Australian Senator
* John Williams (New South Wales politician), Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly


* John G. Williams (born 1946), Canadian MP for Edmonton-St. Albert, Alberta
* John Tucker Williams, early Canadian political figure

United Kingdom

* John Williams, Lord Williams of Thame, Master of the King's Jewels
* John Williams (Windsor MP), British Tory MP for Windsor 1802–1804
* John Williams (1777-1846), British Whig MP for Winchelsea 1830–1832
* John Williams (MP) (died 1855), British Liberal MP for Macclesfield 1847–1852
* John Williams (Welsh politician) (1881–1968), British Labour MP for Gower 1906–1922
* John Henry Williams (Welsh politician) (1870–1936), British Labour MP for Llanelli 1922–1936

United States

* John Williams (delegate) (1731–1799), North Carolina delegate to Continental Congress
* John Williams (North Carolina) (1740–1804), North Carolina State Senator
* John Williams (Pitt County) (born c. 1735), U.S. revolutionary from Pitt County, North Carolina
* John Williams (Rochester) (1807–1875) U.S. Representative from New York
* John Williams (Salem) (1752–1806), U.S. Representative from New York
* John Williams (Tennessee) (1778–1837), U.S. Senator from Tennessee
* John Bell Williams, U.S. Representative from Mississippi
* John J. Williams (senator), U.S. Senator from Delaware
* John M. S. Williams (1818–1886), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
* John Patrick Williams (1937–), U.S. Representative from Montana
* John Sharp Williams, U.S. Representative and Senator from Mississippi
* John Stuart Williams, U.S. Senator from Kentucky
* John R. Williams (1782–1854), Mayor of Detroit

Religious figures

* John Williams, Archbishop of York (1582–1650)
* John Williams, Bishop of Chichester
* John Williams (Ab Ithel) (1811–1862)
* John Williams (bishop) (1817–1899), Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Bishop of Connecticut
* John Williams (college principal) Dean of Bangor and Principal of Jesus College, Oxford
* John Williams (missionary) (1796–1839), missionary
* John Williams (schoolmaster) (1760-1826), clergyman in North Wales, teacher in Llanwrst
* John Joseph Williams (1822–1907), Archbishop of Boston

ports figures

* John Williams (rugby league), an Australian rugby league player for the North Queensland Cowboys
* Johnny Williams (rugby player), a rugby union player for the Newcastle Falcons
* John Williams (archer), U.S. Olympian, gold medallist
* John Williams (equestrian), U.S. equestrian
* John Williams (motorcyclist), Grand Prix motorcycle racer
* John Williams (tackle) (born 1945), professional American football player, 1968-1979
* John Williams (fullback) (born 1964), professional American football player, 1986 to 1995
* John Williams (running back) (born 1960), professional American football player, 1985-1987
* John Williams (defensive back) (born 1974), professional American football player, 1997-1998
* Johnny Williams (American football), retired professional American football player
* John Williams (footballer born 1920) (1920–1979), English former footballer
* John Williams (footballer born 1935), English former footballer
* John Williams (footballer born 1960), English former footballer
* John Williams (footballer born 1965), English former footballer
* John Williams (footballer born 1968), English former footballer
* John Williams (rugby), former coach of the South African rugby team
* John Williams, Jr., a Canadian football player
* John "Hot Rod" Williams (born 1962), professional basketball player, 1986-1999
* John Williams (basketball, born 1966), professional basketball player, 1986-1994
* John Henry Williams (baseball) (1968–2004), son of baseball player Ted Williams
* Johnny Williams (boxer), British champion professional boxer, 1946-1960
* Ian Rotten, stage name of professional wrestler John Williams
* J. J. Williams, former Welsh rugby union winger
* J.P.R. Williams, former Welsh rugby union fullback
* Johnnie Williams (1882-1916), Welsh international rugby player
* John Williams (Australian rules footballer), former VFL footballer for Essendon & Collingwood
* John Williams (Australian footballer), AFL footballer for Essendon


*John Burr Williams (1899–1989), early finance theorist; author of "The Theory of Investment Value" (1938)
*John Williams (water scientist), member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists in Australia
*John Williams (captive), subject of "John Williams, The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion", 1707
*John Williams (convict), convict transported to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania)
*Sir John Williams, 1st Baronet Williams of the City of London, physician to Queen Victoria
*John Williams (Welsh writer)
*John Williams (engineer), Engineer of the Montgomeryshire Canal
*John Williams (barrister), Welsh barrister and legal writer

ee also

*John Williamson
*Jack Williams (disambiguation)

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